We, the young couple 23 years. Married, we all year. I work as a driver in the same company. My wife got a job assistant economist in another firm, and even on the other side of town. Her company has met us halfway and allocated loan for an apartment. His wife obviously enjoyed working. But a month passed, and she was sent on a refresher course. That's after them, and I began to notice that there something changed. With sex everything is good, even it has become even better! The first night she offered to fuck her in the ass, what I asked her for a long time. Now I understand why my dick easily got into it, and then did not pay attention to it. His wife began to pay great attention to the wardrobe.
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In it there were beautiful sets of underwear and pants almost disappeared and any baggy clothing. I liked to watch as she puts in front of me. At first her shaved pussy hidden lace panties. Then chest third the size of hide, usually a white bra. Then the legs concealed or rather emphasized a flesh-colored tights. Black pencil skirt, shoes studs and white blouse finished garment. I drove her to work and kiss goodbye. And so that morning I took her back and heard a cell phone call coming from under the seat. It was his wife's mobile phone, the screen lit up supervision. Yes! I replied. It can be seen without investigating his voice, there rushed speech, from which my hair stood on end. Where do you go, whore! Fast Carry your ass in my office! In form 2! I quickly turned the car and rushed to her office. On the threshold I met a security guard checking documents and asked about the purpose of the visit. By his wife! Now the challenge! Wait fifteen minutes, she was down. Indeed ten minutes later his wife came out into the hall.
What happened dear? I noticed that her hair was loose, could be seen clearly through the blouse nipples breasts. That brought mobile. All I could say. My God! Yes it is another skirt! She swung open the cut, and it was clearly visible wide elastic stockings. Thank you dear! She kissed me. I'm sorry, I hurry, waiting for me. Licking his lips, I felt a sharp taste of semen. My wife just fucked in the mouth! Running out of the building, I pulled a job. Naplv something boss took a day off and a bottle of vodka. When his wife came I was drunk and in my mind was a mess. Cute! Are you already at home? Yes you did drunk? She leaned over to kiss me. And you rinsed your mouth? Whore! My wife pulled away from me and seemed suddenly wilted.
You know everything? What I'm blind! Good! I'll tell you, just know that I love you! I do not want to lose you! Partly your own fault that it happened! Remember, you yourself happy, that we have a dress code? So I did not tell you that it regulates what I wore down to his underwear! True provides free clothing company. What do you think, how much is the red SUPPORTING that you like? 300 euros! The truth is he still came and stockings. I've heard of such from a friend, the more that to me is not solicited.
I thought that for the sake of this apartment can be and look like stockings. And then I was sent for retraining, well you know yourself. I really did not know what it is! It turned out this training center office sluts! You see! They broke me there! For a whole month I was taught how to better meet the boss! And fucked! FUCK! We were, and we had three, but brought such a state that we fell asleep and woke up with a member of a. Do you think we were not scared? I always thought of you! Even when sucked someone's cock, I imagined that it yours! His wife cried and I felt it a great pity. I sat down beside her on the sofa and began to stroke her hair. You called me? We called under control. I was so afraid that you will know! Every day I suck guard that he did not report that I had the panties and pantyhose. Why? Girls do not wear underwear at work! I could not resist and kissed her. My poor girl!
You're no longer going to work there! I can not quit this job! I was forced to sign a new contract! They have a lot of pictures and videos! We do not give them credit, in the end, even if we sell the apartment! Believe me! We uedim far, far away! No! They showed me my file, there is not only I'm with you, but even my grandma! I love you! Let's razvedmsya? Why are you such as I? I realized how much she loves me. No! I'll stay with you! You still want me? Yes. Then take me! Do everything that you want! Fuck me! I am your dirty whore office! It was the most unforgettable sex in my life. As soon as my dick fell wife raised his mouth. When that stopped to help, she began to caress my ass tongue thrusting it into her.
I realized that it does both, but I did not order it! I will not give it, I thought to myself. In the morning dressing wife dressed as always on her panties, bra and tights. Sweetheart, I went to her. Do you have a home stockings? Of course. Then clothe them, and take off your panties, let broken off guard! Before the office, I got out and kissed his wife. I love you!