We had to wait for two days. On the third day, in the morning, I was approached by Katka, motioned his hand to the side and said: "Well, then. Tonight Natasha Karpenko. That was you, and Yuri Vovk. At about 6 tusuytes the fence of her home, where the raspberry bushes. When it is necessary, we pozovm ". I immediately ran to report it to their friends. "? Karpenko" - Yuri

I do not remember how many years the first time I wore underwear zhensko. Now to me 30 years, I have been married for 6 years and I the opportunity to dress clothes and belongings of his wife. My wife is beautiful, a little overweight, and therefore her underwear I just even one of her sandals on the heels fit me. Then one day when he got home from work, before his wife, she should come in a
Erotic massage

I would like to remove from you a little bit tired after a hard day - come on, I'll give you a massage? Look how soft and comfortable massage table. Let me help you undress, my dear - unfasten the buttons of her blouse and reset it with your shoulders, unbutton your skirt, and take it with you. Sit down at the table - I'll take off your shoes tired legs, stand up and help you undo the bra. His

It all started with the fact that I looked on the Internet several videos, with the theme of BDSM. Initially, the topic I was just interested, but the more I thought about it, the greater became my desire to try something in practice. Carefully think about it, I decided to stay at the flogging. In his 42 years old, I have set life and does not intend to put it at risk. In reality, I decided to
The first experience in the role of a girl

At the head slightly buzzing around it was deserted and quiet enough. It was about two o'clock in the morning. I was drinking with friends from home. Walked along the road, trying to catch the car, as the bus for a long time did not go well, my area was very far away. I was lucky, and the first car stopped. It was a dark jeep, he sat behind the wheel of a big man under 40 years. -Girl you
Familiarity with belt

It happened when I was a little more than twenty years. I was already married, but, as is usually the case with "early suitors," I was drawn "on the side". In those days there was no Internet IARF, so I took advantage of the free newspaper ads, "Search" section. After an exchange of several letters, we agreed to meet in the city and get to know personally. Her name
All three

She loves this company. Quite often spends time with them. Their meetings are usually filled with romance. Wine They drink and philosophize on topics of interest. Everything is as usual. But that is not the case today. Maybe they drank a little more than usual, but all drawn to dance. It extinguishes the light and invites her. They dance in silence, he gently stroked her back. She likes it,

She was drawn to nature. Train? No it's not for her. Went outside. It was an early morning. Rate was not long. Invitingly open the door, "Mercy," he looked at her questioningly. - Aimlessly, - she said, wearing the most charming smile, which was capable of. - How many? The usual question is not caught her by surprise. - Do not worry, will not be offended -
It happened (part 1)

Ever since the early youth fascinated me crossdressing. Doing so is not often, but sometimes there is such a desire. I reincarnate, painted and steeper front of the mirror admiring themselves, good figure anything. Take a look at me ladies clothes pretty well. Body is slim, shapely legs too, and long, narrow shoulders, his hair dark and curly, below the shoulders. Once fond of push-ups, then I

They were going against the wind and against the tide, each tack crossing the Dnieper River shipping channel. Sun, wind, waves and clouds. Huge shadows of the clouds quickly run over the surface of the Dnieper, making it the sparkling and tender, the grim and angry. She felt - close strong man. He surely is easy sailing boat, enjoying his power over the wind and waves. Although both felt the