Tale of Willy. Part 1
Since I met Willie December 30, 2004. I was then 15 years old, and he was - 11 with a little. Those who think that we will be with Willie sex, can immediately put off my story away, but he who loves all kinds of teenage mischief, pranks and games, probably will enjoy. It takes place in Germany, where I live. Willie was in 11 years almost have a kid, a teenager. The black-haired, dark-eyed, dark-skinned; frankly, about h e n s a handsome man of southern appearance. What it is not surprising, because it is half of the Turks. On the site there were only two apartments and villas with our mom. It was felt that Willie had been interested in people who barely speak German, and even worse - understand. What happened was that we began to meet every day, because his mother asked me to work out with Willie Russian language. They have this year a second foreign language, and Willy not really go well with the letter.
Lessons were held at our house. The situation was favorable. In the first lessons we dressed a little "solemnly" I am out of habit, and it is probably because my mother told me. And then almost every day clothes simplified. I first climbed in jeans and a shirt with short sleeves (so to speak, gave an example of a neighbor's relaxed), and then he did. It came from Willie (somewhere in the April-May) to T-shirts and shorts. After the summer he began to come in this form in with e g d and and - barefoot. On the lessons themselves laughed a lot, read and write short sentences from the book for the first grade. Willie gradually accustomed not to make mistakes. And he began to speak in German, slowly and clearly. This notice everything, even his friends, who laughed that previously he did not say a "shot." He did it and s - s and m e n I, that I could understand it.
We are very Willie agreed. He did not want to leave after the lesson, and then started the tea party. Willie told me everything that he wanted, and I was sitting with a notebook, and if you do not understand a word, asking questions, writing down, then looked in the dictionary, learn, and the next day already - "consumed" - to the delight of Willie. Later, when our lessons were added erotic games, I was terribly excited that Willie spoke Russian phrases with a strong accent, because the Germans did not give the "s" sounds, "g", "u" soft "l". They can not say "Anya", but only "Anja"; Katie instead they always "Katja." When Willie uttered the word "tickling" or "tickle" or - "tickle" - it was just hilarious, but very exciting. The word "regret" in his mouth sounded too sexy. We've (I strongly getting ahead of myself) was one of the games that Willie - "German Boy" - was taken prisoner, and I'm questioning the purpose to find out from him the secret information. Of course, it comes to "torture." In German I "do not understand", that's it and you have to use those Russian phrases he knows.
In the summer of Willie I went to Turkey, to the aunts, whom he had countless and who adored him. I really missed him (when he arrived, it turned out that this is a one), and recalled, it was if we had something "reassuring" for five months of training. It was! Coming in a vest, Willie sometimes held up his hand, stretched, and I was surprised and pleased to find that he is already under the armpits hairs. That's what southern boy! Willie, of course, noticed that I do not hesitate, it almost every minute gaze at and began to raise their hands, especially while drinking tea, although it was not enough reason. But talk and no hint is not arise. I like to feel that you can not rush, because we deal with for a long time and still have time. And so it happened!
I do not have time to run home after Willie soon as rushed to me. I barely recognized him - he was not dark, but simply - h p e n s th! In this case the hair completely burned. He looked like in the photo negative. Willie rushed to me as something funny poked her head, gave a pack of cards, then embarrassed. It was so cute! Of course, the first thing I said:
- Willie, as you tan. You're in e s e e a?
He laughed and said: - No, not everywhere.
Then he pulled up his shorts so high that I saw b e l o e. It was tempting and funny! And he's a really wanted me to consider this difference. He can be seen in its Turkey sunbathing in a fairly long swimming trunks, or even in shorts, because the skin was white - a lot. A tanned armpits almost like everything else: you see, he was lying on his back, thrown his hands behind his back. Later Willie said that six weeks of thought, he will come again to me, that his mood was, as he put it, "shameless and perverse" (these German phrases I immediately raised his in his notebook); She says it came to the point that he resorted to the aunt and caress it, hoping that it somehow supports can - poshlpaet him or cuddle. But Turkish aunt - "the most fair rules", and he achieved nothing.
I realized that I could be more brazen than last year, and this just meet the expectations of Willie. The first lesson was held in our "revolutionary"! Of course, after the summer Willie was initially difficult to write dictation, read, and he made mistakes. I immediately told him that an error will be called as well to s s c a s t. My tone is seen, it was such that he understood the punishment would be unusual. When he wrote the word correctly, I said that for every mistake he will have to remove one odezhku. He blushed, giggled and said:
- So after the third error I stay naked?
I say, just say, you l e g to about dress, go out, so. Interestingly, he still became a h e n s try. I do not know if he was hoping to stay in the clothes or just wanted to delay the moment. But no matter how hard you try, four minutes later he was sitting in his shorts. I noticed that his hand was shaking - you can understand it. Willie was ashamed, and he wanted it all summer shame. He then said that if not for our lessons, he'd never had anything, and suffered only to no avail. Soon he arrived, and the third Oshibochka. I specifically said a malicious voice that now would be a sixth grader naked. Willie became honestly pull pants, but - with his back. I'm told to do, "circle". He first doubled in three deaths, but it was funny. I ordered him to stand up straight and raise your hands. Carefully I examined him and said, allegedly with surprise:
- And you've got tons of fuel even more hair than the armpits.
Willy was three colors: red face, Koricheva skin, and white - all that was previously under the shorts. And yet - is not completely white. I tell you, they say, perhaps, sometimes sunbathed without panties. He admitted that when the aunt was not at home, lying naked in the garden. I told him to sit down and write on dictation. The lesson lasted more, probably about 15 minutes, and in all that time you could see that the excitation Willie does not go on the wane, his rather big cock (Schw&# 228; nzchen) watched all the time in the sky. When we finished, he became the first to wear are not cowards, and m and the second to have! It was funny. Willie asked what would happen if he did W o n s w e three errors. I say:
- But invent itself with some t r a n o w e punishment, and tell me.
And he says:
- I already l e t o m came up. "
Willie said afterward that he l o n s of sleep at night, everything is represented as is. It's funny, even he did not doubt that he would do n y and n o f the number of errors for which he will have to shoot cowards and receive the following punishment again. I also did not have to sleep. Of course, I was sure that Willie says his tickle, and kept thinking how best to arrange. So funny that we both cared little about the lesson, but indulged in erotic fantasies. Willie came to me as red as a tomato. I say with a laugh:
- Or maybe you will not have any mistakes?
- I then called a p o h n o do.
This time, I told him that he would not withdraw odyozhku after each mistake, we just s a p a s c a s t, and only then - again! I ended the lesson ....
- Well, what do you imagine ?, invented - I ask.
- You d o w n s l tickle me.
I even laughed inwardly; really in with the same e boys? - But before that, you d o l w e n again to undress.
Hardly Willie began to pull shorts, I say that I will go out into the kitchen, and he's off the lift and become the bridge (he promised to practice in the summer). Willie shouted:
- Oh !, - but I left the room.
No, he called me longer than I thought, and then I hear:
- Done!
While waiting in the corridor, I was wondering what Willy can choose one of four options, that is, feet to the door, facing the door, or - across. He stood up - the "face". However, what I saw, you can enjoy as you want! Not for nothing more then many tens of times I made Willie becomes the bridge - did not bother ever! I first noticed his red face (I think my mouth was opened) and furry armpits, then the stomach, in the middle of such a long boom, surrounded by black hair, and only then - very widely spaced feet. Immediately I wanted to touch it, but I restrained myself because Willie would have collapsed immediately, and would consider it a little longer. He's so funny asked:
- Well all or not yet?
Of course, I answered that yet. Finally, it is clearly tired, and I let him lie on his back. At night, I am thinking about how to make Willie me n e m e w a l tickle it. It was already clear in his fun-loving, that he will be afraid of being tickled etc. and on and on to keep itself hands and feet, could not be considered. The "right" we do not have a bed, but it dawned on me that for bindings fit chair, which we presented to Mother Willie. They themselves are heavy, and the feet are placed just very widely. But for the sake I made Willie lie on the bed and throw his hands back. As soon as I said that, they say, will start as Willie instantly removed his hands from behind his head. I told him to throw again. It was useless: I just going to touch the armpits, as he laughed again and held her hand. Then Willie said:
- If you have not bound the, nothing happens. Tickling for me - same with t r a n o w e punishment.
Then I told him to lie down on the carpet, pulled up a chair to the hands and tied two ropes (everything has already been prepared).
- A n o g ?, and - Willie asked.
- You'll have time, and while you can jerk them as you want, - I replied.
Once Willy and m chosen a punishment, I have decided it is not particularly regret and tickle to a to c e d u l e t. First was the hair under your arms to move, Willy began to laugh and tried to protect their feet. He shook his head in all directions and through laughter shouted something. I shamed him and said that the boy had to endure with e (that of these words and raised our game later in captivity). He began to creep under the ribs, take them to swear that it interferes with their feet, and then punished by becoming poke in the ribs with your fingers. Willie cried, I stopped and asked:
- What is enough? - And he shouts:
- Yet!. I felt that in me awakens something cruel, but - even more so. Gradually he moved to the stomach, and then Willie was the legs do not just get in the way, and not to give tickle on. So it was time to tie the legs to the second chair. What a "beautiful" view was a boy! I tickled his stomach with one finger - the worst kind of punishment - and saying at the same time, it is necessary to lose weight. Willie shouted through the screams that he's Well e lost. Then I said that he and thighs thick, and began a steady climb from above the knee, first on one foot, then on the other, then I began to knead them with both hands. Willie was just gaining breath between bouts of laughter. For a long time I teased him on the approach to the ball. The kid has just fainted when I finally started to feel it. Laughter has not decreased, it has become just another variety. I think Willie was here not so tickled, he just hid his shame in the laughter and screams. Finally, I announced that the session ended today. I think tickling continued for about five minutes 'clean time', but for the victim - an eternity. Willie was not red, but some claret. I untied him with one hand and said that he was freed on himself.
I went to warm tea. I went with refreshments, and Willie was already sitting at the table with glowing eyes and asks:
- Well, as I can in e l?
I felt that he wants to be scolded, laughed and said that he led a very shameful that a boy his age should not be so yell and scream, it is necessary t e r n e t s. He says that we are now going to say a and d s d d e n s to do, so he Practice. Here I just praised him and said:
- You know, like tickling good for health!
He is asking:
- And why?
- Well, firstly, after the laughter I feel that rest.
Willie says he thinks he's going to fly.
- You see, - I said instructively.
- Secondly, you get thin.
- I have to, I already start to tease the guys, because I love to eat and do not exercise.
- What about the bridge?
- Well, I trained all summer.
- Thirdly, during tickling you will cock grow.
I say that tomorrow, they say, the same will do that today. Do not get tired of one and the same? Willie seriously said that tickle will deal with every day, and add a tio n e.
- What? - I pretended to be inexperienced in these matters.
- I already thought I n t s punishment.
Then I nearly fell. I so wanted to learn everything at once. After all, I'm not talking about us with a cousin - specifically to Willy had asked ahead of time, t h about what we were doing. I was hoping that Willie will invent something new. He hesitated, not talking, and then suddenly said:
- I'm n and n and m have all five.
He wrote a long time for some reason. Kitzel (tickling), K&# 228; lte (cold,) G&# 252; rtel (belt), W&# 228; scheklammer (clothespins), Flachzange (. Pliers) When I saw this list, I just caught his breath: we are with e did with his brother, but one to which Willie is not thought of, and it was as if sad - is nothing new, but on the other hand - it's a real "torture". We somehow came up with the brother of one another, and Willy - a e b e! I pretended, of course, I do not understand anything, and demanded an explanation. About cold Willie said that it is necessary to put something out of the refrigerator.
- Can I look? - he asked.
Long looked at the contents of the shelves, grunted, took out bottles and cans, asked for permission to open a m s a p o and l have to. When he looked back, I was very interested.
- What is it? - Willie asked - Oh, I can not handle!
I say it's a wrap, which prescribes a dentist after treatment. It should be wrapped in a towel and apply to the face. It's a plastic plate 20 cm in length, width and thickness of 10 -. About 2 cm Just because it is really in your hands will not take - it is colder than ice! Willie silently closed the freezer.
- Well, and here the belt? - I ask. - Do you want me to you as a guilty schoolboy little postegal by the pope?
- No, I have to lie on your back - Willy said.
I almost coughed.
- It's sick!
- I n w y n o tolerate.
- A clothespin?
- You'll be pinching me.
I also did not specify h t on I need to tweak. But I just finished off pliers.
- Willie, - I say - do you want me to be pulling your hair or - twitching?
- No, you're in my hair and u s n s s c a m.
- You probably can not imagine what a torture!
- No, I'm a little bit already tried.
I say that all the same I can just pinch, and he insists that it is necessary to you-pinching. Suddenly Willie slaps his head and said that he completely forgot: they have in the pantry is a clamshell. I ask that, well, uncomfortable, when tied to a chair. And Willie said that he was a d o b y n o, but you are uncomfortable n and k l o n i t s with me.
The next day, Willie came to the lesson with cot .... At this time, I again ordered him to get up to the bridge, but n o d a m and the door. It is so interesting: you enter and straight ahead Willie legs wide apart and his chubby thighs It can not in a position to see my face, only to realize, to near the village and I look. This frame and asked to be in the photo, but only now things have to wear in the studio, and this is impossible. This is my brother and I own develop and print, so much naschelkat that then it was nice to enjoy! Tying a cot is much better, it is still wider seats and higher. I, for one, to tickle Willie, just sat down on a chair. To refresh memories took a massage brush with thorns. If she lightly touched, tickled badly, if you hold a strong - all these places are starting to burn. I have done both. Then he went to move his hands. Willy was filled with laughter, and you can not get used to it, every time you experience such pleasure from these cries, squeals and unintelligible exclamations! Then I ask, well, that, say, further, since in his list is "cold". Willie says:
- Now you take this in the freezer w t y to y.
I asked him if he thought good. I know firsthand what a nightmare, when flushed after five minutes of tickling (and at us this time was even longer) you start to put on all sorts of sensitive places a jar of pickles and a bottle of milk. Willie insists his. I take a towel (otherwise keep from the cold), pull this wrap, wrap in a towel and slice the rest - ice - Willie put on his neck and slowly begins to move down towards the stomach. Creek was one more! I have experience: we must not simply put, and put on some place, and p and n w a t s. Then it seems that you are frozen! I can not stand it, so my brother and I agreed that if the victim pronounces any keyword immediately stop the torture. This condition I suggested Willie. He did not say anything. So slowly, I reached the stomach, because the tip of the cock pressed, then led on, and soon this disc is completely covered everything that Willie was between her legs. I clicked as it should, and waited for what would happen. A few seconds later Willie still could not resist and shouted "word". I took a compress and saw, to the amazement of that member of the Willie was stretched as never before. The fact that he could not stand, it was a double humiliation for him. And if so, then I began to shame him for cowardice.
- Now, you do again - some strange voice Willie said.
I suggested that, when again will get to between her legs, slowly count to ten (that means half a minute), and then I'll take away. Willie nodded his head and took a deep breath. I put the "thing" on his thigh and began to lead upward. Willie, of course, to wail. Not having reached the right place, I put the "thing" on the other foot and again went up slowly. And then again I closed all that Willie was a long and round, hugged and told to count. This score was unforgettable! Through the screams and cries, Willie tried to be given slowly, accelerates, I had slowed down, and so somehow passed for half a minute.
They sat down to drink tea. Willie asked, they say, I did not notice?
- I weighed 55 pounds yesterday, today 54 and a half, and after that lesson, perhaps, more lost!
- How are you going to tolerate the belt, if that's the cold so badly behaved?
- With this thing, we repeat again, but I'm going to count to twenty, and then belt.
- If you want, I'll whip you just kind of, a little?
Willie even outraged.
- Well, tomorrow you lie on your stomach.
- Warum? - I asked Willie with inimitable intonation.
- You'll see.
The next day he got up to the bridge p o p e r g a - very nice to look at and shame him. I noticed that in moments of shame Willie hairs rose on the b e s m - this I saw for the first time! Then he lay down on his stomach, and again I tied him, so that he could not move. Tickle this time and in t o r y h to a second, and then back hands. Willie yelled more than usual: it is called e s n a l, where I'll tickle him, and more because I had n o n l e s a t s not to miss any tickles place. Then I pulled out of the freezer wrap, put him on his back. It's really - horrible! But as Willie n p and I m n o shouted that I was sorry it did not. He began to climb up on his feet and slipped the piece so that all their good Willie pulled the plate and could not do anything. Then I told him to count to twenty! What he brought, I can imagine! Next - the most interesting thing in this day! Willie had already shown me the right belt, which he brought: a rather narrow and hard. I started not much so that even Willy was silent, then harder, Willie zaohala, then still put pressure. Willie began to behave "badly", but I already knew that it is a purely "sexual" cries that he enjoys his humiliation that shows itself weak. And again, my brother and I did so, that remained small pink marks, which were held in a few hours. If they appear, then we must not stronger, but weaker - with k h y n o! I pohlstyval Willie and saying, here, they say, will not do more mistakes, it is still only a warm-up.
To be continued...
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