About a year ago my wife and I again began to think about what it would be nice is to communicate with another man. I mean in bed another member to try. With Olga we got married eight years ago, when she was twenty-two, and I got it Tselkov. I made her a woman, and she with anyone but me fucked. During this time she has blossomed, but stouter, although they bore me a nice guy. Until now allows
The case at work

It happened to me a little more than three years ago. I then went to work in another firmochki. From the house it was far away, but compensated fairly decent income. And on this work, a month after 3 or 4, I got a job to work there, I went once to his boss with some papers, and he asked me - how we like to work with? Yes, I replied. Well, he says, it is good that like and fits close to me. You,
Children of stagnation (3. Light. Holiday lessons)

On this day - his thirteenth birthday - she woke up early. Through the window the sun was shining, it was summer, stayed behind study, boring teachers and classmates boobies. Ahead - baldezh three months. Guests are not collected - Aunt Anna came with her husband and their wee teddy bear - cousin brother, a year older than her, whom she had seen very rarely and that it was interested only in the
Ithos Vorastriks

In the city center, brazenly nadvinuvshis the main square, with the clear intention to bury it in the future for themselves, towered building guild of wizards. Brave souls who dare to challenge the guild place until it finds. Or maybe there were at one time, but only on obscure, but very disturbing circumstances very soon disappeared no one knows where, and even the memory of madmen who dare to
Personal enemy of God

That night, the wise men of the city of wizards and sorcerers Luxuria, in which, according to witnesses, the building was in the air, the night turned into day light thousands of lights, and it was possible to meet the creatures that went even on the streets of Atlantis, mentioned in his notes: "The stars shifted out of the way. " Few at that time openly looked at the night sky - the

Here you have marmalade and I do not dishonestly .. .. because you have something sweet .. and I have ended all .. .. you're just left to bite you in the ass ... teeth so to spend on the buttocks, sinking lower, deepening gradually replacing teeth tongue ... and here it is - your swollen red bud ... sex lips parted, beckon and sparkle already started to allocate grease .. mmm, that now is ...
Mother and daughter. Day 3.

Bright sun lit up Katya's face, the light cut through the eyelids and did not let the dream continue. Although Katia and Tatiana slept poorly, together on the couch was not crowded. Katya stir, and my mother immediately opened her eyes. - Oh, Mom, I did not want to wake you up - quietly said Kate, looking sleepy innocent eyes on Tatiana. - Never mind, Kitty, I just did not sleep well today - in
One day in spring

This story took place in the spring, in late April - when the snow has melted, the trees were overgrown with leaves, the air is warmer, and the girls wore short skirts. I sat at work and did not nifiga - chatting in ICQ, read stories, and listened to the singing of the birds from the open window. A small digression, talk about themselves.)) I am 19 years old, studying at the university in the
Home video

This happened at a time when DVD-players was not there, but were in the course of video recorders. Since rental service still missing, the cassettes with movies taken from each other. So my wife and I decided in the evening to see one of the American fighters with the voice of an interpreter, the patient's maxillary sinusitis. And ask the neighbors on the landing several cassettes. Laid three
The case of the bus

This incident happened to me in the autumn of 2007. I was going to go from Novosibirsk to Novokuznetsk. Tickets for the train was gone and I had to go to the bus station in time to buy a ticket for an evening flight. The bus station there is some misunderstanding (who was in the capital of Siberia, he will understand), small and cramped. So I pack in a huge queue for tickets, and standing before