Buka and Maniac
"Hello! Beech phone!"
"You're not my aunt's Eating Boredom?"
"Who are you?"
"Dentist soul".
"Come on, man do not be ridiculous ..."
"I can not tell ...".
"Tell me the name?"
"It's cold as frost ..."
"What's your name, tell me all the same".
"You can call me - oh, God!"
"Is it too much you get?"
"Who, you?"
"Well, you - smart aleck!"
"Thank you for your generous compliments".
"You that maniac?"
"Perhaps more cop ..."
"Tell me what your soul, if you please?"
"Tell me this conscience will not allow".
"Hey, man, fuck my conscience!"
"I will write about this story,
Novels, short stories, notes or note.
To begin intimnenkuyu correspondence?"
"I'm tired of all!"
"A fragile soul ..."
"You do not sense it or shisha!
Though the earth go around a circle,
You are all men - males!"
"What thoughts! I will not die of boredom!
But if we have dogs, you probably - bitch!"
"What is a paranoid idea?"
"Well no! The venture as an idea".
"The venture in what?"
"To doggy".
"That is, without tenderness calf?"
"But why?"
"Your words".
"You just do not understand the meaning of words".
"So what's the point, explain?"
"You do dream of erotic dreams?"
"What a question?"
"It is quite normal".
"In my opinion a very immoral".
"No, it's just training".
"Yeah, innocent lamb to the slaughter".
"So I - a sheep! And who are you?!"
"Stick to your mouth with adhesive tape !!!"
"Well, my dear, why so rude?
Are you mad, my dove!"
"Yes, I am angry!"
"How sweet".
"You remind me a moron!
Maybe a psychiatrist will help
such a maniac".
"May be".
"You call?"
"We finish this nonsense.
Till. finished talking".
"Again erected fence.
Her Hooters ... I'm angry,
But I did not finish ...
"Hello! Beech phone!"
"You're not my aunt's Eating Boredom?"