Mother and daughter. Day 3.
Bright sun lit up Katya's face, the light cut through the eyelids and did not let the dream continue. Although Katia and Tatiana slept poorly, together on the couch was not crowded. Katya stir, and my mother immediately opened her eyes.
- Oh, Mom, I did not want to wake you up - quietly said Kate, looking sleepy innocent eyes on Tatiana.
- Never mind, Kitty, I just did not sleep well today - in response cute mommy kissing Kate in the spout.
Then my mother was transferred on sponge Katie and soon their tongues lewd intertwined. After a long kiss, Kate said:
- Mom, someone who will now be licking pussy?
- Come in position 69 and any who will not be hurt.
- Yeah, Mom, I love you so wish, but I want to lick your sisechki.
- Of course, Kitty.
Kate held her finger on my mother's lips, then stuck two fingers in her mouth, mom of a little sucked and released. My daughter approached the mother's round, chubby sisechki nipples were quite hard. Kate touched with wet fingers to her mother's breast, she took on her rapidly approaching the nipple. She began to play with her wet nipple mom. Second breasts are not left without attention to the sensitive daughter. Then Katya started to drive on the tense tongue papillae, and then began to bite and suck them.
Katya has turned over his mother and splash around with her sisechki, touched his lips Tatiana. They began to suck at each other tongues and biting their teeth. My daughter looked up from her mouth and let her mother's mouth saliva. Tatiana greedily licked the saliva from their daughter's lips, and her pussy more and more moisturizing and would like Katya greedy tongue.
Kate threw a blanket and she and her mother were in position 69. The daughter hanging over flowing mother's pussy and arched her ass, which was just above the mouth of Tatyana. The girls immediately began to lick at each other pussy. Mom and daughter Lisa are very active, so the first morning orgasm came pretty quickly. Katya so relaxed that plied the whole pussy mom's face.
- Mom, I did not want
- Nothing, kitty, come here - my mother kissed Kate.
All face Tatiana were in grease daughter, Katya and gently began to lick his face Momma from grease.
Slightly soak the girls went to try on clothes, which will go today.
Katya with a choice of long agony and took depraved maid costume. There is no doubt that Kate suit came when my mother looked at her daughter back, she saw the slender long legs in all its glory, and buns Katina ass exciting peeping from under her skirt, and when she bent over, it can be seen in all its glory sweetie gap between the sex her pussy lips.
- I want to lick you as you are to me yesterday, remember?
- As a cat?
- Yes, darling, stand as a cat on all fours, and I'll lick you Kisochka. Good?
- Of course, Mom, - Katya gradually became on all fours, arched her ass.
Tatiana admired this spectacle and close the tongue to wet swollen pussy daughter. She made a wide and tongue, barely touching, began to lick bud Katya like a lollipop. Grease abundantly flowed from the pussy and running down her thighs. Mom licked her daughter for a long time, and she has already started podkashivatsya legs, she wanted to come.
- Mommy, I want to finish
Tatiana realized that it should be a girl. She abruptly introduced into a tight pussy daughter just three fingers, and began to fuck her, I could. Kate got her long-awaited orgasm, she went limp and fell to the floor, with his only ass up, what would Mom licked her juices.
- Well? Did you like it?
- Mom, I love your sweetie tongue, let me lick it.
Katya and her mom started on her knees and began kissing sweetly. They did it very gently, as if trying not to cause pain at each other, inconvenience. Kate liked to suck my mother tongue into his mouth and keep it there longer. A mom liked to lick the sugary sponge daughter. Kate noticed much of mom came out, her tender nipples natoporschilis and become solid. She dipped her fingers in her mother's thin lubrication and closer to her, began gently licking mom liquid.
- Mom, are you all techsh, let me lick your pussy, - said Katya, Naguib graceful body of his mommy, what would lick it.
- No, Kitty, stop. I want something different, something that we have not tried.
- Mom, maybe I already do not like me? I'll no longer satisfying? - In front of the daughter were tears.
- No, small, not what I wanted to say. Calm down, my daughter. - Tatiana's head pressed to his chest daughter and began to stroke her hands.
- Mom, I'll do what you want, you just say the word.
- Do you remember the last movie?
- Of course, I liked it.
- I, too, especially where mom beat your ass my daughter.
Let's try it: you are my slave now, but tomorrow - I'm yours.
- Of course I agree! - Kate smiled, looking at her mother with a smile.
- Only I'm talking about you will talk bad and very hard to beat. You'll have to carry out all my orders without question. You agree?
- Of course yes, Mommy, because tomorrow I will be able to you to do the same. True?
- Yes daughter. Let's start right now?
- Yes, I am ready to be your slave.
- Well, we'll see, but for now bring me a cup of coffee. Today you have such a gentle and tender you will not see + - with an unusual gleam in the eyes of Tatiana he said.
Kate pretty quickly cope with the task, she put on the coffee table and saw the mummy in a completely new guise: it had long boots with thick platform plaid stockings and strict corset. All this is perfectly seated on her body and gave more rigor and cruelty.
- Oh, Mom, what are you unusual
Do not have time to finish this daughter, my mother stood up abruptly and struck the ass daughter with incredible force. Kate screamed in surprise and fell to his knees, quickly rolled down her cheeks with tears, and in a place kick start badly burned.
- That bitch unhappy, remember - I'm not your mother, now I'm for you, Madam, and you, miserable whore, my slave, and you will do what I want. You understand me, little bitch?
- Yes, Madam, I am guilty before you, forgive me. - Katie's tears welled up in her eyes, she was not accustomed to such treatment.
- For this offense for the first time, you will receive ten lashes.
Hearing this, Katya just burst into tears, imagining that it expects.
- What do you say to Madame?
- I-I n n + I do not know through the weeping Kate said.
- Oh, you bitch lustful, now I'll show you - the mother of Katya again hit everything with the same force. - You should thank me, I appointed you as a little shock!
- Thank you, Madam, for your kindness, you are - the best! - Literally cried Katya, bursting into tears.
- Now, that's better. And now we are dulled to the procedure itself. Become a cancer, and set his lustful fucking ass!
Kate became obedient to the wall, lifted her skirt and put his charming ass.
Tatiana picked up the black, broken into pieces whip. At first she took a whip and on Picea pope Katie and daughter once relaxed, the mother struck lash series of several beats. Kate had no choice, once shouting + When, how Mrs. completed beating daughter, she sat on a chair, took the coffee and looked at Katya. Katya's legs widely parted on the ass were visible redness and pussy only slightly moistened. In this position Katja stood a few minutes, she was breathing hard and felt very uncomfortable.
- Well, bitch? I hope you liked it?
- Yes, Madam, thank you very much, that you teach a lesson to me, - said sobbing daughter.
- That's right, you have me still not get + - smiling wildly, said Tatiana.
Tatiana elegantly crossed legs drinking flavored coffee ... and looked at his slave.
- Come here, bitch, - Kate dutifully got up and went to Tatiana.
- On your knees, - Katya's face appeared boots Tatiana.
- I hope you do not say what to do now?
- Of course not, Madam, I am pleased to lick your boots.
Daughter gently leaned his lips to shiny skin, and sticking his tongue began to slowly lick every centimeter Lady shoe. Kate carefully lick boots without leaving the slightest plot. She started with the sole, then moved to the heel, she gently sucked him well after the beginning of the climb up the slender legs Lady. Tatiana whole time looking at his slave, not taking his eyes from her. She liked the look so fierce in the eyes of his daughter, she has long wanted to try this role. Looking at Kate, Mrs. excited, she massaged, squeezed her tender nipples, her fragrant pussy already swollen and flowed with excitement exuding sweet grease.
Katya long boots licked Mistress, and when finished, plaintively looked at Tatiana.
- Come on, turn his back to me. Hmm, your ass is not flushed with whips, probably, you slut, pretending to be hurt?
- No, Madam, you are that, I never dared to + - Katya's eyes immediately filled with tears.
- No, bitch, you just pretend it means you like it. Do you like to be humiliated, yes? Tell me, do you like to be the last bitch, lick my pussy and ass, to lick the dust off boots, what would your lady was neat? - Mrs. struck a whip.
- Yes-ah-ah-ah, yes, Madame, such a bitch I love to lick your boots, pussy and ass - already bitterly cried Kate.
- Well, if you like - receive!
Tatiana caused about five strokes with a few interruptions. Katya overcame the pain, the excitement, and with all this gave an extraordinary sensation, from which pussy at the same hour spews a lot of grease. Before orgasm was quite a bit, it had something to shove in expiring hole.
- Oh, you're a slut, you're already all techsh! You probably really want to finish. Trailing her ass fucked me, now you have me over.
Ms. abruptly and without warning launched a long but thin heel right in expiring pussy slave. Katya had finished at the same moment, and while Ms. moved heel in her Picea, she let out a lot of fluids. By Katia formed a small puddle.
- Not only that, you slut rare, so you're also a slut! Instantly lick the puddle!
Our slave nothing else to do but lick the floor with their own selection.
- So, bitch, now you make me coffee and make a sandwich. And do not forget to brush your teeth, tongue and mouth, you do not want to lick the pussy of his mistress dirty lousy language? In everything I give you 3 minutes, every second of delay - one lash. Kate did everything like crazy, but, unfortunately, did not have time to 13 seconds.
- The penalty will carry out then, but now I want to finish. So, slut, listen to me carefully: first, lick feet, and then a smooth transition to the pussy, and do so, what it was nice and I did not finish. You're going to lick me until I let you stay.
Kate gladly embarked on their assignment. Pussy Tatiana has long been wet. While slave licking pussy Lady, on the TV screen fucked three adorable creatures. Tatiana liked the movie with a good story, a long strip characters and beautiful, gentle sex, which can only be girls.
In this film, a young girl, 17 years old come to the doctor's office. She noticed that the woman in the office - doctor and nurse 30 years, the nurse sat on the table, spread her legs a bit, and the doctor was standing close to her. When she came in, the woman instantly seated at the tables.
- At that complain? - Doctor asked with genuine interest.
- Heart ache.
- How often?
- Two or three times a day
- Take off your jacket, I need to listen to you - the doctor came and began to listen to the girl.
- So, now turn around not breathe Breathe
When she turned back to the doctor, the woman pressed her breasts to her back, then put her arms around her waist, began to cover the gentle kisses her neck. The girl tried to escape, but the doctor whispered:
- Hush, hush, because you like the same, right?
- Yes - she began to breathe heavily.
At this time, the nurse closed the door of the castle. The doctor slowly took off her bra with a girl, she gently touched her very young, full breasts. Front proved Nurses, she sweetly kissed the girl on the lips, then took her beautiful sisechki whose nipples were pretty solid. To get to the most intimate places prevented only panties.
Nurse buttons unbuttoned and pulled down his pants. Panties, the girl was already wet, but the nurses did not shoot them ahead of time. Few massaged, she glared at them, greedily zasavyya tender pussy girls. Freeing wet pussy on her panties, nurses parted lips sex, touched the swollen clitoris, then slowly introduced a finger into her vagina. The girl liked it very much, she clenched her legs with pleasure
Tatiana went scrip from such porn, very soon she wanted to come.
- Lady wants to come, and now you'll be licking my precious pussy very quickly, and if you do not work properly or I'll slap the full program, course, bitch?
- Yes Milady
Katya began intensively lick pussy Mistress. Tatiana felt an orgasm approaching, she pressed a hand to his slave her pussy. Vagina Lady allocated copious amounts of lubrication, and Katin mouth quickly filled with sweet juice. She put her tongue as far as I could, and I felt that my mother's pussy began to decline. Pressure lubrication from my mother's hole increased, but Kate did not miss a drop. During orgasm Tatiana squeezed legs head Katie, but Katya licking pussy until Ms. completely lost consciousness.
For the evening, when Tatiana opened her sleepy, tired eyes after a series of orgasms. Her slave is still tired tongue licking pussy and anal hole. At the very pussy Katie has been heated just to the limit. Grease has flowed on the thighs, and she wanted to come, but she was afraid to ask the Lady, fearing to get on her pretty ass whip a few punches.
- So, now I want to sleep a little bit, and you, slut, allow to rest and get ready to be flogged at the end of the day.
- Thank you very much, Madam, I am so grateful to you for that +
- Exactly an hour later you have to wake me, licking my ass, you understand?
- Yes, Mrs. everything will be done, as you said.
Rest Kate really did not stop. She badly wanted to eat, and her pussy burning with excitement like an orgasm. Kate rushed straight into the shower. She quickly undressed and climbed into the stall. She began to enjoy running on it trickles of water, and when they reached popochki, Kate felt like tplenkaya Vodicka burns red bumps on the skin. The girl began to massage his fingers sisechki whose nipples have become solid. She took one breast in his mouth and began to squeeze the nipple teeth, tighten to his inside. One knob Kate lowered her pussy on, and the second - behind the hole in the ass. She first entered two fingers in her pussy and briefly move there came one finger in the ass m. The feeling intensified, it wanted more holes and Kate began to accelerate.
Soon Katya felt orgasm close, and she stuck three fingers in the pussy and ass. Feet of the girl instantly buckled and she sat in a corner, enjoying the sweet sensations. Pulling fingers from pussy, she licked them carefully, and, a little after standing under the flow of water out of the shower. Katya started to wipe the mirror, she decided to admire her slender young body. Kate liked to madness itself. She moved her long fingernails on his ... breasts poured on belly, on the legs + her skin covered with pimples, it is so loved + soak up a little bit, Katya dense meal. Just rest time is over.
- Maybe Mom was tired to walk in corset and boots - Kate thought.
She carefully lifted the blanket from the legs to the waist Lady. She did not look like the Lady, she was the mom who loves his nice little daughter. My daughter held her fingers on Tatiana legs. It was perfection + graceful, with beautiful smooth tan. Then Katie fingers were on her ass. She spread her buttocks and mom held her tongue between the halves of the exciting popochki. Kate stopped her tongue on the anus. Katya first tickled him, just touching. Mom still sweetly asleep, and almost did not react to caress daughter. She dreamed that she was strapped to a table, and above it is a lot of confusing people who will now be something to do with it. Her legs spread apart, and her head she can not raise because she firmly tied.
Here it feels like something wet caresses her anus, he wants to enter the growing excitement, but fear does not give Tatiana bring to orgasm. Katya has already warmed hole tongue and began to enter in the ass Mistress. After a while, the excitement increased so that Madame had finished, in spite of his fear. Orgasm was rather short and not very strong, but Tatiana woke up, experienced a great relief.
- Well, you coped with the task. Now we go to the shower, you make me wash your little polizhesh my pussy, then I should make you promised lashes and your suffering will be over. Although it depends on how you will behave.
The girls went to the shower. Tatiana was stripped, and Kate was still a maid outfit. Katya started gently, slowly undress.
- That bitch! You keep waiting for his lady?
Kate hurried, trying to quickly get naked, but Tatiana came and dramatically tore clothes with Katie. On the floor it fell somewhat detached buttons.
- Well done, you've just earned a few more strokes. - With a grin said Tatiana.
- Oh, please-and-a + Do not, my dear Madam, I will do for you whatever you want! - Falling on his knees, begged the poor slave.
- Yes you can, but to lick me and fuck like a slut ?!
Kate began to kiss Lady feet, with a bitter cry and beg her for mercy.
- Your fake tears will not help, it was necessary to think earlier. Will your life lesson, especially since you're such a slut that quickly get used to the pain, and you will enjoy it. It is so?
- Yes, Mrs. + - bitterly said slave.
Mother and daughter went into the booth and turned on the warm water.
- What do you stand? My my Lady.
Kate abruptly grabbed a washcloth and soap. Rubbed a washcloth, she touched the leg of the Lady and began to rub it.
- Are you a slut, do not understand that such a soft and velvety skin, like your Lady can not wash washcloth? Or you wanted to get more whip? We'll have to, whatever you their dirty, lascivious hands touched my perfect body + but you're not going to touch my pussy, ass and sisechek, you're their vylizhesh later.
- Yes, Madam, I'll do as you ask.
Katya started to thoroughly wash each finger legged Mistress, then higher, but not reaching the pussy. Then she washed her shoulders, arms, gently rubbed her back. When Kate washed her tummy, Mrs. pushed her away, then squatted in the corner.
- Now you will lick my sisechki and then pereydsh to her pussy and ass.
- Well, Ms.
- Give me the soap and turn his back to me.
A little stretch your fingers Katina pussy, Mistress began to sink into the soap. Kate winced slightly, but she liked it. After a few progressive movements, Tatiana has introduced the whole bar of soap in Katya.
- It is necessary that you have, and it was nice, right? - With a slight smile Lady said.
Katja quickly turned and started for my mother sisechki. Trickle of water held by Tatiana sweet breasts, avoiding the nipples already hardened. Kate began to lick and kiss my mother sisechki, gradually approaching the nipple. She sucked in her mouth the nipple and started to drive on his tongue. Kate did everything to Lady was as pleasant as possible. Tatiana felt quite excited and bowed head slave in the lower abdomen. Katya little lick crotch and touched the tip of the tongue to the excited clitoris.
Lady rolled her eyes with delight and threw her head back. Tab daughter began to sink slowly into the vagina Mistress. Once inside the mother tongue, Kate felt her mother's unforgettable taste lubrication, which flowed from the pussy and then washed off the water flow. Daughter quickly began to work the tongue inside pussy, trying to get as far as possible. In my mother's pussy was very hot and humid, the lubricant flow becomes more and more. Tatiana has dramatically quickened breath, she felt the sweet approach of orgasm and pressed her head to her daughter's pussy. Katin's mouth flooded sweet selection mom. She began in the ass Mistress.
Her tongue quickly went into the hole and began making their way farther. Tatiana felt the approach of the next orgasm and entered her pussy with three fingers.
After a few seconds Tatiana caught a divine orgasm. She squeezed her legs and screamed. She started to shake, while she squeezed her nipples. Work like a slave Mistress:
- Oo-oo-oo, slut, I liked the way you lick me - moving away from the recent pleasure, hardly said Tatiana.
At this time, Katya licking mother's pussy secretions.
- Everything ends, we will soon go into the bedroom, where I will work a whip over your ass.
Mom licked between the legs, Kate pitiful eyes looked at her. Pussy slave flowed grease, soap was quite large, and quickly opened the girl.
- Turn to me, your fucked pisechka have probably long been flowing.
- Yes, Madam, please be so kind as to give me the opportunity to finish - barely mumbled a slave, substituting your sweetie pussy Mistress. Tatiana climbed fingers in the pussy Kathy that would be to get out the soap. It slowly began to pull him out of the hot cunt daughter. When Mom stuck her soap, Kate was relieved, she began to breathe deeply. Tatiana walked three fingers in the pussy Kathy, why my daughter immediately came. Tatyana quickly took fingers from pussy and slapped the girl on the ass.
- Stop here to bask, bitch, now would be the most interesting. Get up, you vytresh his dear lady and we'll go to the bedroom.
The girls came out of the shower and Katya started to wipe his mom, not missing a centimeter, or waiting for her extra lashes. After they went into the bedroom. It was very gloomy - a dimly burning one of the fixtures. Catino wet body embraced the cold, it was covered with pimples, nipples become solid. It was about 23.00.
- Well, here come a time when you will answer for all their misdeeds. Prepare your ass to the torments of hell that you deserve today. So be it, bitch, at midnight your meal will end forever.
After these words, Kate was terrified - what she would do with her popochkoy? For an hour the merciless pangs Katya cried.
- Stop whining, little whore, you will soon be roaring at the top of his voice from the wilderness of pain! Give me your hand, - Katya stretched thin Ms. his pen. Tatiana stronger bound them.
- Madam, what is it? - Re horrified asked Katya.
- Bitch, do not you realize that you will be very painful, and you want to touch his hands to his insatiable ass?
Katya roared at the thought of what would happen in a few minutes.
- Madam, do not, I implore you - my daughter burst into tears, she began to kiss and lick mom legs.
Tatiana abruptly withdrew from his slave, and Kate was left sobbing on the floor. When I came back lady, ... in the bedroom light abruptly vanished, and after Kate heard a pleasant smell and crackle of lighted candles. Tatiana lit the two candlesticks, that they covered the place of torture slave Mistress. Kate looked up and was fascinated by Lady reappeared. Tatiana are the same long black boots on a huge platform, and on his hands adorned with long black gloves above the elbow. Tatiana was already excited, she herself was wondering what would happen today.
- Well, slut, let's start! Expose your ass higher! Yet!
- Madam, I can not anymore!
- Now you have me all you can! - Mom daughter a good hit.
- Mm-m and-a-a + - Kate arched her ass as she could.
- That's right, I see you've already begun to flow. That whore, do not have time to hit, and she is ready to cum.
Tatiana took a whip and began to drive the flaps on pussy Katie. Soon followed by one more blow. Katya is withstood them, but she felt that each time it was still painful. After walking like a predator near his victim, Ms. dealt another blow. Kate broke down and roared. This was followed just two strokes, after which the daughter did not know what to do with the pain, she wanted to turn his ass, but "rack" it was necessary to keep.
- And-and-and m-th-th Mrs., sweet-and-and I beg you for mercy
Tatiana just watched and enjoyed the spectacle. She took a prepared glass of wine and started to drink in small sips, with his legs crossed. Slave in tears, her ass was burning from the blows, but she could not help it. Tatiana elegantly put glass and walked over to Kate. She moved her hands playfully ass slave. Kate felt a little relief from the touch of the cool surface of the Lady in red gloves on her ass beats. Her ass began to give to the hands of the Lady. Fingers Tatiana dropped below by clicking on the anus and pussy stay at Katie. Having a finger on the clitoris to the holes a few times, Tatiana abruptly introduced two fingers inside.
Kate suffered a weak orgasm, issuing a scream slack, and then continued to moan, her ass aching pain. Tatiana has introduced a finger into the anus daughter. Catino breathing quickened, her mom acted very sharply and rigidly, because earlier this never happened. Few occasion finger in the hole daughter, Mrs. released already "warmed-over" anus. There was complete silence and Kate froze in anticipation of something terrible. Madame picked up the candle about two centimeters in diameter.
- Lift your ass up! - Commanding voice cried Tatiana.
Slave arched as she could, from the strain of her ass was ill with a bang.
- Ai + o-oh
- It's all?! Now I'll show you what it means to disobey orders Mistress!
This was followed by the lash. Poor daughter roared with renewed vigor. Her ass arched seemed impossibly.
- Yet!!! - Followed by another lash.
It seemed that Katie hysterical, she cried, swallowing my own tears, she could only tolerate his ruthless mother. Ms. introduced a candle in pussy Katie. Handmaids loved it, it's a little distracted her from the terrible pain. Soon, the blunt end of a candle, which was to be lubricated, and touched the anus Katya. Ms. ruthlessly entered in the ass Katya. A candle was already inside the half, and Tatiana started to fuck her his daughter. Kate began to experience the incredible feeling of pleasure she took her finger in her mouth and started sucking it, but mom quickly interrupted by the buzz.
Leaving a candle inside to five centimeters, she lit a match. By Kate again came the fear of pain and torture. Straighten the wick, Tatiana burned it. Candle in the ass slave protruded slightly tilted. Madame sat behind a slave, so that it would have been evident that there will be, and took almost a full glass of wine. The candle melted wax, which inevitably flowed down to the hole ass. Each droplet of wax more and more places warmed sweet slave. Do not have time to slave away from the first drop is immediately in its place came the second. molten wax from the river began holes anus until pisechki daughters, some droplets reach the hip and froze there.
- Madam, please, ah - a slave was not able to speak normally.
Few admired the spectacle, Tatiana came back and extinguished the candle. Kate sighed with relief. On her ass was not a living space. Tatyana started to pull out of the candle holes daughter. Pulling out, she decided that it is worth fuck slut. Tatiana quickly began moving candle inside Katie additionally entered three fingers in her pussy. My daughter immediately came, emitting a huge grease streams that flowed on the thighs girl sweetly. While the slave departed from orgasm, Tatiana took a whip and struck the rest of the blows immediately.
Crick daughter filled the whole house. Kate choked in tears, she did not have enough air, which would scream, the pain was just unbearable. Force Katie exhausted, she relaxed and lay down on the floor. Mrs. poured the remains of the wine right on the torn ass daughter and left, closing the door behind him.
Kate was in a locked room next to it were two candlesticks in which the candles have burned out. The time was the first hour. The girl was so tired she could not even think properly. Eyes closed themselves ass was burning, but the strength was not screaming, head obscured and only want a good holiday. Kate knew one thing - tomorrow will be a day of it.
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