I waited. Part 7

While I was lying on the table resting on rapists are sent where the young while they themselves went to the kitchen saying -Otdyhay until slut and pomoysya, we soon pridem- It seems to me that the evening will be hot. Well, it has managed to get to blackmail these bastards. I went Shower removing torn tights and put them in the washing machine. She looked at herself in the mirror. Chest in
Therapeutic mud

Thirty kilometers from our town was a fairly large lake with a muddy bottom. Swim there was unpleasant, because it had come out of the water with dirty knees almost to his feet, and they had nowhere to wash. I had to grab with a bucket of water. But we are saying that the mud of the lake have medicinal properties. No seriously, these properties are not studied, but gossip attributed the
Resort life. Part 4

Mom Ritka long preened, chose linen and combed. - Enough of you! - Chuckled the father. - Anyway, these cloths with you immediately pull off! The argument in my opinion was reasonable, but the action is not conceived. Well, except that the woman did not dress up in evening gowns. I suspect, simply because it did not occur to them to bring. - Come on? - Finally I asked Ritka. - Come
Through the Looking Glass. Part 3

After five minutes slip through the tunnel, the light Anya inheritance. As always, she was hooted down and was immediately picked up by gently interweaving tentacles. She was in a sitting position with her legs spread. To her mouth darted tentacles. Woman grimacing, her lips and tried to take his head to the side. However, it is understood that, as always, it is not so easy to get out and make a
Happy father. Start

After our family had children, my wife began to gradually cool down to future family life. I was sure that this is a temporary phenomenon after the birth of our first daughter - Vicky. It seemed to me that the second child will correct the situation. But with the birth year later Marisha became worse. Constant quarrels, scandals and the threat of a life transformed into pandemonium. So when the
Buka and Maniac

"Hello! Beech phone!" "You're not my aunt's Eating Boredom?" "Who are you?" "Dentist soul". "Come on, man do not be ridiculous ..." "I can not tell ...". "Tell me the name?" "It's cold as frost ..." "What's your name, tell me all the same". "You can call me - oh, God!" "Is it too

It's hard to say who had the idea to visit the shop for transvestites. Discussions were that there is a shop they sell certain items of underwear and not only. But suddenly something unexpected in our plans there was a fad. Preparations in my understanding was completed at the stage of determining the location and schedule of the work shop. But then I did not guess. The day before the visit to
Premonitions not deceived me ...

There are such people ... Well ... Here is a man you have not done anything, and already annoying, so much so, that already brings cheekbones. Here with it I have so happened. Familiar freewheeling order, they say, there is a great guy, he urgently need a website, but you money - Just fate! Call me - and you will have happiness. Phone was surprisingly mobile, and voice annoyingly smug. Husky, low

It was not a good summer for me. I worked as a foreman at a construction site, and for two months led a very complex object that is exhausting me to the limit. I became nervous and irritable. And it is not surprising that in the end left me a girl with whom I have met more than a year that also did not add me good mood. So in the end I, under threat of dismissal, to summon itself complete, a
Midsummer Night's Dream, dream, or that may, if a long time to sit on the Internet

In the open window blowing a pleasant summer breeze, came the noise and smells of the forest close. The room on the second floor was dark except for the flickering monitor on the monitor filled her ghostly light, creating an atmosphere of something secret, and this is even more exciting, disturbing and compelling. Climbing with legs in the computer chair, sat at the computer screen young girl