Irresistible attraction
I came home after the sea and went to the shower to bathe. Opening the tap with warm water, I sent a hand shower jet on his shoulders, then to the hair, lathered washcloth and went through his neck and white, not yet tanned tummy. Water has always excited me, but on this day especially. Soap crawled on my shoulders, and I suddenly felt as if my guy cums in my chest and it captivates men liquid boils on my excited nipples. But he never did because of his Puritan upbringing, why I could not satisfy his passion. Hand I spent on deepening the navel (skin crawled) and touched exciting tubercle. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I shuddered. Throwing a shower in the bathroom, throwing on his robe, I went to open. She looked through the peephole and saw a friend of my boyfriend, that is, you, Tim. It turns out you with Tolik agreed to meet at my house. I'll let you and walked into the room. And I went to bathe again. there was a small window of the kitchen in the bathroom, which opens at times, but this time it was closed. At that moment, I did not pay any attention to him, I began to masturbate. Took a shower and hand held between the legs in the crotch, water, walked in her pussy, it felt terribly tickled and pleased. With one hand stroking the bottom of the abdomen, and the other the anus, I finally crossed her arms on the very spot and sat in the bathroom. Through finger (so that the authenticity of) at a delicate pink lips I squeezed klitorok and began to apply pressure on him ...
Suddenly she heard a distinct sigh.
She raised her eyes ... I look out the window ... and see you, Tim, in the bathroom window ...
You follow me, naughty boy, spying!
I looked at you like a mad cat, and you obviously like me. I've never seen such eyes that begged and begged ... I thought that your long dick punch the wall, and thrust into my bosom.
-Timur! Crazy! Abnormal! Shred I'll show you how you looked at me!
-Olesya! I'm sorry, I did not want. It happened ...
You did not finish, you just flew out and ran through the room ... He began to knock on the bathroom door.
-Olesya! You did not know, but I want to say that for a long time love you. I need you, only you. I'll do anything for you.
At these words, I was paralyzed for a moment, my knees trembled. Shame and Tears choked my miserable girl's body, and soul wanted to know the beauty of love, which was only capable of a real man. And I saw in you a real man, the male, which will satisfy fully my desire.
-Wait - I said in a low voice. Approaching the door, I hesitated.
...Change her boyfriend for the first time in my life bring a person for hours of fun. Maybe it is not necessary to do so ?! But the hand is already stretched to the valve. Barely opening the door and before he could say anything, I felt your hands on my waist tightly holding me.
-Olesya! Pretty! Shreds - not that you need me ..! Only me!
Undressed in front of me, you grabbed my hand and put it in the bathroom with the water and began kissing passionately anywhere ... I answered the same ... then we both stood up and clung to each other bodies, wet with water.
-Olesya! If you let me, I'll kiss you and TAM will caress wherever you want. Spread your legs and kneel in front of you. You are my Goddess!
I did so. I obeyed my lustful Bozhkov. You wet lips slid on his stomach, and then got to the clitoris, and then made the move from which my body trembled. I have never experienced such is not ... it was so sweet. Is it possible to bring to orgasm?
You do not even entered into me ...
Prihvatyvaya lower lip petals you to make me faint.
-Come on ... I will soon be over ... Oh! .. Well ... a little more ... Come on, prosun is now his boy there.
-Olesya! You could do the same to me ...
I guessed what you ask, and the village itself is already in front of you. He took gently mouth head, hand pulling down a little velvety surface member, became the lips do gentle movements. You moan and began to ask for more. Since I had this with a bit of not doing, I was afraid to hurt your teeth. Licking grease, I felt as a member and began to tickle a little quiver in my mouth. Taking base in hand, I tried to make swallowing movements.
-Olesya! you wonder! Where do you studying this?
I fucked it up and down, up and down the mouth, or blowing air into his mouth tightening. This airbag he clearly enjoyed. I saw a drop of semen on the tip.
-Can I wash you? - You ask.
-Go ahead
Taking the term in his hand you brought it to the nipple, rubbed a little bit, and then sent up and unusual fountain poured on my head. I knocked his head back and his mouth began to catch the sperm. I was so happy ... We are together with you left off, even though you did not touch my pussy his superchlenom. I have long wanted such a variety that you gave me.
Then you got dressed and went to the room to wait for the Shred, and I did not feel any betrayal and began to prepare dinner.