About a year ago my wife and I again began to think about what it would be nice is to communicate with another man. I mean in bed another member to try. With Olga we got married eight years ago, when she was twenty-two, and I got it Tselkov. I made her a woman, and she with anyone but me fucked. During this time she has blossomed, but stouter, although they bore me a nice guy. Until now allows himself to short skirts and other revealing outfits.
And now she appeared a pressing need for another partner. The relationship we have a very open, and therefore the desire to fuck on the side secretly, no one arose. In a friendly family member's role, we invited from the neighboring town on vacation my old friend. We know it for a long time, and most importantly he liked Olga, and he told her. The problem we presented to him a letter to that got hotter consent.
Nicholas arrived about ten. When we had lunch, I went to the garage-Prepare to build a car to drive to the village in the evening to his mother's son. That's what I told my wife and Dru-gu and added, I will not have three hours and they are in a relaxed atmosphere can become better acquainted with each other. Conversely, I'll be back with my son, and we will go together to the village. Having prepared the car in the garage, I went to a summer camp for her son, and we went up-my. Houses all was decently, Olga fluttered around the apartment with some very soulful person. His eyes shone. They could read happiness. Nicholas sat with a blissful smile on his face. Everything pointed to the fact that their close acquaintance took place, and the whole affair was not in vain. This face, Olga was during its fleeting romance with a colleague ...
- 1-
It was two years ago. Somehow, coming from work, Olga said that she has twenty-seven active attentions seconded Sasha, and his courtship of her very popular and strong winds. "You would like to pay him?" "I do not know ..." said his wife, and after a pause, "more likely than not." After a pause, she added, "What is this? Are you really against it "? The fact that I sometimes had other ladies, and Olga no. Olga knew that I fuck on the side and take it very calmly: "If my man want more, then he was all right and in the choice of a husband, I was not mistaken. You just are not the infection is no catch ". However, after my absence, she was always interested in how things took place, what a mistress inside than the smell of the vagina, etc.
And I willingly told, moreover, that after such stories our own battles in bed were particularly vigorous. Just imagine, to throw two or three sticks mistress, lain with her polvechera, and then overnight at home with his wife the same thing. After such feats I have sore then head of the penis, and the wife of her pussy. In other words, she allowed me to fuck other, and she, no, no. Due to the fact that as long as she does not want under any one falls, that those who are not around to her taste, and in general, it is enough for me and my penis. Which by the way is no different gigantic dimensions (only 14 cm). So I not only did not protest against her cupid with another man, but on the contrary, gladly accepted.
After this conversation in a few days my Olya always came home in high spirits, cheerful chirping and a very active sex with me. Houses readily tell how it cares for Sasha, he is married and loves his wife, they had a daughter, Olga, and fell in love at first sight and on the ears. At work left winged, I came home from work some sort of soulful. A look full of the joy of eating forthcoming. The sex became a tireless with me. I realized that my Olya also fell in love head over heels.
One day at the end of the working day Olya rang and said that urgently needs to finish and deliver some work. She'd often sit up late at work, at home. So I took it calmly. When Olga came home, I immediately realized that it happened, and that's my favorite, finally tasted alien "end". View she was simply stunning. Crazy eyes, full of love. Face exudes a wave of happiness. The movements of some fatigue. "Well it '. "Just awesome". "And the work passed?" "Passed!" "Natrahalsya"? "No, Victor, we do not fuck, we love each other." "Tell me."
First we Sasha worked in the office, and then took the laptop and went to his hotel. Sasha is a good single room. I sat at the computer, and Sasha ho dil around, giving explanations, and all the time looking into the recess of my sundress. It was hot. That's why I wore. When I bent down sundress cutout bulge forward and my breasts were clearly visible. Then I realized that I want to devote myself to Sasha.
With the work we coped quickly. When the last point has been put in the report, I lifted up her hands and sweet reached. Sasha stood behind. He put his hands on my waist and started moving them up, until it reached my sisechek and began to stroke it through a fine cloth sundress. His breathing was ragged. Lips he kissed my hands and call them magical. I was pleased. I was excited harder and harder. Then Sasha undid the top buttons of my sundress and has stroked, caressed and gently squeezed my breasts and nipples are not through matter sundress, but in a straight line.
However, he did not forget kissing my neck, ears and face. I swam as in a dream. I felt with nothing of any comparable pleasure. I wanted this man, that he always kissed me, stroked her soft hands. And as he stared into my mouth, I turned to him and started to unbutton his shirt, making it clear that today can be everything. His hands never for a moment left me and my body without caresses. That left hand Now More caresses my chest and squeezes swollen nipples, and the right already under sundresses lifted up the leg to the panties. I coped by this time with the shirt and began kissing Sasha's chest. And Sasha took the hem of her sundress and pulled it over his head. In an instant I stayed in shorts. View opened grudochek and protruding nipples it immediately.
He began to kiss them and impose all sorts of tenderness. Meanwhile, I unzipped his pants and take up la hard cock. Beauty. It is a straight line. The head is red and shiny surge. I immediately fell in love with him. I wanted to look at him, hugging hands, kissing, sucking.
- Arise - asked Sasha and pulled my wet coward. I took the whole week with a spare, anticipating a similar situation. Sasha, meanwhile, carried me to the sofa, and gently laid on his back, still kissing. We both were on the verge of explosion, so I stretched my legs to the side and said: "Come to me. I can not wait any longer". Sasha lay down in front of me, I leaned over and kissed my pussy a few times. Rising above it is constantly kissing pubis, belly, chest, neck.
When it reached the lips, the head of his penis has a rubbed my pussy. I took his hand and sent the boyfriend himself. And although we were overstretched, Sasha entered into me slowly and smoothly, like a gourmet for the first time trying this restaurant. Although actually it was. Fully entered into me, and after a pause, he also began to slowly remove the penis from the vagina. So in the second several times. It was like a sweet torture. I was in complete prostration and almost immediately came. Sasha stopped and, without removing a member, lying on me. He did not finish Now More. His hands stroked my chest, shoulders, slid down to the hips and ass and returned. So little rested, Sasha was again in me to move slowly, gradually speeding up the pace. Again, I had finished. This time, Sasha did not stop.
Continuing to have me, he increased the pressure and the pace of intercourse. Over and over again, almost without interruption Now More I came three times. And I felt like a member of Sasha, quickly sliding into me, has become a little more, as if numb. Sasha tensed, with the power out-zil in my penis and painful pressed pubis. His cock Now More increased slightly and shot me ... scalding jet of sperm. From these experiences I cry again came. For the sixth time! For what the ten - fifteen minutes. This I was not. When Sasha came out of me, I tenderly kissed his cock and felt out of my cunt began to flow his sperm. I gathered her hand in her mouth.
- Why, - I asked Sasha.
- I want to try the sperm of another man, in the sense of not her husband.
- So how is it?
- Do not rasprobovali. We'll have to give you a blow job tomorrow, - I replied.
- And if today.
- And today we and so cases will suffice. Well, then, if all redo today, tomorrow will be boring. Suppose that every day we will be small openings.
Then we lay in each other's arms and dozed.
I asked, "And what then. Is this all. He gave you just one stick "?
- No, of course, - Olga continued her story.
Lie down, I felt that the term began solidifying Sasha. I took it into his mouth and began to suck. He instantly became hard. Sasha turned me on my back again and entered me. At this time, a member found his way to my pussy myself. Without the help of my hands, his head pushed the entrance to my pussy and rushed forward, pushing the vaginal wall. This time, Sasha immediately took the average rate, making sweeping member tremors. He gets jammed into me her boyfriend at the very root, while our pubic knocked together and rub against each shackle. Then he stopped, calmed down a bit and putting first one foot on his shoulder, and then another, he continued. Now that drove me a member of the very root, almost without taking it, he rubbed against my crotch. Then she asked to lie down on his stomach and went back.
- He fucked you in the ass? - I asked.
- No, he fucked me in the pussy, just lay on his stomach on the ass, parted my legs with his knee and brought their baby. A hand gripped me sisechki. Well, you, too, so love. I lay beneath him, pressed down the stomach to the bed, and pierced him like a member of the arrow. It was incredibly good. In this position, he pulled me in for a second time.
-And You this time finished?
- No. But me and it was very good. I was like in seventh heaven.
After a pause, his wife asked
- Are you upset, huh?
- What are you?
- Well, I roasted the other.
- On the contrary, I'm so glad that everything turned out, what you liked, what you experienced such a colossal orgasm.
- Yes, I'm just happy. I never experienced anything like it.
- Well, that's good, - I replied.
- Can I still have sex with this guy.
-How many do you want. And not only that. After I fucked with the other, and you're not. You need to catch up.
- Thank you dear. You're a loving husband. I adore you.
Then Olga went into the bathroom to wash, and I replayed in memory of her story. From these thoughts I occupied my cock fighting position, calling for action. I went into the bathroom and found his wife naked for washing. She was bathed in the tub and leaned over to prostirnut panties. Before my eyes appeared two charming buttocks and below two wedges her reddened and overworked pussy. Kind of mind-blowing. Especially because recently I moved apart the slices and rubbed another member between them.
I went back, pulled down his tights and almost ran and threw back his ne-carcass. Olga gasped in surprise, made a reflex movement, trying to get free, but I held her tight hips.
- Well, what are you, can not wait till night, - offended Olga asked.
- At night, it is a matter of, and to me now it is necessary to relieve the tension, - I replied, continuing to beat his stomach about Olga's ass ...
The next day, when his wife returned to the "work" was already late in the evening. She was both happy from a good night out in bed with another man, and confused by the late coming home.
- Well, - I said.
- Thanks, dear. You are a real man. I'm happy. I was madly horo-sho today. And it's all thanks to you. Not every husband permit his wife to sleep with others. And you allow it. I'm so grateful to you.
- But today it was. Tell me.
- In the time before dinner dragged on endlessly. As soon as the clock showed 12:00 pm on-rod threw dinner. As soon as the door closed behind the last, as we have Sasha rushed into each other's arms. We stood and kissed passionately, while his hands roamed my back, fell on the ass, climbed under the elastic of my bryuchek and caressed his chest. I climbed over, into his pants and found there already standing member.
In our department, in the corner of a cupboard forming, a small zakutochek. I dragged him to Sasha.
- Why, - I asked Sasha.
- I promised you a blow job - briefly, I said, reaching for his cock. Pretty quickly I brought Sasha to the limit, and he groaned and discharged my mouth. Then we went down the street and went into the ravioli dinner.
- And what happened tonight? - I asked.
- In the evening, after work, we do not hurry, walked to his hotel, savoring the sight-standing afternoon. The room we drank some red wine. The radio is a twisted blues and Sasha asked me to dance. Slowly shifting around the room, we kissed and undressed each other slowly, savoring every new centimeter became exposed body. First, Sasha unbuttoned the top two buttons of my blouse and kissed the hollow GRU Dei. Then slowly he undid the remaining buttons of her blouse and pulled back, falling to my mouth. I stayed in a bra and it is in these lightweight trousers.
Then I took off his shirt and began to pants. When they fell to the feet, Sasha picked me up from my knees and said that now it is his turn. His friend has bulged through the panties. He also removed the pants off me, stroking and kissing her legs, buttocks and hips. Then, taking off her bra, exposing my breasts and nipples, kissing. When pulling off her panties, do not forget to kiss the belly, pubis, thighs. I'm his boyfriend, too, have not forgotten when pulled his pants. A little sucking dick, I stood up, I kissed Sasha on the lips and said:
- What is it you have a beautiful and slim.
- And you're like a goddess - I heard in response. - Your figure - perfect. Graceful legs, chiseled waist, beautiful breasts, sweet ass.
We were completely naked, hugging, kissing, caressing each other everywhere py-kami. Embraced, went to the sofa. Sasha put me on his back, legs spread apart and he bent their knees. It does not cease to admire them. Then for a long time I clung to my pussy. Kissed Petals jaws moved apart their tongue, sucking clit. I do not forget from time to time poking tongue inside the vagina. And so it did, until I con-Chila. Then he went on, and after a pause went slowly into me. Everything happens again yesterday. Slow first half of intercourse, my multiple orgasms in a row. The power and the pressure of the second half, strong sperm shot inside me, my cry and subsequent izne-can of both.
- And then - I asked.
- And then we relaxed and rested when he asked me to get cancer. I knelt down, leaned on his elbows and lower back arched. Sasha came back, and I felt his cock boldly pushes the walls of my vagina. I quietly moaned from the sensation. He fucked me with a flourish and then long, then suddenly made small tremors and frequent, like a rabbit. It penetrated inside until the very end and was doing bumps, then I went out and all wielding member at the entrance. Then he broke into to the end, sticking dick hard and fast. Hands holding of the tummy, hips, waist, caressed sisechki. Though I am tired of standing in that position, it could not be changed. I was afraid to frighten off surging pleasure. Also, without changing his position, strongly pressed against my ass stomach, Sasha finished. Again I felt his penis increases significantly during semyaiz-eruption.
On the third day, his wife wore to work long opaque skirt with a small incision. Top - white slinky topic. In the evening, at eight o'clock Olga was already at home.
- What's so early - I asked.
- Sasha is leaving tomorrow. He needs something to prepare of securities.
- So ... you're with him and not fucked in the workplace?
- Why do you say that. This again happened during lunch. When everyone left, I asked Sasha, bring a chair behind the cupboard.
- Why, - he said.
- You'll see.
For the closet we kissed again, Sasha lifted up top and fondled my breasts. As soon as I realized that it is already a member, I took it and sucked a bit. Then turned back to his chair, his knees pulled up to her panties and pulled up, exposing ass skirt. Sasha slightly stunned. I turned back to him, leaned over in his chair, he leaned on his hands and inviting stuck her ass.
- Come quickly! Inserts! Not in the ass!
Sasha did not take long. I have been there it was wet, and a member of Sasha, I just sucked, so he entered me without any problems. He immediately took a quick tempo relations, and I asked if he would be able to quickly finish.
- Yes, I'm on the verge. Your baby so dense that I zahoroshelo immediately - Sasha replied.
- Well then, to finish, as you can - Time was running out. We had to get out before the arrival of colleagues. They consider me "Ned". You can not break the stereotype of relations.
Sasha finished fairly quickly. I wiped a napkin, pulled her panties down and lowered her skirt and topic. In fact, I was wearing a long skirt in case someone suddenly enters. Then we, as yesterday went back to the dumplings.
After work, without wasting time for nothing, we immediately went to his room, there quickly undressed and into bed. We started from a position of 69. Sasha was lying at the bottom, I'm on it. After a while I straddled his cock and rode on it until it is finished. I thought he was my pro-poke his cock, and also finished several times. It was simply delicious.
Then I stretched out on it at full length, without dismounting from a member, and we are so relaxed. Sasha stroked my hands back, ass. He said that the ass I have the most tender and beautiful, and that he will probably never met. I asked:
- Do you want to try it?
- I mean fuck? Yes with pleasure! Especially since I've never had no one in the ass.
- What do you mean, - I said - this situation should be urgently remedied.
I felt his penis in my vagina to such speeches again got into a fighting stance. He wiggled it a little at me and said with a sinking voice:
- Well, come on, turn around.
I do not need to ask for it twice. I took off his dick, turned around and took a knee-elbow position. Sasha's cock was slick with my selections and easily entered my asshole. Especially because you always have me in the ass and horo-sho I developed it. For a while he fucked her handsome my ass in this position not forgetting his hands caress the clitoris and the vagina, and then asked to lie down on his stomach.
I lay down, stretched out at full length, closed her legs and spread her buttocks hands, giving access to the anus. Sasha is realized, I lay down on my back and thrust his stick into my ass. Hands stuck under sisechki and squeezed them, and stomach all the time massaging halves priests. I was pleased. You know that I love anal sex too ...
The next day, Holguin bar left. Olga was happy on this adventure and two months more to her face did not leave a blissful smile.
- 2 -
Here is the same, my Olga was now. Quickly gathered, we went to the village. Arriving, surrendered his son to his grandfather and grandmother, and went to the river to bathe. Summer stood hot, and the water was very warm. Naplavatsya, got out to sunbathe. I quickly fell asleep, and I dozed off.
In his sleep he heard the dialogue:
Nicholas: What is that, on the contrary.
Holguin voice: It's an island. There's comfortable, swam, I'll show him.
Then I heard the sound of retreating footsteps and the splash of water. When I opened my eyes, Olya and Kolya stood arm in arm on the island spit and passionately kissing. Then Olga pulled the hand of her partner deep into the island. There, among the thickets of bushes and tall grass was a tiny, two meters by three clearing covered with sand. We Olga before her marriage, loved to swim and fuck Insanely. I decided to look at the lovingly-ing than they would be there to deal with. Although I have never for a moment I doubted that I could see there, but, nevertheless, I wanted to see everything with my own eyes. Trying not to make noise, I swam to the island and coming to shore, heard impassioned moans as his wife, and a friend of mine.
Quietly up the trail and saw the following picture. Right on the bushes neatly hung panties and bra Olga's bathing suit, and she lay on her back, spread wide apart his delicate feet. Under the butt is laid a burdock leaf, to the sand did not get into the vagina. Well done, I thought. She dropped down to swimming trunks lying Nicholas and rhythmically moved his ass. He did it slowly, savoring every movement. My wife diligently with pleasure podmahi-shaft partner. Then he began to fidget on Olga back and forth all over. Then he bent his right leg at the knee and his hand covered the buttocks opened mistress.
Movement Nicholas frequent, Olga began to moan even louder. Apparently they were on top of the mountain of lust and near isolation. And for sure. Making a few movements, Kohl with force pressed against Olin pubis, just press it in the sand, and let out something like a groan. Olya inertia made a few more feet and hips movements with force pressed Nicholas to himself and also finished with a groan. I have this picture has got scary. A little rested and calmed down, the lovers finally noticed my presence.
- A spy is not good, 'said Cole Olya.- I promised that we would be together.
- And you were alone, and so I stood aside without disturbing you, and we can say, holding a lantern.
I noticed that Nick with some embarrassment pulls heat. His face was wandering happy by just gone through a smile. Olga modestly covered bosom of his hands, as if I were a stranger. I asked her:
- You're one shy?
- I do not know, - said the wife.
- Then turn over and lie on your tummy. I have to be discharged. - I have shown through the eyes of a hillock in swimming trunks.
- Anyway, you should not have to pry. You slept - resentfully said his wife rolling over.
Olga tried imitrovat grouchiness, but her eyes shone with happiness. Now she lay on the mug underbelly and spread her legs apart. My eyes red otrylos overworked vagina, from which extruded sperm of another man.
- I am very interested to see from the outside, like fucking my wife - I said, sticking with Olga member. - And then, the house is still all together we will be liked.
- So the house - not appeased Olya. But I did not answer her. I started to move.
I am very fond of this position, the woman lies on her stomach, and you went into her pussy from behind, swinging on her ass. Hands while you can caress his chest. I quickly finished and saw that Nikolai is again ready. Olga asked him to wait a little longer, promising a surprise. Nico-lai agreed.
The surprise came on the way back, when we went into the city. I sat behind the wheel, and my wife with a friend in the back seat. The mirror could be seen as they passionately kissing passionately, their arms entwined and caressed each other as Nick hands caressed her breasts, first through the shirt, and then, unbuttoning buttons, freed Olina breasts at will. As he pressed his mouth at once to these treasures, and in this case Olga leaned her head on the back, and rolled her eyes. It was obvious that she was on the verge of orgasm. Then she was suddenly as if recollecting himself, told me that I was looking at the road, not staring in the mirror at how his wife becomes infatuated with another man, and goes into ecstasy. The foregoing has had a their action. I began to look less into the back seat and more on the road ahead. Although quite neglected this couple did not leave.
For Olga bent over and pressed her mouth to Colin member, he, in turn, tore the dress of the mistress and her hands caressed her thighs and buttocks, while trying to steal her panties down. And here is the next stage ......
Suddenly I heard a ragged breath right ear. It was, of course, my tireless Olya. Hands she held on to the headrests of the front seats, one of them had fallen panties. Nicholas sat in the middle of the rear seat, and Olga in his lap with the widely spaced apart legs. Places because not enough in the car. The designers obviously did not think when creating a machine that it can be used for such purposes. At Olga was wearing a long skirt, she straightened in his legs and around, so that intercourse is clearly to be seen.
But then she jumps on his knees Nicholas, simulating driving over bumps, but the road was very smooth, does not leave any doubt that what they do in reality. This is eloquently right hand clamped her panties, and even more eloquently Olgino face stamped with what not comparable pleasure and moans that escape from her lips. Then I heard the Olga said softly in my ear:
- Thanks, dear. You're the best man on earth. I love you. - And she kissed his ear. After that, my dove brought myself up, hugged and fell asleep.
Upon arriving home, I dropped my wife and a friend, and he went to put the car. When Ma-bus was in the garage, and I closed the gate, I rang sotik. I picked up the phone. Initially I did not understand, the call came from his wife, and the tube is then intermittently nozzles and heard the characteristic sounds shlpayuschie with some creaking. Then came the perky voice Oli:
- Ale dear, do you hear? - Several broken breaths and again - you hear me?
- Yes.
- Did you put the car?
- Yes.
- What do you think, what we are doing? - In the tube again intermittent respiratory-set.
- I think you fuck.
- Yes, but how?
- You're standing on her knees on the couch, this is it squeaks, Kolya has your back. So I hear slapping his stomach on your ass, and how his balls beat your pussy. Poor Nick.
- Yes, all right, everything is exactly as you said. And why Kohl poor? - Shortness of breath and again.
- Yes, because it had the fifth stick of part-time. You've decided it Difficult-uate, huh?
- Yes, I'm not guilty, he wanted - almost shouting, said Olga in a tube, copying a phrase from the movie - he lashed out at me, barely behind us closed the front door.
- And you do not put this any hands or lips?
- Yes! It is true - and then coyly added - and I can give him in the ass?
- What are you asking me about this, your ass, you decide.
Before we hung up the phone, I heard the cry of joy:
- Hooray! Allowed! Is inserted in the ass.
When I came out of the garage, I saw this picture. My dove lying completely naked on the couch and dryhli, they say, without the hind legs. And although I would like to be discharged, and my languishing member of "jealousy", I decided to give them a break and went to the kitchen to figure that be for supper. Somewhere in an hour, when everything was almost Prep-in, treading softly, entered the kitchen completely naked and sleepy Olya. Sweetly pull-las. On the face a happy smile.
- Thank you, my dear, my best in the world, thank you for your holiday. I'm so happy. Today I am in seventh heaven. In me so much lust opened today. I want all the time. I must have fallen in love. Now I feel the same as when you and I first met and liked by every corner, at every opportunity.
From these impassioned speeches of mine, had to calm down, my friend stood up.
I planted Olga naked booty on the edge of the newly freed dining table, pulled down his shorts and walked right up to my sweet. Olga gave me a hug feet and batted them on my ass. Hard dick rubbed on her pubis, Olga took his hand and sent a playfully lamenting:
- Darling my baby. I forgot about him. Do not give a sweet candy. Come here soon. I love your baby.
When I finished and pulled out a member of his wife on the table was a small puddle from Holguin secretions and my sperm. Olga dipped a finger in it and started licking.
- I want you to me in the evening just the two of us and took the ass and pussy - I can only agree, moreover, that I myself wanted.
Then he woke Nicholas, we had dinner, watched a movie on TV, discuss it, and began to prepare for bed. First, in the shower I went to Kohl's, my wife behind him, and then I did. When I rinsed, dried himself and went into the bedroom, he found there two writhing bodies intertwined and impossible. The impression is that the two men had not seen each tse-luyu eternity, and now can not get enough of each other. For me they are completely ignored. I stood and watched the action. My cock was too. I have it just in case smeared with cream. After waiting for Olya sat on the top member of Koli and jumped at the meeting, with orgasm, I also climbed on the bed, and came up behind him, threw in his Olin ass kid.
- O-O-O-O - Olga moaned ...
We almost fucked all night. That in turn had Olga, then at the same time, trying to try every imaginable and unimaginable postures that have come up with themselves, or assembled in porn movies. We fell asleep in the morning. Already dawn.
When I woke up, it was already morning. Through the window the sun was shining. Next to me I lay my missus wife. Her face was overshadowed serene smile. As her body wandering hands Nico-lai, exploring every centimeter of surface. When the hand touched the breast or pubic area Olya moaned softly. It was an interesting sight. It captures the spirit of this painting. I was lying on his back and watched the game of love couple. Here Olga flipped onto his back and spreads to the sides, knees bent her beautiful legs. I see the neatly cropped crotch and belly. Here Nick gets on his knees in front of Olga, his dignity in the alert, the head bare.
Here he goes on. I can see how a member of the slides on the hairs pubis how to dive Olin hand, he takes Colin member slightly leads them on her pussy. That head of the penis to a halt at the entrance to the cave and gradually began to sink in. At the same time his mouth, he bit into the mouth Oli. My friend began to love my wife. More precisely now it had not been a friend and his wife, and the two lovers and it seems to them the rest of the world did not exist. There were only the two of them.
- 3 -
A couple of months after that Olga suddenly said: "I want to try a big dick!". But that is another story.