Mays and Isla
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Cruiser "Nepobodimy" flies on the planet Ryloth with humanitarian aid, the two Jedi Masters are on board the ship. Mace Windu and Ayla Secura. Mace went to the cabin Ayla without knowing why ... She asked him to come to her room. And then the door opened, Mace went inside the room.
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- Ayla are you?
Ayla did not say anything and just got out of the shower naked. Mace spotted her immediately averted his gaze from her, though it was not easy, Twi'lek was very tempting.
-Something so no Master? Or I do not you like me?
Offended voice said Isla.
- Why did like you, you just do not wear.
- Well, if like me, but still not dressed, what is stopping you?
- Code, plus I know about your relationship with Master Fisto.
- Keith away and the Code, no one will know.
Ayla came close to Mace then ran a hand through his fly Masters. Master Windu did not have to beg for a long time ... He slammed Aylu on her elastic ass blue so there was cotton.
- Mmmm ... That's better.
And here are two Master entwined in a kiss. Aile delivered some inconvenience is not looking to undo the strap of his, though she did not cope with. The kiss was, as they say passionately, and lasted for about five minutes, then Ayla dropped to her knees and began to furiously nadrachivat 20 cm black dick sometimes spending on it its playful language. After a couple of minutes, "Preludes" Hand Mace was on the nape Ayla, and his balls were fighting on her chin. She did not make him a blowjob, he fucked her stupid mouth. After 7 minutes of oral sex Ayla stood up abruptly and kissed Mace, and it was the most debauched kiss of her life. When she pulled away from him and spit on the Master's hand once again began to masturbate a member of the Mace, then she stood up to him butt sticking out his ass.
- Come on already ...
Mace with all the fluff drove his club in pussy Twi'lek. Ayla already cried out in surprise ... Mace giving five minutes to develop the Isle finally started to fuck her.
All she could utter Twi'lek they were moans of pleasure ... Still, after she had already 2 months have not had sex, so she was very happy to Mace and his thick baton. But it ever comes to an end ... Mace began to feel that is about to finish ...
- I ... I'll finish ...
He murmured and pulled out his penis Isle splashed back. After that I crushed her with his body, so they fall asleep ...
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