A woman with a "device"
This happened recently. I sat one night to watch one of the Research Institute of the city. Looked telly, the benefit was; sipped tea ... pulled me to the toilet. He got up and went to the restaurant razvalochku, longest night - no hurry. Relieve themselves, he came out of our toilet and glanced across the street. There was a female toilet.
Something about this is - go to the ladies' room. Hesitated a little, I remembered a feature, as is now said the youth. "wandering" ads suddenly came across this on the Internet based boards: "Sosa big clit free. It is desirable in the district of m. N-lic ..." That's right, straight and austere. It excited me. No, I do not have a clitoris! But, well, I - also an amateur, only the clitoris, I almost never really seen. My wife was a little, and his wife however was not looking for anything larger than a grain of millet not found. Permanent access to my network there and give these ads I could not, and, looking at the door to the ladies' room, I decided:
"Go your own way". He opened the door and turned on the light I walked through it popetlyat reached the booths. Opening the door of one of the middle-wide was surprised to find her on the inside of graffiti of a sexual nature, primarily related to the members of the skyscrapers, and inscriptions such as "Sveta - fool". Taking a pen from his pocket, I traced in a conspicuous place: "Ad # 435. Suck big clit. Pea does not offer ..." and a pager. Why 435 - I do not know. Caprice artist, as told to the unforgettable Ostap Bender Ibrahimovic ...
It took about two weeks and I've already forgotten about his prank, especially that one, which I substituted for the watch, recovered and I drove my normal life - "rat race"When demand always exceeds the capacity. One evening zatrenkal pager.
- Again, currency rates, probably - I said angrily. I was stunned Glancing at the small screen. There's such a flaunted an inscription: "According to the announcement №435 ..." and telephone. Judging by the number and the other end of town.
- What is it? - He asked his wife from the other room.
- They are the best! I have erased them. - A little pause, I replied.
Phone I copied in my notebook, and a message - delete. Adrenaline flipped into the blood, because it is necessary to somehow call. My wife noticed immediately, 10 years of marriage - not a pound of raisins.
- You Th so, some not so? I mumbled something in response, she shrugged and did not try to find out and went back to her chores.
I rang the next evening from work. I answered a female voice. "Good sign!" - I thought - "and that if men?"
- I got your pager phone number on the ad # 435 ...
- This I sent it. Come, I have what you are looking for.
- You?
- Yes.
- And when? - I asked.
- Every evening after seven.
- How about today?
- You are welcome! - And I called the address.
Goodbye, I called home to his wife and naplel some crap about the meeting at the station of the traveler and assist him with the luggage and quartering. With a very solid contribution to the bank under the name "Fidelity"I was sure that my wife does not suspect.
Shaking in the tram car, all the way I imagined how it would be, as it does not lohanutsya on some blond hair, etc. After all, it was a betrayal, though the bodily, but still cheating. Adrenaline played ...
The door was opened by a large, on-head floor above me, a woman of about 40. Not to say that beauty, but not ugly. Passed to by without even looking back.
- Come on. - She said, stepped back, letting me go.
I entered. She closed the door, looked at me somehow knowing - mockingly.
- Small. Nina.
- Andrei. Come on you.
- Come on.
Traces of man constantly stay in the hall could not be seen. Taking off his coat and boots, I walked, obeying her gesture in a single room. The decoration was not rich, and again without male prichindalov a la razor, etc. Before occupying the corner of the room a low sofa with cushions was a coffee table. "Like in the movies!" - I thought, looking at some simple snacks and a bottle of vodka, standing in the middle.
- Help yourself, to go and work ...
- And you?
- Perhaps Makhno pile.
They waved a snack. "How do you start something?" - I thought. Then she stood up and walked towards me. I, too, got up and turned to her.
- First you have to make sure that I - a woman. - She said, looking me straight in the eye. And without waiting for any reply, she began to untie the belt robe, which was dressed. I was waiting. The belt fell to the floor and she slowly spread apart floors. She stood close and my eyes appeared a decent size slightly pendulous breasts, normal female breast with pupyrchatoy alveoli around dark nipples.
- Well, ubezhdaysya.- rumors she raised both hands to the chest higher. Internally zasopev I fingertips caressed the nipple, twisted slightly back and forth as he realized what she wanted to convince me. The nipple soon swollen, hardened and wrinkled. Everything is as usual. "She thinks that I can find her man! Really !!!". From manipulation woke my little comforted vodka "boyfriend".
- Now sit down! - I sat down on a low sofa. Between half spaced coat gleamed right in front of my face plain cowards bugryaschiesya bottom elevations of the two - one above the other. Top shape repeated pubic hair shaver did not know, because some of them are treacherous and so exciting for me peeping on the sides of pants lying on his feet. But the bottom introduced me into confusion. This could cause only small size neeregirovanny outgoing crotch penis.
- Take them - she asked and scooted back to back, standing between my ruts. "Come what may! Let transvestite!" - I thought, remembering his homosexual experience in a camp and began to pull the panties, first with the buttocks, and then to the abdomen. I pulled slowly. That began to jump out and straighten hair shatenistye. My cock stiffened, passed the first hill, then my eyes began to open vertical slot, densely covered with hair, and then it seemed hood and finally - member. Otherwise it can not be called. Dark, wrinkled, hanging with characteristic folds of skin around half-naked pink head. I stopped and looked closer. The length was 8 cm and thicker than my thumb. No - not a member, similar, but not him. She suddenly bent and dangling panties to the floor, he stood up.
- Well, touch him, to make sure! - I took it and lifted, and there - no holes! "I found him!" - Flashed through my mind. I picked it up and leaned to the hair. And thin leathery strips was not down, but almost at its root, flanked by two folds retreated down passing of impressive size labia that a cursory glance could pass and the scrotum. "That's why I do not go to the public bathhouse ..." - she said. Then I woke up my inclinations in me. "ASIC me in their mouths!" - Let him go, I said and sat down against the wall on the sofa cushion. "Sit on the floor better". I sat leaning back of his head against the wall. She took off her robe ... and went into a dense. Her clitoris was looking down, but it seemed to me that it somehow increased slug straightened up and turned pink.
She put her foot over my shoulder on the roll stand beside the sofa and running his left hand under my head, right start to masturbate, it is to masturbate her clit. I stared straight ahead. Pink spherical head of the clitoris disappeared in the folds, I would say, the foreskin and protruded, becoming a brilliant relief. Suddenly Nina stopped. "Let's have so far." - I heard it, and put it on my lips. I felt its weight. It does not smell, although I felt a characteristic tickling my stomach the smell inside her vagina.
Half-open mouth, I began to feel his lips, but she leaned forward and pushed it into my mouth completely and remained in that position. He curled up in my mouth a bagel. I began to make the language of serpentine movement, her clit, soft, free to move, reeling in a half-turn to the language. It was divine. Her hair pubes tickled my nose, my hands stroking her buttocks and she began to respond. I immediately felt it, the clitoris gradually ceased to obey the movements of my tongue, wrinkles on it disappeared and he did not fit in my mouth.
She started to step back, and the clitoris tolstel straightened right in my mouth. She had moved back, pulling it altogether. He was, yes, it was! Kapyushonchik taut at its base, its trunk was the smooth pink and glistening with my saliva. "Seen enough? What do you think?" - "awesome" - I whispered. Again she took his hand and shaking at the root hastened to my lips. I opened it and it began to drive them on your clit from side to side, tap on the nose, cheeks. Though he was, but he was not as hard as stone, and has a pleasant elasticity, its trunk repeated movements of her arms, effectively bending, with a slight delay.
She shook his head around my nose and when he sometimes touched my lips, I felt it a nice weight and inertia. She put it in my mouth again, now I just suck it, as once in the pioneer camp with his friend, but now were very different feelings. It is releasing it started to make rhythmic friction, it was something fantastic in my feelings. I touch his horse released into the wild, he was shaking with tension. Yes!
She had me, as I asked. It was certainly this is something men, may be wanted my feminine, but my flesh was singing. Its friction accelerated, she released my head. I looked up. Belly, swinging breasts, upturned chin - a wonderful picture. Her movements became faster and faster and she suddenly groaned and pressed me against the wall pubis. I felt the entire length of her clitoris in his most sensitive spot - his mouth.
I even felt it twitch. He started to fall off. I had started nasasyvayut him, but nature was inexorably. She leaned back, I let him, stroking both hands leg on which she stood. On the inside of the leg it was wet from the juice, which she exuding. I licked it. She lowered her leg with a roller and down on the sofa, looked at my farm. Smiling and turning as it were, to him, Nina said: "What does not work the owner? It will reach your business!" I stood up, took off all his clothes and sat down on the sofa. "Another one?" - She asked.
"Come on!" - I agreed. They drank, ate. "Now for it!" - Fun she said, and stood up in front of the sofa where I was sitting on his knees, he leaned to my fallen was "pal". But that is another story.