Coming out of the usual dull smelly room, basement computer room of the old Khrushchev, I was dazzled by the beautiful, not the word, charming sun. This May, animating the rays, healing balm for my tired, battered soul! Here are five minutes ago in the tattered hole I took the dose that gave, or even let me live past six months. Standing in the sun, stretching, I thought, for some reason the good
The fourth story Vova, "Papadopoulos"

After leaving school at the orphanage, I was sent to learn a profession in the P / O "Youth" - School notorious in the Sverdlovsk region for its thieving director and teachers, taschivshimi orphans everything. But my story is not about that. In the first month, in one of the weekend days of autumn, we are, first and second courses, was sent to the farm to harvest potatoes. The first
As my uncle put an enema

The biggest in my life, but pleasant shock, the shock I experienced when I was in 9th grade. I was only 15 years old. And how do you think it was for me in such a shocking event? First love? The unexpected victory in a sports competition? You would not guess. This was the case when my uncle offered to put me an enema. It happened when I was staying with him during spring break. Until then, no one
These sweet flour

** The story about the guy and about how it mercilessly flogged ... ** "All life in the power of women"- So mother taught me to live with since childhood. And why only she did with mnoy- caned, flogged, put in the peas, punished with nettles. And when it was summer, I went to "obedience camp"That is, to his aunt Luce, for all three months. She was very strict, and even when
Friendship families

Maybe it sounds and not an original, but I'm happy with her husband in marriage. All of my friends complain about their husbands, and I'm happy with my Sasha. We have been married for seven years, and he's still the same gentle, tender, caring. My colleague at work the husband changes with just anyone, and I have the desire, and never had to change his. I was with him so good in bed that

I married early. My wife, Daria, was a pretty girl from "good family". As is often usual, after birth and 9 years of marriage, their sexual lives of our family became tend to zero. We are fed up with each other. His wife, though, and went around the house is usually in a t-shirt, a special excitement I did not cause. She herself carefully avoided my occasional attempts to fuck her. Only
Old stroller

When asked Bear Lenka find tailor meter, I realized that in his perverted struck another idea about the dress that opens the ass, straitjacket or even any nastiness. This time, Bear had measured the girls only the distance from the neck to the end of the ass, but only fairly chuckled and muttered all my questions that "... Even ten centimeters extra stay". No one knew what was
Shared wife. Part 1

We are a young family, I am Tom, his wife Olga. Both fall in love with the Internet. At two and a half years. Very love each other and baby daughter! Half a year ago I sunk obsessive dream -Make your sweet wife a whore! I started with it to view porn sites mostly about the swing, infidelity, and group sex! Its very cheerleader gangbang where a girl has once a few men! Yes priznatsya and I do not
Do not we first do not we past

They say that we interpret the behavior of others as we would like. Like the girl a guy and it already seems that it is more likely it began to look (and how could it be otherwise, if it all day flickers under his nose), that kind of smile (and his player included - radio anecdote told), well, and so on. That is all talk, looks the other person are perceived not like us. Maybe this is something
As I was raped

Already on the approach they started to touch me. As soon as we entered the land, tore off my clothes, and then I went already naked. They flogged me naked and demanded the pope did not hold back and screaming. I dressed in women's clothes - a skirt, T-shirt and a red baseball cap that I pulled on my head. I was raped by twos and threes, all dyrki.Zdorovennye hairy dicks in my ass squeezed, poked