That such is love!

Good day to all who read! Everything that is written in this story was actually! Naturally, all names have been changed, but the name of the city will be real! First, a little about yourself! My name is Anton. I was born in the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent. By nationality of course I am Russian. He graduated from the Tashkent College of Computer Science and Engineering, and after
Mother-in-law with Rublevki

Based on "Lust For Mother In Law" by Lovely_Emma_21 c I love my wife, but there is a story. We met her at school, and she asks if I were innocent as children. At learned everything, starting from how to move her hips when podmahivat and ending with how to work the tongue when caress. After school, we went to different universities, but after studying in a hurry to meet each other. In
The road to knowledge

I worked part time in the evening that was engaged in training clients work on a computer from scratch. They came mostly women. Once I signed up tall, slender girl of about twenty-seven with a pronounced bust third dimension. Though in a client I saw women, but tried to make it not hurt the learning process. But such breasts and buttocks were hard to ignore. Her name was Lena and mainly

I remember how it all began, never forget those sweet moments spent with you ....... It was at the beginning of last autumn. I decided to ride your car, go out of town. We were driving on the highway along the forest. Our eyes met, and I saw the look in your burning desire. I turned off the highway and drove into the dark forest area. Turn off the engine and so casually put my hand on your
Do not shoot. Part 2. (9 of 21). Alex, Kate, Nat, Andrew

I saw that Andrew now send me a bath, quickly got into it again. For some reason I was embarrassed that he sees me spying on them. I pretended not climbs out of it, and quickly began to lather shampoo when Andrew came with a glass of wine. - I came to you with greetings and tell that the sun has risen, - jokingly verses the eastern manners gave Andrew, handing me a glass. I probably excitement,
History 2. The first corruption

It took more than two years since that momentous event, which was described in the first story "My Defloration". I still continued to meet with Olezhek. The first year I was really happy with it, and I thought that it will last forever. I dreamed and waited, we get married. But gradually his attitude toward me began to change. Our relationship is not interrupted, but has been reduced
Toy students (a sequel to "Tipping the weekend"). The school toilets (continued)

Ashot left Natasha's udder alone and taking the handcuffs and walked to the battery. - To me, slut. Yes sisyami shake - do nice guys ... Natalia Petrovna. Naked drunk teacher let his buttocks, straight, and, swaying slightly, dutifully wandered to the calling, shaking her breasts. Men, by which it took place, painfully pulled her nipple rings or simply strongly spanked on her tits dangling on

Coming out of the usual dull smelly room, basement computer room of the old Khrushchev, I was dazzled by the beautiful, not the word, charming sun. This May, animating the rays, healing balm for my tired, battered soul! Here are five minutes ago in the tattered hole I took the dose that gave, or even let me live past six months. Standing in the sun, stretching, I thought, for some reason the good
Itself asked for. Part 2

Plainly he has not decided what to ask from Ira for the pictures, but always wanted to embody his old fantasies, make her completely naked, and if I can take it off the camera, then to show your friends, for my sister it should be a good lesson. In addition, I wanted to make of this arrogant woman obedient performer of his desires, and then to complete the program shame to make fun of her,
Timur and his team I. Part 13. Surprise

This story is based on real events, although some changes have been made regarding the site of action, its participants and the duration of time. And, of course, for effect, made some literary correction. In the hall happening some shows. Approaching, they saw, as established in the center of the site on a leather couch some busty girl with his feet, wielding a small vagina, glass dildos.