Poultice. Part 1.
Lena was an ordinary young woman like many other single mother. Her husband died of kidney disease when it already did not live with him. They married and were not living a civil marriage, gave birth to a son brought up as usual, all the young family as they live. Outside Lena was quite commonplace, as she seemed to 170 cm in height and plump in the thighs stretched pretty hefty chest, with round balls nipples, pale pink fringed halo of medium size, weak chest could be seen stretching spoke due to the large amount of milk during pregnancy.
On the pope and thighs already had tsilyulit though not so much that it spoils the view too and caused despair, belly and fat on the sides of course hung and how Lena seemed to make her fat lady but its growth is not too stand out. But all in all a pretty blue-eyed, with plump lips blond long hair and white skin.
After breaking up with her husband to their mother Lena moved to the village where her mother was a house of her support of her homeland. House Lena felt calm and confident, like and problems faded into distant frontiers of her mind, so calm Lena beginning of a new stage of life. First of all, she got a job at a bakery, a son given to the garden. Flowed measured quiet life, Lena's mother worked as a watchman on the night, two days at home, Lena same working day, two days of free time at home had a lot to do with it but it was nowhere to go. Life does not leak nor men Lena was not random men was rare and it did not bring any pleasure or relaxation.
Son baby house in the garden began to get sick often, and on this they decided with his mother in the garden Antoshka not drive a blessing when one was on the other was free and was at home with the baby house, and often both been at home when the weekend match. Lena's father drank and did not live with them, his mother kicked unnecessary. So they lived three: mother, Lena, and Lena herself with her son ANTOSHKA. Lena with her son occupied a small room, which was a couch on which they slept with her son, a wardrobe and a small table, his mother lived in a room in which you find yourself passing out of the room Lena through the narrow hallway and kitchen is quite spacious. In the kitchen, they loved to dwell above all, there were two sofas kitchen table and a TV set on the refrigerator. Facilities outside bathhouse courtyard inherited from the father. In the bath they usually went to three of them, the mother of soap Antosha pack Lena Lena then washed with ANTOSHKA ran home, and my mother domyvalas already one.
Watching her mother in the bath Lena really thought I would so like my mother, my mother was a woman of a large increase in Lena, her ass is wider and a half times and bulging back, thighs large smooth but they did not seem to embrace, when she sat down, they became even greater. Breasts were huge, they reached almost to the navel, and they seemed to be killed, they could see the blood vessels, nipples long and thick, pale halo around them distinctly stands with blue stripes vessels was great, even very like two big saucers. The belly bulged well, but against assholes seemed lost but was smooth and white. Loboc thickly overgrown slightly reddish hair and covered a large part of the lower abdomen.
Through at least the pubic hair and thick, but still I could see the gap from which were shameful labia and clitoris dark pretty much the same as in pisun Antoshka. It seemed my mother hung a small dick, we need only lift up the skin, bare little head and he starts to get up like a boy, but my mother washed after us and one I did not see whether the clitoris like a dick or not arises. After the bath, we drank tea with my mother sometimes took to tea what something stronger, and Anton steam power until the morning. Bath it was an outlet in everyday life for us, raslabuha kicks. So life went on its measured pace: Lena grew older her growing up, Anton.
Lena turned 27, Anton of 6.8 the same job the same way of life, a new husband Len not made at one time it seemed to her that she met a worthy person. This 32 year-old driver who drove Edward bread and she traveled with him to outlets refined the purchase order. In the car, everything happened for the first time, as it happens, he asked she could not refuse. Edward handsome, well built and great kisser. At first talked a lot of compliments, then began to flirt and cuddle, it came to kissing, well, piled in the car - on the seats skirt lifted and inserted. Tits out of her bra pulled into his mouth took, tits sucking like a baby, fuck me like a locomotive puffing 15 minutes fucked, I finished 2 times of hunger, dick in his middle and fucks me well liked.
After this began to meet, he rented apartment, I ask for leave my mother as a little girl, my mother cursed, he said that his son is involved, but I still ran to Edik evenings sometimes stayed overnight. Edward liked to fuck and he did it with skill. He loved when I took off all my clothes and remained naked to the end is not yet left home, it seems he admired my fullness big tits, fat ass hairy pubis, I have not shaved and even because of blond hair on pussy it did not spoil the picture. I still liked it after sex starvation, he loved and strangeness as I thought, to lick, suck my pussy from us went crazy, he sucked the clitoris that it increased thereafter in size in two, I immediately thought of my mother with her clitoris by a dick but as Edward sucked the juices from my pussy, I think it's a miracle flowed like a river.
Edward and taught me to suck dick and not to test at the same disgust. In general, we eblis sex like rabbits wherever possible and as much as possible, through the floor, Eddie had gone or what to say here so happy over, well at least not flown. Again, everything went still work, home, everyday life single mother, one outlet, the buzz sauna.
With bath all started. One evening, went to the bath as usual threesome Mom, me, and Mom soap Antoshka Antoshka, I washed as usual and that's soaping noticed that Mom strange soaps Antoshka pisun it seemed very carefully and for a long time giving pisun and testicles more time than usual. Mylyas I did not submit the form that watch and squinted discreetly watched my mother lathers Antoshka, pisun his testicles. And I heard a baby house my little 6 year old son in a strange sniffs at it, and even groans and served to meet my mother's hand and his pisun becomes a little bigger and looks up Mom looks at me, I have all kind of show that I wash them not attention. But my mother is still trying to hide Antoshin perd from me, and she convinced that I do not pay attention to them still have not washed, and I noticed a pull Anohin huk trying to expose the head of the penis it.
And most of all I was surprised even the fact that Mom's nipples sticking out so that were similar to the beads and clit when her mother moved over, it became clear he was sticking better than Antoshkin huyka, mother with one hand plucking and podrachivala grandson and another wanker her clit which was hard as a dick and zaluplyalsya showing little head. Then my mother stopped, turned Antosha to his face looking at me and reassured that I wash, pressed just by a dick Anton to his kliterhuyu, spreading with his thick thighs at all possible width start alleged lather Anton of the sides and the back and at the same time rzaya and twisting ass in hand puffing like Anton. Then she looked at me intently assessing whether something I noticed, I was even afraid of turned a little, but still continued to watch, I think it became even hotter while in the bath was so pretty the heat, my nipples protruding clit swollen, and from holes flowed a stream .
Mom, meanwhile, one hand soap Antosha, the other climbed between his legs, and there is something done to be seen as the baby house was pinned to her tightly, I think she put huk Antoshka into her pussy as she began to lather Antoshin ass pushing it then over the thrusting while she rubbed nipples on it. I do not believe - my mom fuck in a brazen with his grandson and myself, I was surprised: I am silent and unnoticed she rubs her pussy itself. Mom, meanwhile beginning to puff more frequently and louder ... Antoshka full nozzles submitting grandmother's hand and leading her ass back and forth movements became more and when my mother stopped and breathed also snuck me shiver and I turned shoving his fingers deeper into his pussy.
Then three minutes four all departed silently washed otmyvshis I took Antoshka and went home, my mother was still 20 minutes in the bath, then I came and we drank tea, and when the baby house was asleep, watched telly and drinking wine 2 bottles for the film devastated speaking about trifles and everyday problems.
Hours 10pm mother became disabled and went to bed to myself, I did not get out, turned off the telly light, and went to get ready for bed in our room with the baby house. I went into the baby house peacefully sleeping room raskutavshis he lay on his back, stretched his legs bent at the knees, one hand resting on his chest on the other covering her panties huk fallen from them. By incorporating a nightlight by habit, although the room was fairly light in the summer we all light: the north of the White Nights, I looked at her son. Antoshka was still a long slender fair-haired boy, thin lips parted in a dream, the hand on a flat chest steadily rising and release from breathing nipple one covered hand another light did not stick and even create a hole in the chest, the abdomen was not, and how could he take - he ate poorly almost force-fed, huk peacefully hanging from clogged panties testicles drew off almost everything down so tender and Belenky.
I went to the closet took nightie lifted robe bra, underwear, wore an easy transparent nightgown and went to Anton of trying not to disturb him. Trying to sleep in my head and climbed the thought of my mother how she hit upon the idea to do so, probably from lack of man blown away, but it is good and I'm looking at them so excited and even finished.
From memories nipples harden in the pussy was wet, I looked at her son, he slept peacefully without a sound gently stroked his head, then his hand on his chest down to the other lying on huyke he jerked it and threw up his head, leaving huk not cover. My mind flashed excitement at the thought of how his mom fingered soaping testicles and huk and wanted to touch, poterebit my mother desire and arousal becomes stronger and probably more wine plays in my head.
I gingerly reached out gently took my testicles and squeezed them gently in your hand like little balls skate. Antoshka initially froze as if wary, then vzglotnul turned his head and went to sleep. After playing with the eggs I went to huyku holding his two fingers, I just filed your fingers together with the skins to the bottom, then the top, so I started with two fingers softly and gently it podrachivat. Antoshka went to bed without reacting, and he slept so soundly, and here after steam bath, sleep was deeper. Meanwhile, my gentle fingers movement brought its first results, huk Antoshka was a bit thicker and harder - it surprised me and has delighted, adding courage and enthusiasm. I also became a gently with two fingers zaluplyat head on huyke son's head slowly began to come out, when she came, all I was surprised it was not the same as in men, for all that I have seen the head was dark, one red, one purple, and from Antoshka pale bluish white little, as if it was a white plaque.
While I zaluplyala, huk became just a little harder and a little rose, testicles tightened and began to look like a ball. Now I did ring from his finger and began to drive the entire length of this ring, I Antoshka jerked her hand away it seems to bother these movements and I realized that I need a lubricant, the head because very tender yet not grated as an adult man. He turned and took the cream from the table, since he is always at hand, squeezing fingers I smeared the cream on your fingers, waiting until the cream heats up, began to wear the ring finger on huk Antoshka, he again slightly twitched, I froze, but when he relaxed, I continued .
With cream ring slipped better and after a few movements huk stood up completely. He became hard: up somewhere centimeters to 7, the head was not big, but beautiful pale white, he huk pulled as a spring to his stomach and it was difficult to keep his top, so I do not unbend it strongly, and masturbate as he stood, only slightly delayed the convenience of the abdomen.
Antoshka before nor make a sound began to breathe more often and groaning like a mother in the bath of his ass not arbitrarily supplied to meet my movements. Relaxing and bolder I became a jerk is not a ring finger, and the whole palm squeezing huk so that it is better to feel the entire length. Masturbate with a minute or two, I moved to zalupku rubbing her, holding his palm moving at a rapid pace, Antoshka has not groaned and moaned, I even dry throat. When he began to finish I was scared that he will wake up, baby house as it bellowed leaning booty top, I do not masturbate, and held palm clutching her huk son, and he shoved his huk a compressed tight tube hand in a frantic, pace leaning feet on the couch.
Recent movements were like spasms and convulsions: short huyka fading in the palm of your hand, the sperm was not - he's still a child, after he calmed down, stretched out his legs, and went to sleep relaxed. I looked at Antoshka thought about himself and lifted up the hem of her nightgown, smeared hand cream, began to rub itself, the clitoris bunting excitement requested attention. Feeling at hand tube of cream I picked up a tube with the other hand and put yourself in the pussy, wielding a tube of violently shoving him to the end, at the same time rubbing the clitoris, I quickly came, spilling his juice on the sheet.
After lying a little relaxed, I took out a tube of pussy, rubbed his nightgown hem put on the table, wiped his hand as well and pussy. Remembering Antoshkin huyke rose from the couch dressed in a clean shirt, and quietly lay down beside an old shirt gently began to wipe his Antoshka huk from cream. Anton was asleep, but huk again began to revive one hand, I prick head to wipe the other gently rubbing, I looked at how huk son got all of its 7 cm. Rubbing and postponing shirt with one hand, I continued slowly risen podrachivat huk. Anton was asleep. I kissed the little nipple son, then looked at huk and kissed him on the head from huyka smell cream.
After thinking a moment, and thought that that does not lose, and his son sleeping soundly, I took in her mouth and her head began to suck okuratno language zalupki turning around. Huk with a force stretched to the stomach, so I had to make up for his riser, and tilt your head. Suck all huk he placed in his mouth as if I was holding it in his cheek, straightening his tongue, I continued to suck his lips tightly clasped. I sucked huk son and I liked it. A driving head back and forth, gently holding the testicles, I enjoyed not seeing a person Antoshka was heard that he likes it, as he began to groan and supplied to meet me. Antoshka instinctively became himself to make movements like fuck me in the mouth, I took his hand away from the testicles began to pull at the clitoris itself.
Synulya sold in a dream, and the speed has reached a furious pace, I just held her head and rubbed herself with the power of the clitoris, it was cool, I started up and was ready to finish. Antoshka fucked my mouth in short bursts but with great pace, he then again, as in convulsions began to twitch and freeze ends, the thought of this, too, I began to shake, I went down for both of us out of me emerged a large puddle on a sheet. Releasing huk son I just looked at him, thank God, he slept, the clock was 12 at night again wiped the old shirt son and myself, I shoved the shirt under the sofa, hid her son turned off the bedside lamp, and immediately fell asleep. In the morning everything was going as usual as if nothing had happened.
To be continued...