It happened in the summer of 98. I was the second person in the company after the owner. The company was engaged in all in a row, mainly buy-sell. The owner lived in the States with his family, and had a lot of different business projects all over the world, and really do not like being disturbed at trifles. Sometimes he came on business and gave good advice. Basically, the entire responsibility lay upon me. One of his advice in brief is as follows: If the controversial decision, gather as much information, listen to the pros and cons, and then disconnect from the case, and the right decision will come by itself. We have been brewing for a very large contract for the fish. Moreover, the seller had a buyer other consignee, third and so on. One manager was behind the contract, the other was 100% against. Both had a strong case. The solution had to take me. As a result, I decided to take advantage of the host board and go fishing. I love the noisy companies, talking with vodka on peasant affairs and female bodies, but this time I decided to go alone because It had a lot to think about. I gave the phone to the secretary, saying: Tarry secretary. Instead got a flask of brandy, a thermos of tea and keys from an old species are very much of the jeep, which we only used for fishing trips or as a small truck to regret for a long time no one spared, but on the inside and the outside, he was always clean. I decided to go to the distant forest lake, 170 km from the city, and another 7 km on the road. After this rally suddenly forget all the problems of the workers. This lake we discovered by chance, know a few people about it. According to the map of settlements was not in the neighborhood. And every time we came to the lake, we were alone. What I required. I will not talk about fishing. Let me just say that the evening Ushytsya cooked, drank all the brandy and was going to fry fish he heard voices and saw three women, they had baskets of blueberries and a package of mushrooms. One was nothing such years at 25-30, the other two were good to her mother. As it turned out, they lost their way and have lunch with seeking a way out of this forest. Take them on the road I was in the scrap, and they would not come down on foot, began to get dark, the road to go to 7 kilometers, and have fun with them. I invited them to stay and eat. In principle, many do not buy vodka - is still in the shop twice to run. The car has always been a three-liter NZ, usually, and this time it was the vodka, I do not drink, and even more so warm.
I suggested to the ladies on the 100 and even on an empty stomach, in short, I was fun to watch the drunken aunt. I decided to drive up to "young". Alcohol has done his work, and after a while, we had retired to the grove. When we came back after an hour, the two aunts drank a liter of vodka. They began to demand sex from me and it was in the form of fun, and then it persistently and insistently. They began to undress me. In the beginning, I was fun to watch as the two drunken women, who can not stand on their feet trying to undress me. I'm not very much opposed as the sex I just had, and I was sure that my handsome man I have let you down. And having sex with a drunken woman almost twice my age is not very desirable. As a result, they pushed me to the ground together. Then "young", A rope from the anchor, tied my hands and tied them to a tree. At that point, interest in the game, I was gone, I began, kicking his feet and demanded an end to the concert. What aunt removed the rope from the boat and tied my legs to different trees. I got crucified and no pants. Good friend of mine was not and is not even going.
Aunts tried to bring him into the operating position, and stroking his mouth, and they did not work, I saw the forces began to leave them, I became complacent and say well played to be. Then came the young, and decided to help them when it caresses were unsuccessful, she put her finger in my ass, and he became there Sherudilo. I've never been fagot, and condemn such people, but my cock responded to such affection and stood rooted to the spot. From what he saw aunt screamed and made a knot at the base of my penis and then the three of us took turns jumping on me. Tolley I lost consciousness, or simply fell asleep - I do not remember. When I woke up, it was already light, there was no aunts. Member stood erect, and was black, on the basis of the rope was knotted. His arms and legs were untied, or rather the ropes were cut. When I got up, I found myself in a lump in the anus, which was yet to get the "pleasure". All the blood tore ass who does not believe, try it. I do not recommend. The thing I was sick for several days, and its function is restored, probably next month.
At first, I wanted to find these aunts, but then I thought that I do with them, fuck somehow ridiculous, if not sad, money they are likely not to kill a sin to take out of this is not serious and threw this lesson.
ZY after fishing, I relaxed and missed the contract, and a month later in Russia defaulted and announced the firm with which we had to get the money went bankrupt. Partners were all amazed at how I missed time contract, and I joked that the information came from Yeltsin. It has been a few years, and many partners in all seriousness asked why I did not warn about the default.