Cool mom

As a child, my parents gave me a powerful telescope, I was fascinated by the night sky. But the real use of it, I found in the 9th grade. Opposite our house there was a 9-etazhka and in the evenings and at night I looked in the window across the street. It's amazing how people living above 3 floors believe that they did not visible and do not close the window curtains. One day, in a single
Poultice. Part 1.

Lena was an ordinary young woman like many other single mother. Her husband died of kidney disease when it already did not live with him. They married and were not living a civil marriage, gave birth to a son brought up as usual, all the young family as they live. Outside Lena was quite commonplace, as she seemed to 170 cm in height and plump in the thighs stretched pretty hefty chest, with round
Tale of Willy. Part 1

Since I met Willie December 30, 2004. I was then 15 years old, and he was - 11 with a little. Those who think that we will be with Willie sex, can immediately put off my story away, but he who loves all kinds of teenage mischief, pranks and games, probably will enjoy. It takes place in Germany, where I live. Willie was in 11 years almost have a kid, a teenager. The black-haired, dark-eyed,
Hunter whore (Rebecca). Part 2

Translation from English. Sex party continued for several hours, until each of the participants in the fucking enough. Leaving Rebecca and I agreed to meet with her mother the next evening. We got into the car and drove the car to pick up Becky remaining in place of our meeting. On the way, Rebecca continued her conversation is not modest so turns me recently. - "I see you like to watch as
Returning from a disco. Part 1

Katya was well-built girl, 19 years old, she was a brunette with big black eyes. Chest Katie was 3 size, slender, long-legged. It's a short introduction to the history of the move on the description. This story happened with Kate this summer, returning late at night from the disco, but to go to her pretty decent 4 bus stop (about 40 minutes), and there was no money for a taxi. She was dressed in
Linda-chan in Wonderland, Reportage. Part one

- Hello! I Yuriko, and today our special edition! Today our guest is Linda Kaye-chan, who has repeatedly flashed in our news. Now she is with me in the studio and is ready to answer our questions. Linda-chan? - Good morning... - And our first question: what to wear to Linda-chan? - Well ... Today I wore a white lace elastic band, a white bra with lace, fishnet panties with a thin strip at the

Here I am alone again. I mean not at home, as it were, within nahozhys vpemeni. Today was otvpatnaya weather. That there would be no rain, all ods would be less, and as a full sax. I still remember the day when I talked to Hadey. He does not want to come out of the head. So why do not quite understand that. So why Hy = ~ (Rassyzhdat I'm not namepen, pposto hochy say odny thing: here I am, which
First time in the ass

I am 31 years now. I have a five year old daughter. From my husband I left a month ago, and is now getting ready to divorce. Perhaps these events, and prompted me to recall how I have tried in the ass for the first time. My height is 172 cm long, curly hair, long legs, a good figure, curvy ass pear-shaped, about which it is said that "just made for anal sex." (If someone my story
White moon

In September, as part of the international public organization "Greenpeace" Lake Baikal, sent the youth group of forty people. The event was held under the auspices of respect for the environment. Mainly in the group were high school students. Among them was fragile girl of small stature Masha. A trip to Lake Baikal was an incentive for the best students, among whom it was. The group

Arina bought for expensive and apart from folders and Nurse. - Do not grieve, girl - comforted her on the road groom Makar -'ll mistress heels scratching. - What? - ARINC not understand. - "What!" - Mimicked her Makar. - If you live mistress I say. When her mistress well. In clover. They came to a large courtyard and Makar led Arina on the estate - the mistress represent. - Notable