After the hike
Returning from that memorable campaign, which was described in the story "The hike"We Marina went home - each to himself.
The next morning at eleven o'clock the doorbell rang. I opened the door, and opened his mouth in surprise. On the threshold stood a marina with a beaming face with joy. In her hands was a cake. I still thought that it was going all the way because, with such a happy face. Probably on my face reflected the whole range of emotions, from surprise to confusion, because the Marina once asked:
- Hey. Not waiting for? Or maybe not happy?
Finally I came to:
- Sure glad, come soon. I just did not expect that you would come so quickly" - I was justified, taking cake and helping Marina undress, - I just woke up and just invite me for breakfast, just a cake in handy.
She turned to me, threw her arms around his neck and pressed her whole body, her head resting on his shoulder. I hugged her free hand around the waist, leaning even closer.
- As well, - she whispered in my ear, showering hot breath, - I was so bored one, I could not wait until morning, that they might go to you.
I let go of his hand lower, he stroked elastic ass and pressed to the Marina itself, forcing the girl to sit up on mysochkah.
- Come have a cake, - I said, and let her go. Marina reluctantly released me from the embrace, wore slippers, and began to examine my modest accommodation offered by me.
- Cool in your apartment, - said Marina - you're in it a living?
- Yes, now one, so located, feel free.
Marina went into the room, and I took up the cake.
Cake turned nutty, my favorite. Quickly eating a pair of pieces, we went into the room, because I did not have to wait to finally start "sweet tooth".
I sat on the sofa, legs spread and Marina sat on my knees, wrapped her arms around my neck pressed my head to his chest. I began to stroke her back and rubbed her cheek against his chest. Marina began to fidget on me and I dared, crawled under her shirt, slightly moved his fingers on the bare back and felt the clasp of her bra. Fiddled a few seconds, I undid it, pulled away from the marina and began to unbutton his shirt. When the latter was open, I threw in a hand held up floors and unbuttoned her bra, then gently took both hands to her breast and began to gently squeeze them. Marina breath quickened and while I was engaged in petting her breasts she had removed her shirt and bra, threw them on the floor and began to pull off my T-shirt. This done, Marina clung to me hot naked body and we began to kiss her passionately. We are not as they could not kiss enough, as though not seen for a month. Hugs were getting closer and hotter hands became bolder, breathing of the passionate and intermittent.
With difficulty tearing themselves from the Marina, I put it in front of him and unzipped his jeans and pulled them along with shorts. Now Marina was completely naked. I was about to undress, too, but Marina knocked me down on the bed, squatted, pulled off my clothes, and like a wild cat attacked me. Grabbed my buttocks, she caught her lips swollen swinging dick and sucked it with obvious pleasure in her mouth, swallowed almost completely, I even felt like head rested against her throat.
Pausing for a moment it began to move upwards, as if reluctantly releasing him from the tight embrace. But set free, she licked her head several times, bringing it to me a lot of pleasure and swallowed it again. It lasted a few times, and it seemed to me that she is afforded no less fun than me. However, she brazenly stared into my eyes and seeing what effect it produces action with renewed energy taken for the cause. When she saw that I was on the verge of eruption, then stopped, tightly clutching a member at the base, giving me a small break and then continued again. I could not get his hands to the Marina, so his hands behind his head and enjoyed her mouth. Finally plunging last time, it is particularly slow, with prichmokiniem released a member of his mouth, rose up, threw her leg over me, sat down and began to sit down on a standing member of the stake.
Marina was already very excited, grease and oozing out of her pussy, so a member of the once easily got inside, Marina published a deep breath and leaning on my chest began to sway, moving member.
I uovolstviem took her protruding ass and began to help dizheniyu. Soon her breathing became more frequent, she began to moan more and I realized that she was on the verge of orgasm.
- Help me: the back, - she whispered.
I shoved his hand a little further disclosed between the halves and felt a small ring anus, which immediately shrank from my touch. Wet your finger, I slipped it inside, which caused a storm of delight from the marina, which is just finished and limp, fell to me.
- Thank you, - she said, barely breath, you now you want?
- And you yourself, what you like? - In turn I asked.
- Come back.
- Come on.
I got out from under her. Marina got on all fours, arched, appetizing stuck her ass at the same time, I fell in behind, took hold of the hips and thrust member.
Marina arched even stronger and started to help me while driving to a meeting. Member pleasantly rubbed inside and from the abundance of new experiences, I only lasted a few seconds and shot, all that has accumulated, making Woman moan with pleasure. After a rest, we went to the bath, and then blissfully relaxed sipping Pepsi and making plans for the future. Later in the afternoon, when we do have a rest, Marina suddenly became sad and told me that it still gnaws at some guilt because of the circumstances of our acquaintance, because of the fact that Alex did with me. I tried to comfort her, saying that the most important thing is that we met. What Marina sadly replied that it certainly is good, she is also very happy, but something prevents her from fully relax.
I wondered.
- Idea! - I said after a while - I know what to do! There is an old psychological technique, nazyvaemyy..e-e-x, in general I do not remember what it is called. Come on!
- So, now I tie your mouth and eyes. It is necessary. You should not see and speak not to spoil the moment.
Marina closed her mouth and nodded, seems to reach her was exactly what I want to do. I took a tight belt and tied her eyes. Then he pulled out of the closet a clean handkerchief, put it in her mouth and tied a wide ribbon.
- Take off your clothes! - I ordered (some komandirstva voice does not hurt).
Marina took off all my clothes and stood in front of me completely naked.
I stood there admiring relish slender girl and felt a desire stirred in me.
- Now the most important thing.
I took a large hank of rope and a wide tourist tightly bound feet, wound tight ... the entire length.
- Do not move, now I'll put you on the bed, - I said. Marina nodded.
I picked her up and carefully placed in the middle of the bed. Then he thought, took a pillow, put it together and turned the girl from the comfort of her tummy on this pillow, making her round ass appetizing protruded, revealing the most hidden corners of their depths.
I pulled the girl's hands forward along the bed and tied them together in such a position, they wound along the entire length, and seizing his head, so that the poor girl could not pick it up.
The remaining end I missed between tightly bound hands and tied to the middle rack of the bed.
- Conveniently? - I asked.
- Mm-s-m-y, - said Marina.
- Excellent! - I said, Now we get down.
Although his legs were already bound, they still required some refinement. I took the last rope, as well as on the hands, missed the end between the feet, tightened the ring formed and began to draw to a different rack. She stirred, the last weak point has been passed, and I tied the rope taut.
- Try to move, - I said Marina.
In response to my request, I tried to move his arms, then his legs, and then a little bend. But it did not work out. Marina has been stretched between the pillars of bed, with protruding ass up and could not change its position on centimeter.
I sat down next to her with his hand and began stroking her buttocks. From my touch they trembled and cowered. Stroking the skin, I slowly began to wade deeper into the hollow, past the tight ring compressed and made it to the gentle sponge. Marina sighed. Her lips were moist and slightly parted. I slipped a finger between them and began to caress the inside. But I did it for long. To the displeasure of the marina, which showed this movement the hips, I soon took a finger and went back to the other hole. A little caressed her to relax and be given a sneak. With the other hand I found the cream for the face, choked a bit and thickly lubricated finger began to penetrate inside. I did it and overcome the first resistance I began gently massaging and stroking tight hole fully inserted finger.
Gradually ass relaxed, move your finger was easier, and Marina has ceased to shrink and even started a little fed back to meet him. I decided to try to insert a second finger. When I started doing Marina stiffened again, but razmassirovat hole, though with difficulty but let a second finger, tightly cover it.
Move your ass and caressed a few more minutes and achieving relaxation, I leaned over and whispered in your ear Marina:
- And now I'm going to show you what I felt that night, though you might be a little harder. But I'll do it gently.
- M MEA - Marina mumbled and fidgeted.
I pulled off his pants and went to the girl, lying, settled back and began to insert a hard cock in her ass. Marina desperately twitched and moaned when I got inside, but I saw that she did this not so much from pain, but from passion. Dense walls tight clasp my cock and I did not restrain myself, and a few seconds later finished and pulled out a member of the Marina.
Right after I untied her and saw the tears on her eyes.
- Are you hurt? - For some reason I asked.
- Painfully. Hold me soon. - And she was sobbing, clung to me all over.
I comforted her as a child kissing her forehead and cheeks, patting on the back. And I knew kk much I love her. Within minutes, as she calmed down and we went to eat up the cake.
Surprisingly, after this incident Marina really immediately calmed down and it is no longer tormented by guilt and anything else not hurt our love.
Ahead of us we are waiting for many days and nights together.
G. 2003
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