Wake up dear

I was half black in the room, in the corner of a candle was burning, but its light was so dim that I could not properly consider the room. I saw a big bed, covered with a red sheet. He could hear the children's laughter, but I have not seen in the room of the child. A gentle voice called me ... - Take me ... - Who is there? - I asked. but there was no answer, and I heard only whose it is not

The three of us go up the stairs. I feel the two of them wanting me to look. My ass, covered with small rubber frock, in spite of them wagging with every step more and more. Finally we stop at the door. Entering. Someone is taking a bath. One-room, but the room is very large, all the walls in the racks, shuttered windows. From furniture only large polished dining table and bed, she defiantly
This sweet word - Host

This sweet word - "Master". What it means to me! In it, and tender care, And the fear of punishment, And confidence each day. This thirst - just be a slave It makes the whole body tremble From fear, shame, From melancholy and sadness, From the desire to belong. Just do not go out to deal with it, Like it or you call me though - This craving worse longing flesh And
Family history

For Marina absence of her husband's third week - with her temperament, it was extremely unpleasant and has a purely physiological point of view. She could not sleep with other men because she thought that her husband - it is all about and how to cook can only to him, and take you can only he, but his trip all the delay, she did not even want to think, with whom he He spends time there in a
Welcome to our orgy

I was extremely shy since childhood. Perhaps it was the result of an act of my conservative parents and their strict and rigid upbringing. From an early age my mother inspired me dogma of purity and chastity. God forbid her to catch me at the time, when I watched on TV polueroticheskuyu scene! All that has been associated with sexual activity, it categorically and indignantly rejected. His father
A remake on the opus of Mr. Marat "XXX" # 4360 (making a difference)

The first time I saw her on the casting. We did a beauty contest "Miss ALMA-MATER"And I was a member of the Organizing Committee. In view came a lot of girls, but it was necessary to select not more 15. As luck would have it the day before I was pretty cold, and instead of working on the competition lay in bed with a temperature. At the dress rehearsal, I was still brought stuffed with
My girlfriend - gynecologist

Friday. On the way home from the supermarket, I was, as usual, hopped to his longtime girlfriend Sylvia. Sylvia bright brunette with curvaceous and rather narrow waist, a gynecologist, a woman 36 years old. White gown clung to her full breasts huge nipples that stuck out under the fabric. Sylvia rarely wore a bra, and once confessed to me that she is a pleasure when the nipples rub against the
Greek smakovnitsa

Old, but quite tidy, the boat slowly approached the stone quay of Salamis. Motor strained roared for the last time and was still. Old sailor-Greek, nothing but the sea in his life who had not seen, indifferently spat into the water of the bay, in good faith breastfeeding him, and threw the rope to meet. The young assistant quickly and deftly tied the rope, the boat struck the grim stone pier,

Louise - my colleague on the editorial board - is the type of women who love to get everything at once. She was a beautiful young woman, full of self-esteem, and gave the impression of an impregnable rock. Such women do not tolerate weak men, they recognize only strong, but like the men were lying at their feet. In addition, our views differed greatly, but no matter what, I wanted it for a long

The whole day I lived in anticipation of this moment, and now I'm at home all alone. They did not interfere and does not distract, I unplug the phone and close the curtains. What is going to happen, I will, and I know just the mirror. I slowly undress, I have nowhere to hurry. I like winter with its blizzards and snowdrifts, white, unhurried silence. At me still a lot of clothes, and I will not