Friendship families
Maybe it sounds and not an original, but I'm happy with her husband in marriage. All of my friends complain about their husbands, and I'm happy with my Sasha. We have been married for seven years, and he's still the same gentle, tender, caring. My colleague at work the husband changes with just anyone, and I have the desire, and never had to change his. I was with him so good in bed that sometimes I myself can not believe his luck. Sasha I clever and understands everything, so I do with it is not a shame to do different things, which others call wickedness. We were just married, they began to do everything. My husband keeps telling me that I should have nothing to be ashamed of. He likes it when I'm in bed look depraved. He buys me a spicy lingerie, all my girlfriends gasp with envy. I once confessed to the employee that her husband likes to bind me to the bed, so she made the round eyes and said that he was in my sex maniac. But I do not think, because I am very good with them. I even like the fact that he was always so active. One day later we went out of the restaurant, so Sasha directly to the taxi made me fondle him. So what, I'm pretending to be drunk and the driver did not notice anything.
Actually, my husband says that I - a nymphomaniac. He told me once admitted that he married me because I was his first evening gave. And I do not remember how it was. I and before him were guys, but I do not like. And Sasha I liked immediately. I do not even pondered, I go for it or not, and immediately agreed. And, as you see, I do not regret. Sasha has been in business, we have a car and our daughter for five years. In a word - I am happy and satisfied.
However, now I am a bit worried about Sasha. I think he's jealous of me. I used this did not notice, and now sometimes stick to me with silly questions. And it looks suspicious. And I can not understand what he wants from me.
And everything after that incident, which I want to tell. I think Sasha's own fault that I liked. It was in fact his idea.
We always buy different erotic literature. And somehow Sasha brought a newspaper where there were different ads on acquaintance. Those who seriously wanted to meet you, and who is just on time. We began with interest read, and we came across an ad in which a married couple looking for another couple of meetings. I thought they were crazy, but Sasha is interested. He first hinted that it would be interesting to try it, and then tried to persuade me. I am a long time did not agree, because I do not understand why we need it, and then decided to give up, as her husband said it was like for both of us. Sasha wrote a letter, and soon we received a response from the couple, where they wrote about themselves and offered to meet. Their names and Luba Serge. Luba was a year younger than me, and Sergei was a little older than my Sasha. In the letter it was clear that they are smart, intelligent people and very frank, as once written, what they want. I read, and I wanted to try most of what they wrote. We called him and arranged to meet them.
When we so6iralis Sasha chose for my underwear. He really liked it when I was in black and he made me wear your favorite set. I wanted to put on the top tight, panties, because it was cool outside, but my husband does not allow. Even stockings gave to dress, and I went almost naked underneath. Awfully nervous and kept thinking, how to behave. Her husband consoled me, saying that I was not afraid and do not hesitate. He said that if we will do together, it is not cheating.
They greeted us well. even before Uh, and we did not see them, but we liked it immediately. Lyuba was just above me. This slim, slender blonde, a bit similar to the one my friend. But Sergei was a tall, strong man, kind and friendly in appearance. They had already laid a table with flowers and champagne, and we were immediately put behind him. Sergei sat down next to me and Luba invited a closer my husband that he cared for her. I of course, terribly shy, but when we drank champagne, I felt better. Sergei was so helpful, so delicate, that I quickly got used to it. Even when he was a little pulled up my skirt, the better to see my feet, I did not correct her back. Luba generally sat in a robe that her panties were visible. They told us that the first time because there are, but I think they already had such meetings, because they are free to feel. Do not hesitate to talk about themselves, and Lyuba first invited all to strip to their underwear, to get used to each other.
I decided I would make my husband. Luba first threw robe, under which even the bra was not. Only the narrow, little white panties, almost transparent. I'm even a little confused by it such shamelessness. However, her breasts were such that you can walk without a bra, not what mine says Sasha, melons, yet so just to show off ... But then I saw with my smile undressing Sasha and I felt very uncomfortable. After all, if I get undressed, I will like naked. And the nipple will stick out and pop the whole open. And in front of such a piece, I'll look worse than naked. I'm shy, but her husband glowered at me, demanding that I, like everyone else, took off too much. And Sergei was standing next to his underpants and with a smile, looking at me. His bulge in the front seemed so huge that involuntarily wanted to see all the male farm reality. I overcame myself and also undressed.
- Delightfully, - Sergei said, kissing me on the cheek. - How lovely.
I smiled and I just became easy. If I liked someone else's husband, then I'm really beautiful. What then shy? Let's looking at me all you like. My Sasha, too, with interest looks at his wife. So we are equal.
- Let's have a drink and dance, - said Sergei cheerfully, offering a toast "our beautiful ladies".
And then he turned on the music and invited me. I got up, and we got up from the table. With one hand, Sergei hugged me and put another behind my big naked "arbuziki" and pulled me to him. I immediately felt it, looked down and was surprised. Sergei or specially pulled his body, and he climbed into the gap, but it was so big that I almost feared. I've never seen such a long and thick, with a large open head, similar to the apple. I even thought that in this I just do not fit. But at the same time I felt like it, I had my knees trembled. And Sergei has purposely took my hand and put it on your body, so I took it. And when I took it, then I no longer had to persuade. I and so all was agreed.
But Luba and my husband also did not lose time. They did not go to dance, and lay on the wide bed and began hugging. Luba even panties removed and they were lying on the floor. And then I finally realized that we all can do whatever you want. Sergei offered to undress completely, and I did not object.
Let anyone thinks that we are engaged in debauchery. I tell it not to those who do no one sleeps, and those who understand me. Yes, I have a husband and I love him, but any normal woman, if it is normal in sex, do not mind to know another man who she likes. My Sasha was in his own right in saying that it is not cheating. Now, if I did not like Sergei and I against their will to lay down with him, it could be considered adultery. And if he liked me, why should I have to deny yourself the pleasure? Especially in this, which I experienced. After giving birth, my vagina ... a little stretched, and with Sergei again I felt like a girl. Though say that the value does not play a big role, but it is claimed the men that we, women, will never understand. They think that caresses can compensate for internal sensations. What, then, they are looking for young girls, or want to try the back?
Actually, I learned a lot. Before marriage I was a stupid fool, let's not for fun, but just out of interest, as my girlfriend. With my husband, I seemed to have learned the whole, all tried and tested. But I have all these years, there was no other to compare. I thought that I was good, but did not know that there is also great.
My husband Luba laid on the bed and went to their active work, and Sergei did not hurry. He put me on his back, spread my legs and started to kiss so I just swam. So much so that very ashamed, as if no one before so I did not. Or is it a matter happened that her husband's affection, I had grown accustomed to or Sergei did it anyway, but I just hung up. It was so amazing that I have not the slightest shame began to do it, too, though, before this was not at all sure that afford such with her husband. Conversely, the more confident I did it, the more it wanted. It was not like that of husband and I. This feeling intensified my passion. Even when Sergei whispered that I can bring him to orgasm, I had no desire to end their affection, which I brought to the very wild rabies. I had never felt his own orgasm, giving her husband oral sex. And here it happened. I myself agree even on something that does not always allow her husband. However, in the morning I did a husband and that he did not think that I bypass his attention. But then again, it is one thing to make itself and the other - on the husband's will.
We agree in advance on all night, and I realized that night that my Sasha something selfish. In bed with me, he always thinks first about his own pleasure, believing that I was so well with him. Recently, he even got lazy. I'm not ready yet, but he has come on. When we talked with Lyuba in the kitchen, she said that her Sergei is never in a hurry. He first caresses make my wife an orgasm, and only then they do the rest. However, Luba confessed that if it is not enough - moistened, she initially just hurt her husband. I'm a little embarrassed asked her for her, but Luba smiled and said that she is satisfied. I do not know, maybe so, maybe she just did not want to tell the truth. After all, we have tried in different ways. And with a two, two and one. We've had a lot of time and ours: men had no fatigue. And we want to help them actively. Luba so in general did everything so challenging that I was sometimes uncomfortable for her. My Sasha looked at her and I said all the time that I should be the same as if I were with him before restrained. I'm already in the marital bed is her husband allowed that a different wife and his whole life had not conceive. However, not masturbated in front of him, as it did before all Luba showing my husband that men in general should not be seen. But I'm not angry at her, because I learned a lot because of it. Luba confessed to me that the initiator of all this was her, and not her husband.
- I just do not want it to be a secret from me started on the side of a woman, - she said, explaining his action. - Better to let it be so. And he was good to me.
Honestly, I'm not smart enough to such. I would like the last fool would have suffered, suffered, if my mistress had got. And coming out, everything can be solved simply. And currently, and he that did not hurt.
Then Luba said: - Sergei from you happy. You it is ideal. Let's meet on a regular basis. As your Sasha agree? - Well, it's probably on you will depend - I smiled. - It seems to me that you liked him, too.
I had a lot of questions, but we were not given to gossip. He appeared and told me that they without us bored. As it was clear that he would like to have again.
The situation we had the most relaxed. We both took off everything until the end and remained naked. I had forgotten that the first did not agree to such a meeting. I've made feel as if the meeting with this couple was in advance predetermined destiny. Usually nakedness of another woman does not cause me any abnormal emotion except disgust feelings when this ugly nakedness. But Lyuba was not ugly, and when our husbands conspired to put us side by side, I calmly let her little caress my breasts, especially since it was his not very happy. And I her breasts nao6opot, liked, because I thought my big for their figure. But, as you can see, everyone wants to have what he does not. Ya.byla delighted by the powerful Sergei's body, and he really baldel, enthusiastically licking my breasts. Even two Suction left me a souvenir. One on each breast. I then my house for these aspirated reprimand rolled.
Actually, I felt at home, my dissatisfied with Sasha. I of course he said that everything was fine, and that against the next meeting, he did not mind. But it's been said before, and Sergei and Luba. But my house began to sulk. Something he did not like. I thought that maybe I did something wrong, so no, began to assure me that I was a good boy, and all of me is normal. I have long could not understand anything, while her husband was in bed one day he asked: - You make me feel good?
And then I realized! It turns out that men are envious! What a news! But who is to blame, that nature gives everyone their own. One large and another - less. My husband, of course, my envy not expressed openly, but now I'm worried. Suitable time of our new meeting with Sergei and Anyone but my keeping quiet. Sergei called and we have a good thing that it was not my house. I said that we did not change its decision, and she now do not know what to do. If I remind her, then he can think about anything. But I'm not to blame, that I liked Sergei that he appeared so what I must and need. No wonder that there is such a thing as sexual harmony. H if my he says Luba satisfied, why should I be jealous? I was not jealous.
I do not know what to do. I was not going to divorce with Sasha because of that. his youngest, and he probably thinks so. N.izmenyat him I'm not going in search of such as Sergei. But if my not agree on the next meeting with our friends, I myself will call him, and Ljube explain everything. I hope she will understand me and we can meet the three.