It has become a slave

Anya 19 years old, thin, of medium height, with a first breast size, and almost flat ass, black hair, medium length and very pretty face. She woke up in some room, tied to the bed, behind the back, naked and gagged. Anya began to remember how to get here, she could remember, she was sitting alone in a cafe sipped wine and waited for a friend who was late. To her addicted woman, who looked 35

Even I am writing this story, but for some reason he has not been preserved. I will try to copy again. This is a true story. True of course to the extent that I can remember everything and far enough for my ability to explain in words. I studied at a technical college in Leningrad. And somehow I decided to change the hostel for a room in the apartment. Classmate helped, acting as a liaison
Creaky cot (part 1)

Squeaky clamshell - 1. In my 30 years I have managed to get to work on the seminar-workshop, in short, on the 3-month training courses, and the worst thing in the field. After a week-long vacation delayed arrived in remote village to attend the event. The commandant of the hostel, where all participants are located, has led me to a studio apartment. There were already two beds, but
My first time

It happened when I was 16 years old. In the week we went to the class on a vacation to St. Petersburg and there I lost my virginity. Now I will tell you how it was our class was a lot of awesome girls, but most of all I liked Sonia. The outlines of her body always drove me crazy. Even when I masturbate in front of me was her image. But it so happened that all my hints unnoticed and indifference
Leisure at sea

Tania works as an accountant in a small office. Tanya whole year saving money for his dream to go somewhere abroad, relax. Here it is holiday time. She bought a ticket to a popular resort for two weeks. Having bought a few years odyozhki and sexy swimwear. And now she is flying on an airplane to the dream. Now a little about Tanya to her a few weeks ago was exactly 30 years old, but she looked
Bedtime Story

...late evening. On the street there is torrential rain, heavy drops knocks out the window. A lone young man sitting on the floor near the fireplace, in the hairy skin of the bear, standing beside an opened bottle of cognac. The smoldering cigarette ashtray. He looks indifferent gaze on the fire. his half Throat cut insecure call to dver.lenivo standing, without waiting for the door anything
Alpha male

It happened in the summer. One of the most beautiful warm nights. We are a small group of 4 went with an overnight stay by the lake (I, my boyfriend, Dima, his best friend and the friend Sergei Sergei, Vadim.) When we arrived at the lake it was getting dark. We built a fire and covered the clearing. Guys drinking beer and grilled kebabs, and I sat on the internet via the mobile phone, reading
One morning

I barely opened her eyes. Alarm voice shouting singer Lordi, and called to wake up, and quickly. Damn, I am late for work. I tried to get out of bed, tangled in a blanket and crashed to the floor. Well, we assume it's morning exercises. Quickly taking a shower and make-up, I froze in front of the cabinet. Oh, that would be put on. On the street heat, and it promises to be even hotter. Looking
Beginning sexual adventures

Good afternoon! I would like to tell stories about the beginning of a cycle telling my sexual adventures. The story is completely real, however, names have been changed. My name is Dmitry, and I always had much luck with the girls, so I often hang out in chat rooms and virtual. Once there he met with unremarkable girl, whose name was Pauline. Home Communication, which soon grew into a
The penalty for smoking

I worked as a maid in the house for five months. The owner was a quiet, secured, a confirmed bachelor, we can say even good. The work was burdensome, to provide sexual services to its guests I was not forced, unlike the previous places of work, remuneration was more than worthy. In general, my life was measured and calm. But there was one but ... I smoked, could not get rid of this habit, the