Under his feet lay the old tin cans, and then had to step over the remains of campfires, discarded bags of garbage, fallen trees, and get the remains of rusty machinery. In fact the forest and something to do. Why I went there that day now I vaguely remember. Probably, I was calling to develop a city need "take a walk".
By this time "take a walk", In the sense of - a breath of fresh air, no matter where it was, it was impossible. But his feet still led me to the remains of the forest that once proudly bearing the name of Bitsa forest park. There was a smell of burnt rubber and for some reason green tea. How could this delicate scent, which can recognize only finished gourmet, coexist and even to interrupt the smell of rubber, did not fit in my head ...
- Who are you? - From tea and Chinese memories I ripped rough female voice. I have not yet seen its owner, but some sixth sense, realized that he had come here for nothing today. In addition to my suspicion rested in the back trunk.
- I - from the sixth battalion supplier.
- What are you doing here?
- I am meeting people.
- You walk ?! - She laughed - But what about the war?
- Today, no one is coming.
- How do you know?
- Procurers always know everything.
Apparently, my camouflage and confident answers to some time dispelled her suspicions. At least, the barrel is no longer pressed into my back.
- Turn around, you can?
- Go ahead.
- Well, hello ... - I have long realized that the old regime in the war of decency and common courtesy sometimes save lives.
was a woman of thirty years in front of me to look at, with a clearly tired face and a disproportionately large breasts. Chest was clearly not intended by nature for combat operations in the conditions of a megacity and collapsed under the uniforms looked comical. She caught my eye.
- Like?
Direct question demanded a direct answer, and I said ...
- Yes.
- Do you want to touch it?
Such a turn of events, even I did not expect. Narwhal in the woods on the warring nymphomaniac ... but she obviously did not want to give time for reflection. Automatic back menacingly staring at me.
- Take off your clothes!
This time I did not have to wait long. She looked appreciatively at me, said nothing, undid the top button of his shirt and carefully put the machine on the brown grass.
- Wash for a long time? - Every time I flinched from her voice, I could not get used to. She threw sentence too harsh for a woman with such, in general, comely features.
- Yesterday.
- Then come closer.
I dutifully took a step and found himself a few inches from her bust. Now we looked into each other's eyes. Her green with sparkles pupils tossing madness. What she can do with a naked man? If you just fuck - it's a song! In response, she put one hand on my ass, and the second - held by my hairy chest. Quite gently, damn it! But what do I do? Standing idol silly when you pat, but on the other hand - what's on her mind how she would react to reciprocity? Maybe hit her, knocked down, until she held no weapon? But, damn it, the essence of the intelligentsia - the idea hit a woman is not taken by the brain as a call to action! And maybe, after all, gave her to use, has been - or was? When a woman can still be fun, some homosexuals around ...
My last thought was adopted by her "to cheer". At least, when I reached out her hands to her second toggle, it is not only grabbed the weapon, but also the whole body leaned toward me and her tongue began to lick the skin around my nipples. Ooh, we know how! Well, well, the way is open, you can act boldly!
With both hands, I began to pluck off her tattered shirt, and very soon in front of me is already rocking her bloodshot chest. Acute nipples playfully sticking out in different directions. Damn, do all this wealth from her by nature, and they do not have a single gram of silicone? Rather, it is. Imagine that the girl in search of a doctor and no unnecessary under conditions of universal devastation pumping boobs ran through the ruins of the city - is simply impossible.
Yes ... It is likely, simply do not have enough men. I wonder how much she suffered, the poor? And even more interesting to find out - and on which, in fact, it is fighting side. Maybe I have to make love to the enemy?
During my thinking she had pulled off his tarpaulin boots, filthy mud speckled trousers, and now it was a fairly harmless spectacle. "As well, she undresses herself"- I thought for some reason. Never, in general, I did not like the process - all of these hooks, bone, zaklepochki not usually yielded the first time, and greatly stretched the general procedure. Making love out of love (kalamburchik!) Never had. I wanted to quickly pull, wipe or wash (water, of course, nice, but where it will find that the water is now ...), and run the hell away from the subject of sudden passion.
She was all I slaver, and is now beginning a game with my friend the bottom. During the whole process of undressing, kissing, he had never filed for signs of life. Afraid, perhaps, when the host machine urge. Despite the fact that the fear for a long time has passed, and I have been actively involved in naglazhivanii nice body, he treacherously hanging between his legs. But nothing, I began to worry about the sudden onset of impotence - as soon as she took my end in his mouth, he immediately began to swell surging blood. Very soon, I proved it to its end, which is not in vain in my battalion called stallion.
View nalivshegosya my friend finally brought to mind the "partisan" (I myself began to call it). She began with both hands to perform various manipulations with it. That opened the head, pulling painfully to the ground peel the top of the flesh, then abruptly closed it, then just pulled up and down ... I do not know, maybe she thought that by this he has to grow for a few tens of centimeters. But much longer? And since not every woman without pain comes through.
And in the end - we will continue to masturbate until I finish it, or is it going to get laid? Somewhere in my heart I have sneaking suspicion that my thoughts in some unknown way to reach her. At least she left my penis alone and tried to stay on pouyutnee lying behind her canvas. For some reason I immediately remembered my first woman and having sex with her in her small-sized bath, followed by a long knees ached.
- Come to me - she whispered. Here I write now - "whispered"And I think to myself - probably still "growled", Painfully not fit its low gruff voice, though quiet, gentle for zazyvany.
Of course I went. What else could I do, the choice is still not there. Or rather, it was, but it is not the most unpleasant thing you can bring to the end. I sat down in front of her, felt the unpleasant coolness of the earth from under the tarpaulin. And ... she pulled my head to his lips - kiss. And why I lied, that bathed yesterday? Now, I actually had to lick the bacteria and odor from my genitals, got on her lips during a recent contact.
Damn ... A kiss, she knew how. I sometimes even began to think that her language - ring to create a thrill. But this, of course, could only appear from a surplus surging from somewhere in the depths of pleasant sensations. Where, I wonder, that she could learn so masterfully? People somehow lately not to tender, not to sentimentality. wanted "big and clean" - I grabbed by the scruff of the first available female creature and dragged behind the barracks. And there crustaceans, but in the ass, because almost all the front seats not only stretched to the trouble, but also a breeding ground for all sorts of rubbish.
Why, by the way, is another unpleasant thought - the illness. Who knows it, than it may be ill and why, in fact, it was so unbearable to have sex. With her there is scratched? After ingenious Vietnamese cured of AIDS and the world of Chinese pneumonia at him, one after another began to fall in an even more sophisticated disease. And all of them spread with incredible speed thanks to everyone pofigizmu and sexual promiscuity. People became spit on everything. They did not want to live long and reserved. Before all came - it is necessary to take from life all at once, and let life will be short, but beautiful and bright, the envy of others. Who needs the elderly, when the streets wander thousands of hungry children?
Damn, moods - shit. I am now masterfully vyebut, and I was not happy. Probably the wrong foot stood. And still because the bastard of the Fourth Chief I've stole ration hashish. And it does not prove in any way. Looks, reptile, bleary-eyed, as if the angel, and handles her, nedomerki breeds. Like, I do not take a fig. But I do know that he is no one else. Now she walks - buggy with overdose, young poebyvaet behind the bushes. Well, to hell with him. People say, well ... "not've stole, and squander!" The next time the rations will have to dig a little deeper.
And my partisan dispersed in earnest. Dec my tarpaulin, climbed on top and rides, already rolled her eyes. Oh, the hair is longer would she have to looked sexy! But on her head - "Hedgehog" and it is the only option in this fucking world - to defeat the lice no one can, and no one wants. Jumping at a furious pace, and my beautiful hands himself in full work, crumpling his chest with such force that it becomes a pity and anxiety. If it yourself so no regrets, what with me will be a result. But she did not want a quick end. Apparently she had already finished, and maybe more than once. But give me the opportunity to do it myself she would not. Literacy in general. Who knows me, maybe finish and more in the foreseeable future will not start, stop be a concern. Where it is in the forest of another such unarmed fool will find fun. Will look - in the best case ... shoot, at worst, give ... The Dukes of construction battalion.
I had begun to feel like a drove in the brain wave of imminent orgasm, but she flew off and never dropped. That made me somewhat slowed down, and that she wanted. She lay down beside him and, as if I never existed, began to masturbate. Watch and it was entertaining, and exciting at the same time. Apparently, it is often necessary to use such a method of self-satisfaction and pleasure in the process it has received no less than by communicating with me. She closed her eyes, his left hand clutching her nipple massaged and rubbed it, and the right ... well, you know. What a thrill she experienced when it was clear from the way the waves bending her body like the legs bent at the knees, then straightening sharply. But I had time to consider it in detail. About I mentioned breast - the poet's dream! Tummy neat, without excess fat, it is immediately obvious - the person in charge. The skin is smooth, as I have already had a chance to feel his fingers, and surprisingly clean, without all these modern sores and voldyrikov. On his right shoulder - the trace of a burn or injury, and the left - a tattoo. Now if it throw godkov as ten at least, and all this garbage, which we used to call home - of years old and twenty, that would be it snapped in modeling agencies, and fucked it could not be promoted to lieutenant like me, and bellied respectable uncle with hands green the constant communication with the American currency. What we have there with tatuirovochkoy something? I peered closer, and then I was like a shock jerked. Against the backdrop of the mountains wolf looked at me, his one paw rested on the dead bird, and I knew that it was a bird. I saw this wolf posters, I saw him on the banners, and all the time I was unbearably sorry that trampled the bird. When the picture was great, it was possible to look into the unclosed eyes of this dead, dismembered birds. They were terrified and afraid. It was not, but they are exactly like. Because it was a double-headed eagle.
To be continued.