Go, run away, fly away

Go, run away, fly away ... God yes ... anything to hide, hide anywhere, fall into a dark void without sound, voice, movement, touch, without emotions, feelings ... if only away, away from all living things speaking. Being alone in silence ... I do not feel, do not open eyes, undead, finally, do not breathe the filthy air, saturated with lies and hypocrisy. Hear the decrees, reproaches, nothing.

Names little changed I'm sad, oh yeah, all explainable I still dare to say out loud After all the pain and tears have a final total of What made love to call ... It was recently. It was? Have only had ... Well, it's all in the order of things in my life. What we know ... I'm sorry, know about each other? Names, phone numbers, email, ICQ, finally. Yes, they knew, even appearance, who lives

How much am I then? ... Twenty-four, maybe. And Nina? Something about forty-five, a good age for a woman, greedy. ... And I have the boss, subordinate to about twenty "aunts"I called them. But Nina was not "aunt", A real woman. High, burning brunette (although, naturally, and painted) with long thick curly hair, sparkling eyes and chernyuschimi large plump lips. Slim waist and

I'm sorry dear, if you see this story, but it's all my fault just you! It all began with the fact that ... I have been married only three years old, and my husband and I are fine, it suits me at all. About myself I can safely say that I'm good-looking, high-175, long legs, high breasts are not very large. My husband's name is Alex. As we rested in Egypt. And as soon as we arrived, I
How I lost my virginity

I lost my innocence With the sole of mature, a good whore, Twelve was to me then, Flowed stagnant, the ... Before doebstis impossible peers, Himself not get any shame, And with all the guys from depression We caught the buzz of the hand ... Journal zatrty all to pieces One friend brought, And at porn, sitting in a circle, Fingering we, much as they could! We're all a little

I am 16 years old and I have never ebalsya to this case. It was the summer when I stayed for a few days at home alone. In one of the most beautiful days of my neighbor I came home from the institute, and when it turned out that her parents had gone to sleep she asked me, of course, refused. In the evening she went to take a bath while I sat as a restless and my mind did not leave the idea to
Anya once

It was last spring, after the May. In the evening, I, as always, was dragged from the work on the Ring Road. As it has always been a terrible traffic jam. The mood was ofigenski, screaming music, wide windows, the sun first moment and everything: One momentik, dispensable, really wanted to piss, but that is nonsense, it happens: And then, at length, eventually became fatal in about Strogino,
Farewell party

Evening in honor of her departure blends in a friendly drinking party with colleagues from the branch. They all painted her experience and invaluable assistance in carrying out the work, each of presentedin considered it his duty personally to drink with the Moscow expert, friendly hugging and kissing. Irina already rather drunk, and tried not to drink, but after the first round of farewell and

It happened in the summer of 98. I was the second person in the company after the owner. The company was engaged in all in a row, mainly buy-sell. The owner lived in the States with his family, and had a lot of different business projects all over the world, and really do not like being disturbed at trifles. Sometimes he came on business and gave good advice. Basically, the entire responsibility
After the hike

Returning from that memorable campaign, which was described in the story "The hike"We Marina went home - each to himself. The next morning at eleven o'clock the doorbell rang. I opened the door, and opened his mouth in surprise. On the threshold stood a marina with a beaming face with joy. In her hands was a cake. I still thought that it was going all the way because, with such a