The first pranks

The village has long been a place of rest of the townspeople. Once there lived my grandmother, she died, and the house in the village turned into our summer cottage. Yes, and all the neighbors around come here only for the summer season. I was in the same year was twelve years old. I grew quiet and introverted boy, you can say, autistic. It is difficult to converge with the other children,
White Nights

there was no sex in the USSR. Perhaps it is not so, because once the Soviet citizens did not show up the light. Most likely the sex was. But not for everyone. For me, at least, it is not exactly there. At age 23, I was still a virgin. A few minor episodes in which I could become a man, and have not been developed. Classmate after going to the movies, even to accompany me himself was not allowed,
Me and my girl

The action takes place in Moscow. The SAD. Specifically, the area will not be called. My name is Egor, I am currently 21 years old, was born and live in Moscow. Woman My name is Marina and she is also in '21 (we have a difference somewhere 4-5 months). She was born in the Novosibirsk region. We met with her on a regular dating site in the beginning of 2012. And in December of the same year, I
My sexy secretary

In the life business woman personal affairs occupy the lowest place in the rating. Often, beautiful, young, sexy woman becomes a hostage of its own ambitsiy- and causes of this phenomenon can not be explained by anybody. Reclusive life led business lady Margarita Alekseevna. In its 28 years, she worked as CEO of the company, to get her inheritance from deceased father. She often attended the
How I fell in love anal sex

Hello, dear readers! Finally, today it happened that should have happened long ago, and I decided to write about it. First of all, my story will be useful to women, although men and it can also serve as a kind of board. I hope you will enjoy. So - Vic .... Come in the ass? - Cyril would howl. His eyes expressed great hope and with it a bottomless melancholy. He looked pityingly at me, so
An old friend

I have not seen Jean for three years, but it has not changed. She left New York to Philadelphia. Prior to that, Jean was my neighbor, and we often met. And suddenly in the street in Manhattan, three years later, she throws herself at me, kisses and hugs. - Let's see you tonight at the beach - suddenly she said after ten minutes of normal chatter that occurs after a long separation. We
Photo studio

I work as an administrator in a commercial studio. Basically my job is to ensure the company of film and various goods. Sometimes, when the secretary too busy, I have to answer phone calls or perform other similar work in the office. But it happens that I get and the more pleasant task. For example, I have to meet Centerfolds and escort them to the dressing room. Typically, these girls are very
Nothing changes

Part of my story. Christie Female 21 years old, tall and slender, with beautiful red hair to his shoulders, sensual lips and occasional bright green eyes. With a third the size of breasts, firm ass and tender tummy. From the family she left not one, so it is not contacted with the guys from the gang, but she did not give it to yourself to covet, but one day when they robbed the store, they ran
Arrival at the estate

It took a whole day, and Aglaia the crew drove to the gate of the manor in the pitch darkness. And what was the road! Used to the smooth pavement of city avenues, Aglaia has already stirred up by changing the succession of insanely slow bumpy forest trails, the bumpy dusty expanses of fields. Another story about the insidious, which proved a bottomless pool, about an innocent-looking swamp,
Random error

Yuri pushing for more than half an hour wandering from house to house. He was looking for the right address. Street N-Sky 2nd blind alley, house number so and so, such and such apartment. So it was written on a piece of paper. It was late in the evening, the street was dark and cold. When Yuri, he thought he had found the right house. - It seems this house! - With a sense of anger, I thought