Coming out of the usual dull smelly room, basement computer room of the old Khrushchev, I was dazzled by the beautiful, not the word, charming sun. This May, animating the rays, healing balm for my tired, battered soul! Here are five minutes ago in the tattered hole I took the dose that gave, or even let me live past six months. Standing in the sun, stretching, I thought, for some reason the good of the summer, in short everything beautiful! He went to the car, sprawled on the seat, in the course of podkurivaya cigarette. Oh yes, it was even better! Releasing the ring of smoke, I thought about how good !!! O yes, life is beautiful! But then he remembered my mind that this is my merit "to be desired" , An old friend - Gerchikov kayfushki as soon as I did not call! After all, if he does not, then the sun would not have caressed me, and scorched and obkatyvali sticky sweat. Well, enough of that, we will think about it tomorrow. Moreover, many I did not understand. And today I feel good !!! Blissful wave rolled on me every minute, I collapsed and just blissed out. I do not know how long it lasted, but then I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful girl striding along at home. I do not know that I pushed and pushed at the moment to get out of the car, probably the May sun, and shout reckless, silly phrase:
- Girl, and you do not give me five minutes?
Seconds strange silence! And surprisingly, I would even say unshaken eyes fell on me.
- And let me go up in five minutes, she said.
- Well I wait, I cried!
I do not know how to assess the situation, tupanul three minutes! And now it comes back from the corner.
- Hi, t. D, m. P.. What are you doing here? A few more stupid questions, was born in my head woozy, but did not forget to learn and then come on! Her name was Natasha. She was beautiful, I just seemed the perfect victim to fall on the ears. A second straight titichki size jumped from blouses. Super-covered ass in jeans. I would say from five to four.
In my head at once ripe kakoy- something stupid plan, not exactly a deliberate bid.
- And let's go Let's go to the club, I said! (Some still foolish proposal- it's a children's computer club -Think I). What could she think? Yes, all that she had in mind? X / Z ???
- Come on, she said!
In my head there was only one thought that now in her head ?????? A few steps and we are inside. Left game hall, to the right administrator bathroom with dressing room, and most importantly a sofa!
- Come on, I said, going into the room and immediately razlgsya on the sofa!
Seconds of silence and my stupid, I think in this situation the question is not even a proposal.
- Do massage please back something in the car tired, - I said.
- Let's try, she said.
I took off my shirt and lay down on his stomach.
His back began to stroke the soft palms, fingernails scratching a little, but I do so even more to like. I was lying on drugs, freezes and thoughts never left his head on it. Consciousness of reality came back to me when Natasha's language is already being licked my back, and his hands crept under me to ... the fly. Everything was silent, without a word. I gently rolled onto his back, she quickly and I thought my skill has got a semi-gun. More seconds and my penis already swollen in her mouth. She began to gather momentum, the swallowing, the helping hands. I held her by the hair and brazen accelerated the movement, even though he knew it would not end simply dragged by the minute. This miracle lasted for twenty minutes can, maybe more, and I figured Natasha tired.
- Are you tired of beauty? Have a rest! Let's have a smoke, I said, and took out a cigarette!
- You probably knew that the final will not be just the two of buzz not mix.
- Yes, I knew immediately that you udelat, Natasha said, I myself have tried!
Then I took his remaining shirevo, good to catch up and lit another cigarette!