How it all began

Sad. Alone. When I kissed one last time? When I am making love? Half a year ago? More? A little while, and I climbed up on the wall. Meeting website. Is it possible then to meet someone who would be interested in me? Sexyboy - neeee. What nafig, sexy. He at myself in the mirror ever watched? Fog - indeed, fog. Footy some. Antonio - (you're all in red) - or Banderas - My God! Written
Butterfly (Part II)

Coming out of the club, we sat in a luxury "Lexus" Our new acquaintance: I - in the front passenger seat, while his wife was in the back between two bearded buddies. Why I will not describe their appearance? Yes, simply because at that moment I did not care who is half drunk fuck my wife. Question: how? On this account I had my long-term plans, so I grabbed a bag from our car with a
March 8 close, close

Igor and Luda worked in the same department, Igor was an experienced programmer, and Luda - beginner programmer. He was the leader of the group to which it belonged. Approaching the next 8 March, we launched the men were prepared, and surprises are other pleasant surprises her friends at work. As recently Luda strongly "took" your supervisor with questions on debugging the program, he
Dreams, fantasies and experience - Part I

What good is the subway In the subway there are advantages and disadvantages. What is more - especially individual case. However, the fact remains that the subway - is the way "to be published" in the modern metropolis. For many, sometimes only one. Wagon trains - a kind of podium, but the passengers - a model to demonstrate the advantages and viability and hide flaws. Clothing is the
First orgasm

so I will not describe my forehead looks. In my opinion it is banal. I actually do not even yet know what to tell you, but you do not worry I'm now wondering that be. Until this hour I wrote exclusively about his fantasies. Let me tell you that it really is. I'm not so many years lived on our transitory earth, and I have this really rich sexual experience, although it is not small. I'm not going
Irresistible attraction

I came home after the sea and went to the shower to bathe. Opening the tap with warm water, I sent a hand shower jet on his shoulders, then to the hair, lathered washcloth and went through his neck and white, not yet tanned tummy. Water has always excited me, but on this day especially. Soap crawled on my shoulders, and I suddenly felt as if my guy cums in my chest and it captivates men liquid
I do not like these

I do not like those pesky agonizing minutes: - Where have you been so late ?! Already the morning! Decent women at a time do not walk! You also do not have to sixteen! How many times do I have to ask ... How zavednaya barrel organ nurse muttering his tedious aria and viciously tried to find out: - Who wandered? Vaughn shameless lip stick - suck in the alley! On Monday, I will lead back to
Kitty-Kat. Part 4

Chapter 4 Alexander ...It was already dark, but Bobby did not allow light to light. She went to the closet and pulled out a hanger with some outlandish costume. Then she began to dress him Katie. It was a suit from latex with a helmet and boots. At Kate gasped as African to failure tightened around her waist in a merciless corset lacing. Then the girl's mouth insert something rubber - Katherine
The best present for my

Returning home after a hard day's work, I found a message on the answering machine from my mother, she asked urgently call her. I got the idea that the great sin is not, if I zvyaknu it tomorrow (well, like, forget the evening to check an answering machine). Oh, and I'm tired of the same: constant overtime, and even Christmas on the nose. All friends and relatives to buy gifts, and in the

- Can you help me take off your shoes? - What? - He asked - Footwear. Can you help me remove it? - And I looked searchingly into his eyes - Remove? - Dull and hesitant, he said, - Yes. I just have something to back ache. You are welcome. - "I hope this is the last please. At least on my part." It flashed through her mind. - Well ... well ... I'll bring a chair. - Why do you carry