Vika. The first experience of 2 (Apocrypha institution Frau Dort)

(In the first part of our story the main character, Vika Semenova, known to the reader on the novel "Popal (Notes of a prostitute)"Do this for the first time). Vic woke up one around noon and the first thing was horrified that skipped the morning lecture, then immediately calmed down, remembering that today is Saturday, and no school, and then remembered everything that happened the
Vika. The first exit (Apocrypha institution Frau Dort)

Cheeks Vicki Semenova burned, heart pounding like crazy. Horrible! Shame what! And now what i can do? As soon as she visited the commandant. Alexander, the venerable Ingush always inspire residents, especially women living in dormitories unaccountable respect and fear. I carried him into the In-sky university terrifying glory more since when I was Alexander at the Law Faculty of the University of
Talk on ICQ

-------------------------------------- ICQ History Log For: ******** Woman Started on Wed Mar 03 10:31:07 1999 -------------------------------------- Woman 28/02/99 15:16 Hello! :-)) To communicate, if you have the desire?)) Man 28/02/99 15:17 Hello! Come on. Woman 28/02/99 15:18 in my soul spring, I want to love ... kiss me)) Man 28/02/99 15:18 kiss tenderly and long.

They enjoyed going to bed with a stay jack. In the dream, she tried to turn over, and since it prevented his legs that attempt failed, but it accidentally caught his rosette sleeping cheek. He felt her soft, tender and aroused a new desire. He woke up and crawled to her ear. The tip of the tongue gently touched the lobe, then began to caress the rim, then the ear plunged completely into his
Anastasia and Arthur

Anastasia turned the key in the lock of a hotel room. The door opened and she saw a chair on old friend. After greeting him, they exchanged a few words who both rode and how one business. She said she doubted the idea to spend a holiday with a man for a long time a stranger to her, but inside something yanked a chord distant memories of love. Arthur, was the name of a friend of Anastasia,
The two kiss

He entered the room, a little nervously. In the fireplace flickering fire, illuminating their wavering light of a small space. On fluffy Persian rug she was sitting, holding a glass of fine glass, on the floor there was an open bottle of red wine. It sounded quiet melody. She looked thoughtfully at the fire and did not notice him. Translucent long robe, carelessly caught belt, almost did
Flickering computer screen

She loved to be alone in the office late at night. Silence and solitude drunk her blood and excited. She turned on the computer. Oh, the internet, it connects instantly with anyone anywhere in the land, these virtual fans, these explanations by correspondence and visits. Left alone, it plunged into the world, nestled in a large chair she covered her eyes, her hands wandered, she loved to

Tenderness and only tenderness. She breaks out, it is haunted. I myself you undress, gently, gently, gradually freeing you from unnecessary wear. No, the buttons will not tear. Slowly I undo one by one and kiss each vacant cell. Oh, how are you impatient. Trying to undress me, but I do not dayus. First, you, my good. Here, all the buttons undone, chest to kiss. Shirt flying to the
Letter of the unknown soldier

Background. In the distant 1992nd year, I served in the army. And there was with us there is a love story between two soldiers. One served as a nurse in the infirmary, and the second was a sergeant - commander of the department. Both were pretty nice guys and they had a great love. Our part was small, special (intelligence). Number of people 30-40. And naturally about each other all
I waited for you

The coolness of a summer evening, the nature of soft music, candles draw in detail the wonderful pieces on the walls ... Finally I am one with you, thoughts of you ... My body absorbs the water droplets left after showering, I'm naked lying on his massive bed in black satin covered my body from light candle glows and white spot Crafted at dusk finding the night, I'm all alone, the skin