Captive (Part 1: Escape or bondage)

The wedding was fun and expensive. Solid men in expensive suits briefly and clearly want young and good, and gave credit checks. Their good-looking companion meticulously studied each other valuables, and a lively discussion of the wedding. Cheerful young people danced decorously middle-aged couple - newlyweds business partners parents. Dessert was served, and announced the beginning of the show
My negative (part 4)

Buddhist I remember this episode chic, as if it was yesterday. And the guy was fine, and the interior, too, especially in the beginning ... I was almost twenty. Apart from sports, he was fond of all sorts of meditative "bells and whistles", and in the summer went to the next seminar. He was, according to the fashion in the kindergarten. Almost all visitors were ladies of the

The edge of the sun slowly went below the horizon. Over the warm and friendly sea fell dark southern night. In the glow of neon signs sea shone like a star billions of splashing in its waves. She stood at the water's edge and the waves were running over her bare feet. She looked around and saw that on a dark beach she was completely alone. Quickly thrown off a dress, she stood a little
Let's make it up on the roof

I love my husband. To madness, to tremble at the knees .... But we both have very complex characters, and so we often quarrel, most often because of the small things. It's called freedom-loving selfish fool in love with overbearing, not less self-centered womanizer .... Then one day, warm summer days, we normally have started to swear, at first because of some insignificant trifle, I do not even
The case in the elevator

Returning home after a boring day girlfriends birthday, champagne did its job, and especially do not want to sleep, okay at home think of something. I went into the entrance of our buildings, it is nice when it is clean, nothing to say, I sit down in the elevator. I notice his neighbor with his wife in a drunken mess, barely standing on his feet, his wife is also good, reeling, lipstick smeared,

In 1942, the Japanese had captured a small island, which was an auxiliary airfield the US Air Force. Among the other prisoners had been captured by sixteen assistant barmaid Irene Zhillian. When Irene again regained consciousness, she found herself again completely naked tied to a prison bunk. Beginning with the first interrogation, when with a bestial smile with her shooting one thing
Paphos (part 1)

From the author: present to you the first part of his first story. Do not judge strictly. The story will appear gradually bit by bit. And I need your criticism, for sovershensta later. Hope turned romantic, because I really appreciate it in the works. Spain. My house is on the beach ... the sound of waves at night ... Twitter ... Harmony seagulls around. The house has two floors. I live on the
No wonder it was called Sasha. Part 3: Basic Instinct

Good day and night, dear readers! Since I have a problem with putting stories (as with the story "Secret"), And another" Sasha "is what happens very much volume, I decided to lay out is only one of the four chapters of Part 3. Thus "Sasha" is now laid out more often, just to be more pieces, but the smaller the number of pages! Enjoy reading. I hope you will enjoy.
First experience

It was a very strange feeling. I never thought that when something like this to make up my mind. Even the special fantasies never was there any thought that. And in the dark bathroom, late at night, sleeping in the apartment after drinking, my friend pecked me in the ass. I belly on the washing machine, a back prognuv poslyadnyaya bl .., gnaw a towel that had fallen from a hanger, so as not to

This true story of the first sexual experience between me and my best and only friend - Sasha. At the time I was 17, and he was - a year less, know each other, we have 10 years, but so far all the sex lies only in mutual masturbation, is nothing more that we can not afford at the beginning of ignorance, then because of the constantly disturbing his, then my parents. But once we got a golden