All three
She loves this company. Quite often spends time with them. Their meetings are usually filled with romance. Wine They drink and philosophize on topics of interest. Everything is as usual. But that is not the case today. Maybe they drank a little more than usual, but all drawn to dance.
It extinguishes the light and invites her. They dance in silence, he gently stroked her back. She likes it, but she feels the eyes of his woman and she becomes embarrassed by this. She knows that he likes for a long time, and it's exciting. They move slowly, feeling each other. He leans closer and closer, gently touching his lips to her hair, neck and shoulder. His small, plump girlfriend named O. closely watching them.
Their dance is delayed, they want to have more than dance. He carries her into the bedroom. She tries to resist, but he whispered in his ear: "O also wants this."
He caresses her through clothes with all the passion that held back long enough to finally get out. He unbuttons his shirt, pulls tight skirt, leaving her in stockings and underwear. The door opens, appears O., comes up to her and gently kisses the lips. She never thought that women will kiss it so enjoyable. She feels it heavy, poured the chest, the smell of her hair, she wanted to touch O. She undresses her, gently touching the breast, stomach, rounded hips.
They are in bed, they enjoy each other. He sits in a chair and watching them. They are so different, one - skinny slender blonde, the other - a little, like a mermaid, brunette. They are good together. He was excited, looking at them, his flesh is full, he wants them both.
They were pleased that he was looking at them, they see how he unbuttoned his pants and caresses herself, moaning with pleasure. They want his flesh, they called him to her. Slowly crawling to him, he stroked synchronously both thighs, backs. O. taking his flesh into his mouth, greedily licking and sucking deeply. Her friend pulls out a solid rod in O., smacking his lips and tongue caressing. Girls alternately seeking to acquire a nice toy. He feels the tide.
He kisses the chest without understanding where and whose touches both there. It suggests that girls went to one another apart legs, and he crawled back kissing one and then the other in the womb. He squatted down and sends his friend took turns in one direction and then the other, the rate increases. The women caress each other, kiss each other, and feel it, and with each penetration getting closer and closer to the abyss and good feeling of weightlessness ...