Arina bought for expensive and apart from folders and Nurse.
- Do not grieve, girl - comforted her on the road groom Makar -'ll mistress heels scratching.
- What? - ARINC not understand.
- "What!" - Mimicked her Makar. - If you live mistress I say. When her mistress well. In clover.
They came to a large courtyard and Makar led Arina on the estate - the mistress represent.
- Notable girl brought. Well done. - Approved the purchase of the lady of his messenger. - I love when yadrena. Already all the juice is poured. The name of?
Arina blushed and evaluation are:
- Arina!
- Rink will call! - The lady said. - Good. We reduce it to the kitchen, Makar, give Nastya a science. In the evening, let the lead. As assistant.
Arina brought into the kitchen and cook a young pyshnotelaya Nastya until the evening explained ARINC predstoschie all its obligations. Responsibilities came out not too much, but most of the day had to be made up with the mistress, dress, undress and help the rest as needed.
- And at night the lady likes to read her book or to heel stroked her sleep. I used to have it in the assistant was, but I'm reading from the fifth to the tenth, and the lady said iron rude. Here you have got and. So you'd better try it - admonished Arina Nastya when night sent to the mistress's bedroom.
- Came, Rink? - Arina met a lady in the bedroom. - Well, that's good. Help the-ka let undress.
Arina helped her take off all her mistress and put on an easy night shirt. The naked lady was quite strong, and be her master - probably would not have a good laugh.
- And she undressed! - I told the lady. - Read tomorrow will be. Patted me today.
The room was hot, the windows was a warm summer night and ARINC happily took off his underwear in a sundress and that its decree to the ladies of the rite. But she noticed was left naked on himself appraising gaze, blushing lady and tried to quickly find himself in her legs on the bed.
- Well, well, not Zhurys girl! - Said the lady with interest. - Come on, come here.
And disengaging from Arina sheets, putting in front of him.
- Pours berry! - Said the lady, feeling strong arms firm buttocks and hips girl. - Did you know the girl that you will soon be to fuck?
From this question Arina popuntsovela to limit the possibilities and stood head bowed and looking up.
- Look - blushed! - The lady was clearly set playfully. - Come Let him that's me here! Look, I do hair punched out on the slot. Soon you go and reversal birthmark nest:
In this case the palm of the ladies that turned narrow and nimble nimbly between vdvinulas schchek soft on the feet and pressed her plump hand warmly to the coveted wet place.
This manner of the ladies was not painful, but left behind some hot wave throughout the body. And then, when the ARINC already ironed legs ladies and pochsyvala her pink heels - she could not get rid of the hot feeling in the whole body emerged with such outstanding freestyle lady with her virgin body.
The lady was lying on his back, spread wide apart knees. ARINC stroked the ankle and foot claws pochsyvala, all the while trying not to raise my eyes to wet pussy gaping scarlet lady.
-Let them cool down! - He explained to the lady, and then noticed that the girl looks away ordered: - thighs And I, Rink, smooth surface, so take it higher.
ARINC began stroking white voluminous thighs lady, pussy greedy mouth was right in front of her face. She smelled expensive perfumed soap and wet zv her shamelessly open if something tightened look. ARINC never seen so close and frankly always so concealed the body and therefore, when it seemed that the lady fell asleep quite, she decided, and touched her fingers very middle of a wet place ladies. The skin and gently leaned fingers Arina almost fell into the alluring depths.
- Oh, and hot today. - Not yet awakened fast asleep lady. - Go to the kitchen to tell Nastya - let Makar poklichet. Do not wear see. I like you So much.
Makar came somehow in some pants and underwear, Arina zaboyalis as if the lady is not scolded him for such a liberty. But the lady did not become foul-mouthed, and only said:
-A Nuka Makarushka, vduy stronger, something I can not sleep!
And sitting on the edge of the high bed lifted the hem of his shirt the night and spread to the side of the leg. ARINC has not had time to really figure out anything, and bed sheet was covering the chest and abdomen of the man in the foot of the bed, when Makar took out his underpants impressive size cock and planted on his mistress. Once planted, hard and to complete the stop. The lady just gasped and sighed a long, hot from big dick rapidly has appeared in her pussy.
-Come on, makarushka, a fireman! - She moaned and leaned back exhausted on his back on the bed. - And I lie down. Knock!
And Makar taking mistress of sweaty thick thighs, began to push hard into it further and further vzyarivshiysya your dick. ARINC have already taken away from the air such unconstrained with her. Slightly sweating, with a slightly open mouth in surprise, she stood, clutching a bed sheet and watched for the first time in their lives for the frank sexual intercourse. Her PEYRELEAU itself as a young goat in the abdomen became incredibly hot, but that she would not admit even to herself. Meanwhile Makar took a mistress heels, raskoryachishsya as he could and drove a piston back and forth at full length. Candle was even seen as a torn out after his long thick by a dick-sucking sweet scarlet lips raspalnnoy pussy.
- A girl something - admires! - Said the mistress Makar. - Maybe it: Bend.
- No, like small - lady paused doubtfully looking at the ARINC and suddenly shouted: - Well let's check it on the hymen! Become cancer beautiful!
ARINC leaned slightly forward.
- Modest girl. - The lady said. - It is necessary to inflame it. Makar drove a minute for our theater.
Makar left and returned a short time later from his master and shepherd with a large hunting dog named Bear. Arina on the orders of all the ladies and was leaning his hands on the back of the bed and gently priottopyriv your ass.
- Vanya, here it is for you - asked the lady to the shepherdess. - Look what we found you a princess. Cancer devonka be can not. You really helped her.
- It is possible - Vanya laughed and ducked her head under the curly pink buttocks. ARINC gasped, shuddered and closed her eyes, shepherd kissed her deeper and deeper, and sharply fell mouth to her vagina.
- Drenched girl. Flows - identified Makar. - Sweet girl, Wang?
- More salty! - He said the shepherd looking up and again fell to the language of post already meet him pussy.
Arina weakened, hot wave in the body passed, instead it has now been like a swing. Fold it so already ... no big labor and Arishka suddenly found herself standing quite bent, and even diligently spreading his hands apart the two halves of the slot, and it does not lick, no one, and all with an interest in considering her position.
- Well, play the virgin, and now the see - said the lady, and she approached the mink got excited.
- Oh, you do not even masturbation. - Determined lady. - Come on, Vanya, correct this fault it. And you, Makar zarsya not hurt the girls in the narrow point. Do not soak your stallion.
Vanya Arina put on the bed, caressed and spread his legs apart.
- Keep so - Arishki said, and he began to tip swollen, but his moderate process yarit maiden flesh. her lips visibly swollen and had already requested on dick, drenched slit and impossibly deep abdominal wound up like a hot itch. ARINC began to howl softly caresses of protracted and then Vanya once it vpr.
For a moment, as if the volcano exploded and then lightning followed one after another, and only slightly recovering himself Arina found that it was not lightning, and tremors Vanin robust fellow in her pussy. From the surging emotions she lost consciousness.
When awake ARINC saw lying on the fresh sheet and heard laughing at themselves.
- Naeblas girl! - Makar laughed. - Collapsed, very clean lady.
- Yes please the very young - supported lady. - Now let's turn it all to please. Makar, now at night I give it to you. Just look - do not fuck. Porvsh crumb!
Makar took Arina bed and carried her into the closet to him.
- The lady gave to play. At night. - Makar explained already slept before his wife and dragged Arishki to him on the bed.
Arishka clung to hot to sleep the body of his wife and thought it was sleep, because she heard the lady Makar forbidden to molest her.
- Uh no, beauty, come a little indulged, - disagreed Makar and climbing up the bed sat on a large pillow. In the light of the candles could be seen how swollen his baton. Makar stuck his dick head between women's faces and said Arishki:
- Come on honey, if you can not et cha - as well chewed a minute that candy!
Arinc did not understand that he wants to groom, but he quickly taught her and she quickly pushes his head up and down the trunk nearly to the breaking stretched cola mouth. In the midst of inflamed and I could not stand his wife Makara. She was not taking off his shirt the night climbed to her husband sitting on his stomach and settled on the whole a cock. ARINC and remained lying between their legs and have openly and curiously watched by lifting his shirt a little breeches, like a mighty dick in front of her nose fidgets on the current pussy. From the surging emotions she could not stand it and passionately vlizalas in pink ass hole razbannoy Makarova wife. Wife zaohala broaching.
- My you're a girl! - I felt it Arishkin tongue in his ass. -Let's Turn around. So it will be more convenient.
And she turned her back to Makar, and face-to-Arishki. Makar continued to emphasize accustomed to such a dick pussy Zhinkin and Arishka now with pleasure licked once and solid trunk and delicate razverzshuyusya on him a scarlet slit: