In the minibus

Minibus was empty, my wife and I were driving home, and cousin to visit us. We were sitting in the rear seats. His wife and sister sat with his back to the driver, and I was in front of his sister. We talked about anything and sometimes his wife and sister, whispering about what that secrets. I noticed that her sister oddly behaved in the presence of his wife. We had not once perepihivalis, but,
How to teach his wife to Cunnilingus

I am 36 years old, his wife of three years younger. My wife is quite modest upbringing (family of the soldier). Naturally, of any experiments in bed with her saying it was hard enough. For example, words "sex" and "condom" her confused for another 4 year marriage, after the baby is born. Sexually, we had everything in order. Wife - quite sensual woman, sex it always ends with

I woke up early in the morning, began a normal day. I had to take care of breakfast and do all the housework. Tell us about yourself. I am the daughter of a peasant, I am 18 years old, tall, plump, I have long hair, which bring a lot of trouble, but I cut them not intend (and it is good that I did not, I really helped in the future). Now, standing at the well, where I went to get water, I heard
My wife's Sister

At the door, someone called, angrily, I got up and went to open the door in front of me was a cousin of my wife. That's just me that was not enough, the only day off, one at home, the wife of the session, and now this lustful youngster. Lustful, because I always sit down, so that my eyes get her panties. Though I am not made of iron, but still understood the responsibility and no action is taken,

One of my favorite girlfriends name is Sasha, it is - a beautiful Georgian with a stunning smile, long black hair and a gorgeous figure. Her chest is great, but the best part of her body - is its arch ass, Sasha and uses her ass not only to sit on it. She loves to have sex with me, and most of all she likes to lick her pussy and fuck her in the ass. She enjoys the feeling and how my penis slides
Fantasy fifth

Hi Val! I, Anton, 17, from Moscow. Just now, I went to the site with ads and see you! Your soft, not hairy, not black, and soft pink pussy immediately attracted attention for its candid ... I could not imagine how catching your hardened breasts with small nipples through the window of his amateur Canon, massaging member, tearing of clothes. .. and you, so sexy and exciting, but it is
A wish

Vick sat almost in the back row of the audience. It was her favorite place you could see all the present and not be visible to the other main thing that behind him there was no one! Within ten minutes after the start of lectures in the cave all squished-finger fingering clit she caressed herself again. Masturbation on the second or third pair, depending on the subject and the number of
For mushrooms

Beginning with the class of 3rd parents once a couple of years I was sent to the village to relax for a week or two in the hot summer. For this very week to make friends with anybody could not, and the desire was not special because a year later, the other still lost love .. In general, really was familiar with only 2 neighboring devchenkami-sister, and with them I was not interested. But that
The case in the military

Hello dear reader! The story that happened to me real. It all happened in February this year. The mailbox of his home I found a very nasty piece of paper. Which states that the decision of the Repre I on account of the regional military commissariat. A few days later, I gathered all the necessary documents and the specified number by 9 o'clock in the morning came. From the beginning, we read a
Miracles ST. Part 2

Relax, I did not have time. The coupe came Ala. Already familiar pink gown with white herons seemed to relatives and friends, as well as myself smiling girl. She wrapped her neck and pressed me to his young body. - Well done, - she whispered to me on the lips. Embracing slender body was nice. Even after a triple load and diversity girlish figures Alia seemed charming ... and desirable. - We