Unusual defilement ...
To start Submitted by: Masha, brunette 20 years, height 172, breast 3rd razmera.Eta story happened to me in 17 let.Na that time, I was a virgin and wanted very much wanted sex.

Story is true.

I have a girlfriend Marina and we had a bet that I made myself tatuerovku grudi.Ona to say that I could not, and was completely confident that I sdelayu.V the same day, I enrolled in a tattoo parlor, and went on the next day do tattoos.

I came just before closing the cabin, but the nice young man obsluzhil.Ya I told him that I wanted to tattoo on his chest, and he replied that I razdevalas.Na street was warm, and I wore short dresses The thin and lacy bel.Ya undressed and sat in a chair. T.k.ya made tattoo on tits I Snell lifon.

Turning the boy was a little surprised the size of my breasts.
- I Masha, I said.
- Very nice, I Denis.Skolko old are you?
- 17, do you?
- 21 were secured why you decided to do a tattoo on sis ... sorry on his chest?

I'm a little excited by the fact that he did not say on the tit.
- We had an argument with his girlfriend.
- Ah ... I see ... Well gotovsya will bolnovato
- You talk like a bud leshit want my virginity, I blurted out.

He was a little shoke.Ya blushed with shame that it is said.
- Are you a virgin?

I said nothing
- It is clear, 'said Dennis, the so cute, but still a girl! Do you want a boy, I'm your first?
- I want to, but I'm afraid.
- And you do not be afraid, and everything will be OK.
- Yes, I said.
- Promise that you will not afraid to cry.
- Yes, yes, I've been ready, I want idavno sex.

He came close to me and kissed me on the guby.On so chic it does! Mmmmm ... Then he moved on to his neck and shekotal hot tongue behind the ear and neck in verh.to vniz.Ya so excited and he noticed .He gently took me to the table and put me on top and nego.Denis Zalesov nachil licking nipples and around sisichek.
- What are you ... Mmmm ... These delicious, sweet ...

I'm so excited she did not notice that he walked on the tummy and sdurnul trusishki.Denis became polizyvat clit my sweet pisichki.
- Um ... And pisya more delicious ...

He took off his clothes and pulled his friend.
- See which one I have 22 sm.Poigray with him kotnok.davay.

I began to lick ineptly ego.To testicles penis itself is its golovku.Denis abruptly pushed me on the table.
- I'm afraid, I whispered.
- You obeschala.Uspakoysya schilay to 10, and I'll go with you after this tsifry.Odin, two metry and ... ahhh ... he vnutri.Ya zastonalaa.
- Ahh ... Denis why? Why so early?
- Because you would be pleased to boyalas.Seychas.

And he began to stick me on his cock faster and bystree.I here we lay konchili.On ryadom.My lay for 10 minutes, and he said:
- Kitten my thanks for vecher.Ya think I did everything carefully, you did not hurt?
- No it was not! Thank you, Zai! I love you ...

He looked at me and ulybnulsya.Kogda we left the cabin he conducted me home and kissed her gently, gently! Marinka And I talked about his sex with Denis, and she zavidovala.Da and by the way I and Denis are still together and we love each other ...!