Heat trail
Just come autumn, the season began for potatoes, my husband took the two days of compensatory time off and went to his mother to help her with the harvest. I stayed at home.
On this day, from work, home, I was in no hurry. I walked slowly down the street, even though it was drizzling rain, and began the twilight. Soon I wrapped on a small square, the road that leads out to my house. Suddenly, I heard for me, a child's voice.
- Hey, you?
When I turned around, then I saw bomzhonka sitting on a bench. He was dressed in a dirty jacket in his hand was a cigarette.
- Firstly, do not you, and you! And secondly, not to smoke early?
- You're not my mother, that would indicate to me!
- Still, I'm 26, and you, by all appearances 12 or 14 years!
- 14. Hear me, you will not have the money? - I went and sat next to him.
- Why do you need this? Clay to buy?
- No, I have glue want to eat! - A little thought, I said!
- Well, let's go buy, then you nebudu!
We got up and headed towards the store. In the shop, he did not go. And I had to buy your own convenience! When I came out, he was waiting for me, I handed him a bag with food.
- Now, back home, the parents feed?
- I do not live at home!
- And where?
- In the heat the track! - I was surprised. Do you want me?
The interest to learn how to live bomzhik, I have always been interested in, of course I agreed. On the way, I learned that his name was Andrew, with him living girl Lena, and another boy Alex. Soon we came to the sewer manhole. When I went there, Alex and Lena were already in place. When Andrew climbed, he said ...
- Rebya, walk. Nazhremsya from the belly. Today's sponsor Victoria!
I sat on a chair, and began to watch. Lena had looked about 14, about the same as Lesha. Although they were youngsters, they were quite independent. In their lair, though it was pretty dirty, but comfortable, and the heat that came through the pipes. Lena spun at the table, made of bricks and boards. And Alex, and Andrew of something spoken. Light in their dens were two homemade kerosene stove that barely lit room that betrayed gloom. Soon they sat down to supper, and invited me, but I was not hungry. I continued to sit on a chair, and consider the room. At the far end, there were two rusty beds, where they slept all appearances, it was the darkest part of the room. When their meal was over, Alex and Andrew retired, most likely to the toilet. Lena removing from the table, went to bed, I realized that she had laid down her squeaks. Soon there were Alex and Andrew. Alex went straight to bed, and Andrew to me.
- You fuck budish, or look we Lenka fuck?
- You'll fuck Lena? She's still a girl !!!
- No, we shot down her virginity a long time! Well, let's take off your clothes, I'm waiting for you in bed.
Andrew also went to bed, and I sat shocked that I want to fuck what that kid, and even more homeless. My head is spinning, "No, no, I have to go". When I got up from my chair, I again heard the voice of Andrew!
- Vic, I'm waiting.
These words were like, "one, two, three, and you're in a deep sleep". I took off his coat, and began to unbutton her skirt. I knew they were looking at me as I take off tights with shorts, as I rented a bra. When I was completely naked, I was ordered to repay the kerosene, I dutifully did. After complete darkness strode to the bed and sat down. Bed croaked, and I lay in the arms of Andrew. I do not know why, I immediately began to kiss him. My brain was not working, I followed the wild instincts. I allowed him everything he paw me everywhere. Crushed chest, and of course climbing hand between her legs. I felt, yard bitch in heat that can climb any cable. Though he was young, but it was quite an experience. Soon, standing on all fours, I put her hands on the rusty railings. Andrew grabbed my buttocks, slowly began to enter into me. Instinctively, I leaned toward him, even though he was still small, but the feeling was specific. Small knobs, which kept me in the ass, and a member which is slid inside. It is also bald beat eggs on my lips sex. His pace gradually grew. Soon, he stopped and began to turn over on my back. He became the master of my body. When I turned, and prepared, he again bent outwork, and now I myself took his hand member, and sent it to himself. Now we do not just fucked, and probably began to make love. We began to kiss again, his small hands lay on my chest and tingling has already erect nipples. It lasted all of this for a long time, and by that I managed to finish more than once. But then he stopped, and I felt in my warm liquid poured this young male. He pulled the already limp dick out of me and collapsed on the bed, easy fatigue, and dark room, I tended to sleep. I have not the strength to resist, I fell asleep. I woke up, I sweat in the wild, he was still asleep. To the touch, I found my clothes, I got out of the heat of the track. Praed home, the clock was four in the morning. Thank God, I'm not late for the robot.
To be continued...
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