Personal enemy of God
That night, the wise men of the city of wizards and sorcerers Luxuria, in which, according to witnesses, the building was in the air, the night turned into day light thousands of lights, and it was possible to meet the creatures that went even on the streets of Atlantis, mentioned in his notes: "The stars shifted out of the way. " Few at that time openly looked at the night sky - the greatest feats of the king of Aquilonia just had to happen, and the black abyss of space still dormant threat to all living creatures. The manuscripts of scientists, as well as works inspired by this event, poets, turned to dust long before the end Hayboriyskoy era, and human memory is short-lived ...
Languishing in obscurity Mirrar was ready, like their wild ancestors, hiss and desperate to jump on the monolith walls around him. Forcing your heart beating rhythmically and evenly incredible effort of will, he froze, only pupils under thick eyelids were moving in a convulsive dance. But after a few minutes, let out a long high-pitched whine, he came out of his trance. Nothing could leave this place. Even the thought. It was pleasing to Seth.
Tens of meters of solid granite, surrounded by the natural emptiness on all sides, in which he was. In it, by chance formed ages ago in more molten rock could arise and the thought of the light of day, coming to the surface right now. Only a special ritual at the altar of the Black, hidden in a deep cave, making it available for Seth's servants, and the mystery of its creation and the nature of this mysterious connection was lost forever. Where darkness reigned, which, however, it does not bother - the snake god opened his followers many secrets about the nature of things.
Other care Mirrara - Blood stronger pounded in his temples, and covered with short fur skull is already beginning to squeeze a painful ring of suffocation. The space of the cave was more than limited, and prepared to sacrifice a prisoner, held by intangible bonds under its ceiling, did not contribute to the addition of fresh air. Something dripped on his shoulder. Touching your finger with a claw caught the wet place, he licked his long pink tongue. Salt. Baring fall into a terrible grin, he turned his face to the ceiling Awakened him cry female unicorn, which was able, finally, briefly doze off even in this terrible place, could not be out of place reminded of itself. Narrow jaw began to move, and staccato chirping sounds woven small change in the spell, hanging around the prisoner.
Shackles cut into her body, like the finest of woods. Blindly staring into the darkness around her eyes wide, she whinnied from the unbearable pain. White thick coat has absorbed some of the blood, but much more it spilled down into the primeval stone. Located in ecstasy magician watched the streams of life, penetrating through seemed unbreakable barrier, continued its flight further and further away, disappearing in the greenish glow, boundless veil spread out beneath him. Suddenly, his ears reached thin, on hearing the sound limit. Trembling with excitement, he looked up from his contemplation of the mysteries revealed to him the wicked bowels of the earth, and turned to its source. The first sign opens a passage! A few moments more, and his companions will be here!
With restrained satisfaction he raised in salute paw. And then the incredible happened, then, that he initially could not even believe it. Dazzling light flooding in from held simultaneously with the flow of fresh air for the first time fell to the red-brown stones, like a flame, burned his eyes. Briefly sounded deflated string - and the flash of pain shot through his shoulder. Startled, losing concentration, he is almost blind. For the first time in a long time using normal vision, through a veil of tears, he saw three vague shadows against the white rectangle Pass. Touching paw to shoulder, he felt the shaft arrows.
- Another one! - He heard a female, with intonations jaded murder of defenseless victims of a predator, a voice.
The second arrow was stuck in the same hand a little lower than the first. This time the pain was so strong that he almost lost consciousness. Blood gushed from the affected artery and the brook ran his palm. He ran back to the cave center, knowing that the killers escape from him nowhere.
- Surrender - The new voice was boyish loudly. - And do not do anything of what you will regret!
Pain in the eyes has not yet passed, but the pupils have fully adapted and turned into a thin vertical slots. Tenacious glance Mirrara in a split second assessed their enemies. The extreme left group - wolf stout, middle-aged, slowly took out another arrow quiver. A tall, six feet tall, she, however, accounted for only on the shoulders stood in the center of an almost square shape rhino with scarlet like a red-hot coals, eyes. Squeezing three thick fingers of one hand the giant double-edged ax, the hilt covered with a dark crust of dried blood, and the other he put on his shoulder brittle by comparison unicorn - a young priest of Mitra.
- Your black cult no longer exists, the magician.
Rhino removed his hand from the shoulder of the excited boys and moved to Mirrara. He took another few steps, being right under the victim lost consciousness.
- Mitra himself led us today in the last fight, and Black Mountain is no longer - with its underground vaults A perfect it under his breath like a predawn mist under the rays of the sun! The last one of you up there, deserved an easy death, revealing the secret of the altar. Tell me, finally, for their gods damn life!
Play ... give up ... Do it for hundreds of years studying the secrets of the world, sometimes buying them, and sometimes pulling together with the internals?
Jagged rock fragment the size of a palm, which lies at the feet of a rapidly weakening Mirrara faintly and moved swiftly rvanuvshis up stuck in a defenseless belly unicorn. Blood gushed to bend into a smile of the former High Priest of Set. Third in a row arrow struck him in the stomach, but it is nothing could change. Surface of the stone swallowed it as fast as ocean - thrown into a knife.
- - -
- Plague honeydew on these wizards - Conan growled. He stood in a stone corridor with a low ceiling, dimly lit fortified at an equal distance from each other smokeless burning torches. Behind him was a solid wall, and an end to his concealing veil of bright, white light. A moment ago, he was lying under a huge red canopy bedrooms of the Royal Palace of Aquilonia, clutching the arms of his wife. Any of his predecessors on the throne would have panicked and may already have been dead, but the current owner of it was not like that. Glancing over, Conan found that naked - the mysterious magic not only moved it here, but also stripped of his clothes. "Well, let them choke" - silently chuckled King and took the first cautious step forward.
The corridor ended in a huge hall, a domed vault which supported the twelve massive marble columns, billowing up, at least three hundred feet. In the midst of it, it was completely out of place among these monumental works of fine table legs joined by a very thin openwork pattern. A trained eye of the former thief instantly appreciated its real price - yellow metal, from which he was, was pure gold! A large dish, standing on it, it was filled to the brim with berries and nuts. Treats them, scooping out of it from time to time with his paw, &# 61485; Conan shook his head, trying to get rid of obsession, &# 61485; shaggy brown bear. Next to the dish was a transparent vessel with a dark-red liquid - most likely wine, decided to Conan himself. The beast leaned over and sniffed it.
- Pelias! - Suddenly there was a dull bass. Innate fear of supernatural finally woke up in the barbarian, and he pressed himself against the wall, dreaming and did merge with it. - Why do you never have plain water? One eye ... he looked at Conan.
- Hey, man!
- Conan! - I heard a familiar voice.
Cimmerian again looked out of the corridor. Bear walked a little aside and turned to face the visitor, looked at him. It turned out that all this time he hid his back a tall, thin man dressed in a gray-haired scientist. On the magician's lips played a welcoming smile, but his eyes were dark, as always, nothing is not expressed. Thousands of years of practice and mysterious rites gaining forbidden knowledge imposed upon him the mark, and now even the most inattentive could not take Pelias for the average person.
- I'm sorry I disturbed you so unceremoniously, - the magician walked up to him and held out a friendly hand - but the circumstances were extraordinary.
Slowly coming to Conan himself mechanically shook it and then, with a start of surprise, tore object suddenly appeared on his head. The crown of Aquilonia? While he was at a loss to spit it into his hand, luxurious robes lay on his bare shoulders and looked down, saw Conan on themselves black pants and soft black boots.
- Well, - I noted with satisfaction Pelias. - Now you can present to each other, my friends.
The big Cimmerian appeared as tall as overweight bear, but the latter was at least three times more massive it. The beast stretched his paw. Conan is not safe to put her in her palm. Grip was strong.
- My friend, - continued the magician, turning to the bewildered barbarian. - Before you High Priest of Mitra is so distant from us the world that I really find it difficult to describe in words the distance.
- All of us in the paw of Light - retorted bear. He did not disclose the mouth, but we knew it Conan.
- Certainly, - he bowed his head in assent human magician, but Conan did not escape a fleeting smile flashed on his lips. - So, in your world, they recently won a great victory, finally expelling him from Seth. But one of the most faithful of his servants escaped retribution ...
- Exactly! - Interrupted bear. - And Seth paid a high price, because he did it voluntarily, because, &# 61485; let it be known to you, man, &# 61485; even God is the limit of what is permitted! Conan ... Well, man, I'm pretty disappointed in you. You probably can make similar to what worked so hard to us. And the serpent, of course, knows this, too. Your death - that he asked his servant for the salvation and that, believe me, do not stop at nothing.
- Fortunately, you are not alone will stand against him - angry gods opened the way to Earth three more who are in the same place and at the same time as you send for the killer.
Pelias listened to something. Conan strained his ears, but heard nothing.
- Hurry - the magician patter continued. - He has already arrived in the city. Happiness is now late at night, I pray that they have been to your palace unnoticed. Meet them as friends, everything must be accomplished before dawn, otherwise with the first rays of the sun Mirrar - is the name of your enemy - will go straight to hell. I will try to have time for you to help, but. ... Wake up!
Last, both the magician shouted in unison. Conan blinked and saw a piece of his chief guards Prospero, standing in front of him in full armor.
- Wake up! My king! There's the gate ... there ... - he paused at a loss, unable to find words.
- Prospero, calm down! - Conan sat up in bed, bare feet dangling on a multicolored carpet Turan. - Everything is fine. Let them here. Also double the guard on the walls.
Turning to the awakening of Zenobia, frightened and ready to cry, he gently put his arm around her shoulders and kissed her passionately.
- My queen, he -proiznes - We need to leave on time. Just for a few hours.
- Come back soon - and could only utter it when he was out of the bedchamber.
- - -
- Where are they? - Asked Conan have accompanied him Prospero, taking his scabbard and checking the condition of the blade. Satisfactory chuckle, Cimmerian threw it back in its sheath. He wore draped over his naked body a heavy robe of camel's hair, tied with a wide belt with gold embroidery.
- We took them to the throne room ....
- How long before sunrise?
- Not less than six hours, my lord ...
Conan suddenly stopped.
- Wrong. Since he is so dangerous - he murmured to himself. - Prospero! Take guard around the palace!
- But my king ...
- Immediately! Leave only sentinel and tell in any case do not take up arms - only observe and report! My wife to withdraw outside the city as far as possible.
Prospero saluted and disappeared out of sight, on the move giving orders.
Two of pale guards in the throne room door opened and then slammed them.
"The soldiers ..." - Conan laughed bitterly, seeing what they do on a luxury floor in the center of his kingdom.
Gray smooth-skinned giant with impressive size horn on its nose pressed his groin to his mouth covered with thick gray hair, with a massive muzzle being. Third, the owner of a twisted into a spiral horn, belonging, according to the Khitan, unicorns, panting and holding his hands and a long thick tail, enjoyed being back. Apparently, they are doing it for a long time, because, regardless of the logged person, one of the males roared, the other snickered, and the female (Conan relieved) howled, releasing pierces it must be to light purple shining member, immediately began showering her head back and dull white jets.
Unicorn, finely trembling, pressed tightly to her, and she zavraschala hips, taking him a charge. Finally, the trio broke up, and the female gratefully licked each of her lovers.
- I hope you'll forgive us? - There was a timid question. Young unicorn looked him straight in the eye.
Conan shrugged.
- You are the guests.
- Zardok immediately go on patrol .... He has a nose for the ministers ... Seth.
The feeling that it is difficult to find similar words in a foreign language. As in a dream, the beast spoke with Conan, without opening his mouth.
- I - I'm Ginoos - Now go to Mithras sanctuary - your warriors will point me the way? - And I try to find Mirrara and prevent it ... communication with the servants of Set your world. A Linir will stay with you.
Rhino stood up, picked up his ax and making Cimmerian outsiders left the room, honoring the king only sidelong glance. Behind him was gone and Ginoos. The female lay down on the floor, settled back and a sign invited him to join. Next to it lay a scattering of onions and arrows to him. Sighing, barbarian closed bolt and obeyed, sitting on the first of three steps leading up to his throne. One can not help admiring the beauty of the elastic back, tight hips and strong legs, he deeply inhaled and stood in the illumination instinctively clenched sword. "Wolf!" - And her alone he had to spend the night ...
- - -
Plunge a dagger into the heart of just strangled a man, all the misfortune which lay in the fact that his house was elected by Seth for the emergence of his slave, Mirrar eagerly waited for the blood fills the vessel found them. Having sung spell magician eagerly vylakal it to the bottom, he immediately felt an incredible surge of strength. The wounds from wolf arrows dragged on, leaving behind even the scars, and the claws move pierced wooden table that it occurred to him to hit. Sensing his presence, him stretched hundreds of minds, human and nonhuman, looking him in the ministry of grace snake god.
Intoxicated with their humiliated worship, he understood that after only one hundred days could collect the greatest army in the world, which, if it is headed by his master, could not resist and Mithra. But first you need to make a promise, and the term was very brief. The cold crept down his spine at the thought ... that he could see for those moments while I was in hell, and Seth in his mercy did not save him from the purple shadows, Kojima did not have the number. Wearing an old cloak and a hood covering her head, Mirrar hurried to the dark hulk of the palace.
- - -
Her paw gently laid on his shoulder. Conan startled. I think he fell asleep, otherwise how could she crept so close? "Crom!", - He said to himself, when the second paw perched on his left (as her name - Linir) lay down on his stomach, and rough language went through his cheek. The Cimmerian stood, internally torn between fidelity and passion. Sensing his inner discord, wolf retreated for a while. Like a good girl, she sat in front of him on his knees, bowing his head slightly to one side, and looking straight into the blue ice pupils barbarian. Conan closed his eyes. Crom, and he had never before could not resist a look ... felt that her victory is near, Linir untied the belt and opened her robe, inadvertently obliznuvshis.
The man still did not submit signs of life, and it seems even stopped breathing - only the beads of sweat sprang up on his mighty body. "How then are they shy!" - She thought. Conan felt the hot breath, and at the same moment, his cock plunged into a stranger's mouth. Sharp teeth barely touched his head (from which he twitched, almost hurt yourself a lot more) and supposedly disappeared. Opened one eye, he saw him sit down on the trunk of a wolf. She swallowed a few times, letting manhood down his throat and put her nose in the thickets covered with curly pubic hair hard. "Come on, because you are male, and I do not!". But before she should be angry with Conan as two strong palm lay on her head. Thumbs gently scratched her behind the ears. Wow! Liniry eyes widened.
How unusual, and nice! I'll have to remember this movement, and yet ... She moved back, but before he could release and three inches of well-strained flesh, felt the increasing pressure of men's hands. Her irritation degenerated into a dull roar, and severity, forced her to go forward, then disappeared. Man, have patience! You do that, no one ever did so? Caressing tongue penis, Linir could not catch my breath. "The monster, even if a gap is left - no, had precisely the size, like a cork in a bottle, to a little - would have torn his throat" - she thought playfully.
Conan finally remembered to breathe, she breathed noisily and took a deep breath. The flexible tongue slid over his head, paying particular attention to the bridle. Barbarian instantly recognized the snarl, which is usually shared a moment of rapid and throw a desperate cry of the victim, whose body is already torn strong jaws. Shining eyes looked at him, and his penis again began to disappear in her mouth. The pace of her movements was strong, though now she was taking him not as deep, allowing the head just touching the back wall of the throat. One of the clutches of her way to his scrotum and began to squeeze it in time with the movements of the head, getting stronger and stronger. And so he, too, growling, baring not lost its snow-white teeth and severity, thoroughly soaked hanging over it, like a cloud, sweet-sour smell of excitement.
Sensing the approach of orgasm, Linir leaned back, legs apart and metya precious parquet wood his tail. All six of her breasts were burning with passion, and she growled in satisfaction, feeling the weight of the strong male body.
When after a few hours through the sharply-open flap in the room briskly walked Prospero, he pretended not to notice movement while recoiling from each other the king and his bodyguard unusual.
- Lord, you should look at it ...
Linir one movement gathered in the quiver of arrows back and picked up the bow, he ran out, guided by the smell. Conan dressed in light armor zamoranskih guards, selecting it from a variety of decorating the halls and the far wall, his hands clutching the hilt of the sword, went out, led by the chief of the guards. Once out on the palace wall, they saw the illuminated Moon Zardoka. His ax was standing, leaning against the wall tooth, and he himself, with his left hand holding aloft frail neck, compared with them, the body, the right to inflict terrible blows his head. Approached, the Cimmerian witnessed one of the strangest sights in my life.
That's another titanic forces blow crushes facial bones and the blood flowing a stream of half-crushed brain. But while the wounded pierced the thick skin of the skull fragments arm swings to the next stroke, there is an incredible - and here in the bloodshot eyes of rhinoceros again looks intact head with a grinning mouth. Seeing the futility of his attempts to kill the demon warrior attempts to reset it from the wall on which lies ten meters below the square. However, one incredible movement, broke the spine of any sentient beings, he slips out of his hands and plunges instantaneously lengthened tenfold claws into the opponent's chest. Weirdly the shimmering in the moonlight live blades again and again cut through the muscles and lungs, piercing edges, like oil. Surprised bulknuv, blowing bubbles of blood from a half-open mouth, rhino heavily down on his knees and fell slowly to the side.
- - -
Mirrar climbed on the wall, with delight watching his claws, scattering sparks, pierce deep into the stone, with every fiber of his body feeling the support of the Great Serpent. But when to the top of the bastion was not much, someone grabbed him by the scruff of the neck like a kitten, and he was taken aback, helplessly hanging in the air. Immediately this was followed by a strike, but dark energy incorporeal servants Seth did not let him die. Nevertheless, the high priest was horrified, seeing the huge lifeless body. It was incredible, but he defeated them. Short bursts of pain, one after another pierced his body - she-wolf, blocking a person, one by one to start up their arrows almost powerless now against Mirrara transfigured. He lunged at her, covered the space separating them in three jumps, and not even paying attention to Linir deposited at the last moment a punch if he is cast from a steel press, one motion flicked the last obstacle to its path.
- - -
Moving the sliding moves in a circle, two opponents carefully studied each other. Several soldiers stood in the distance under the leadership of Prospero and were ready to help at any moment - but keeping in mind the ease with which the creature finished off a huge stranger and threw on the steep stone tower vesivshuyu two more of his wolf, Conan is reasonable to assume that it would be useless. Squinting, he saw with relief that she was alive and watching him. Taking advantage of the moment, the enemy rushed at him, but then jumped back to escape the blade cut the air heavy straight sword.
Whoever it was in front of him a creature was obvious his fear of dire otochennye steel. This pleased Conan, like what a strange wraith hanging over him since the beginning of this insanely long night, almost cleared. Cimmerian and he did not feel its effects until such time as the cold fresh air, obvevaya severe, excision scars a person has not returned to it himself: a strong, cunning and a lightning-fast response. And time was on his side - the eastern sky already beginning to turn pink. Still not seeing the weaknesses in the defense of barbarian servant Seth again attacked him, putting their terrible claws. How to know about the real sorcerer battle, the hundreds of tricks and techniques that can not comprehend on the books? Thousands of fights against the most experienced warriors and creatures accustomed zhutchajshih Conan never underestimate your opponent, what is so silly neglected fallen on his alien eyes.
It is easy, if in a dance, the king avoided the deadly outburst and slapped on Overshot creature so ... special manner how his people beheaded wild tour. Making up chipped diagonally from shoulder to hip, writhing body could not even demons will dwell in it. The first ray of the sun illuminated the sky and the only people left on the wall of the fortress.
Witnesses of these events was not so much. And only devoted to his King Prospero knew almost everything, but it served as an example of loyalty to many generations. Conan also tried not to think about it and, in the end, the image was erased Linir half - it has become just one of the many women he once loved.