Call - Trap
Ambulance rushed the night call, a woman - a doctor, blonde, anxiously looking at the cockpit window.
Address where to go had been in disadvantaged areas, the private sector, two-story wooden barracks, in such places has always been a lot of criminal element, drunks and lowlifes of different suits.
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But the Hippocratic Oath, which has always been loyal to Helena, is not allowed to ignore the calls when I received a call 911, then someone needs help, then an ambulance to arrive and assistance will be provided.
The car stopped at the unlit courtyard, the meeting, waving his arms, jumped grimy-looking boy of about 14 years, just like my youngest son thought Helena, looking at the boy.
The boy pointed the way into the interior of the courtyard, first waddling on potholes went after him. The call is about a woman received a head injury, according to the caller she urgently needed obesbolivayuschee alleged she suffered greatly.
It was a key moment in terms of drug addicts scum living in the neighborhood. Lure ambulance kidnap potent drugs, drugs that need to be doctors with them. It is also hoped to profit by the dregs of money, mobile phones and other personal belongings of doctors.
Narcotics were five men, armed with sticks, brass knuckles, they were waiting in the yard. Where ambulance lured the younger brother of one of the drug - Kohl Shnyrov.
- Here here, here, quick! Slyly grinning boy whined, pointing at the dark gap between houses.
Helena taking medical suitcase rushed for the lad, who was watching from the side of this picture redhead fellow all pockmarked and badly short-haired Caucasian grinned.
Their gaze is not hid vrachiha blond hair, her slender legs with strong thighs, shown in cross section skirt when The doctor got out of the car. Scum noticed the edge of the lush woman's breasts, hot summer has led many doctors wear white coats over his naked body.
Despite his age and the birth of two children Helena breast was juicy poured, the size of at least 4, in conjunction with bloodshot buttocks forced many men pay attention to it. Despite the fact that the woman was married, she was not averse to light flirting.
- Lo and behold, as Claudia is working came, showing eyes on the doctor said his Caucasian fellow redhead friend.
- Beal, huesoska noble arrived, agreed Caucasian. Davalki bolonistaya, alluding to women hair color determined Caucasian man.
On the heels in a white robe woman looked unusually surrounded by gloomy ruins.
- Where to go, a little hesitantly asked the doctor in a guide.
- Here, the court doctor, cunning boy fascinated Elena Ivanovna deep into the quarter that did not like the behavior of a Man Helena, but to understand their suspicion she could not. Directly in front of a rose three burly fellow.
- Stand, be afraid! I rushed to opeshevshey one woman. Helena did not understand what was going on looking at the guys.

- Do not rock the boat a goat, it will be worse, behind Elena Ivanovna pretty much slapped by the pope. Slammed so that the doctor stepped forward a few steps, immediately found himself in the hands of podzhizhavshih her scum.
- Do not twitch whore, it will be worse. One of the thugs - snatched from the hands of Helena medical bag. Second bastard kept Elena Ivanovna hands, shaking it like a pear.
Little robe fell open, her hair disheveled, all the guys were, though much younger than Helena, were no less than its growth.
Disembowel medical bag and taking drugs and potent means some scum immediately began to fill medical syringes medicine, in turn making it himself injections.
Two of the guys focused on Elena Ivanovna, while one held the woman's hand, another aggressively tried to disrupt the robe, grabbing the buttocks, the breasts painful plucking. Helena cried out and tried to escape.
One arm of the woman bared, medical gown was ripped off, it was like a signal for the other scoundrels.
- Oh, you bitch tits have grown, suchara, podskachila guy hurt women's breasts squeezed.
- Ah, what are you doing, keep your hands, protested Helena. Head boys frightened woman to escape from the grasping hands of scoundrels concerned she could not.
- Standing Zoe, let's standing! With this thug saying scum knocked the woman standing on his stomach on a stump, someone's hard, greedy hands, with his medical gown and held her panties and began to pull off. Feel the fresh air on his ass, feeling dirty fingers in their female perineum, Helena agitated in earnest.
- Oh, help! What are you doing, remove your hands rascals!
- Ha, ha villains. Repeated fellow redhead, unbuttoning his jeans dirty and taking a rather big for her age member.
- stop what you're doing, indignant Helena. I have a son like you, are not you ashamed, Now let me just demanded female doctor!
- do not let go, and lower your suchara! Healthy man wrapped golden hair woman on dirty fist, pressed her head to the stump. Two more cattle held the woman's hand.
- Stand still, nit, it will be worse. Auburn ambal tried to enter back into the woman's crotch his penis. Helena almost could not resist, because the hair and her hands hold the dregs. The woman she could her feet, pulling, trying not dropustit rapist in her feminine nature.
- Wait do not twitch, a strong blow between the shoulder blades for a few seconds, a woman forced to stop the fight. This immediately took the red hell-raisers, having put in hot narrow slit his penis.
- Ah, do not, aah, empty, please, Nooo! It is not screaming, not resented, but rather whined Helena.
- Good suchara, red flourish doctor to pump between his legs.
In the eyes of raped women froze the pain, humiliation, fear. Their eyes flowed with tears.
- aa, aa, each push red fellow evoked groans of pain, humiliation, and despair in a woman.
-Well enough, well, I do not, asked the woman, stop!
- What are you doing this to me, I came to treat you, not the woman knew.
- Good rat, Caucasian bared female breast, painful squeezed, pinched nipples.
All the muscles in the arms, legs, neck tensed in Helena, she realized that she really dipped. Auburn rapist behind in no hurry to give pleasure from moaning adult women.
Helena corner of my eye noticed that the other guys have got mobile phones, sending to it and attach the rapist behind her camera, cattle clearly recorded her shame.
- aa, aa, Auburn scored high speed, Helena sobbed briefly ..
- Blyaya, Auburn richly finished with Elena Ivanovna, suchara good guy slapped by the pope and doctor walked away satisfied.
Instantly podskachila second, giving rise Helena, he puts his dick in a woman and began to move. Second rapist Helena has suffered lighter vagina full of grease, sperm, a second rapist Helena, even slowly came.
And what to do if it can not prevent rape, relax and have fun. As an experienced doctor Helena knew this rule.
After the second the third placed it on his knees and held to the mouth member of the women.
- Suck blyadina guy gave slap a woman, Helena obediently opened her mouth, bastard dick sank into her mouth, filling the sharp taste of urine and dirt.
At this point, the driver concerned ambulance came to the place where sneered at his co-worker. The young man came out of the bushes ..., it could not be seen, what he saw shocked him.
His partner - a beautiful woman, who was his senior by 20 years, was on her knees in front of sophisticated garbage, white robe, always carefully washed, stroked lying in the mud.
Erotic shock struck the young driver, Nick realized that it is necessary to help save his partner, but a powerful blood flow to the groin, clouded his brain. So, how to deal with this beautiful, adult Doctor, how bestseremenno fuck her mature body is not left alone to Kohl.
Hiding behind a tree, clenching his fist member, Nick watched transfixed on what is happening in a vacant lot.
A terrible happened to Helena, already broken, do not dare to scream and resist podshlo just two bastard.
A pimply lanky addict began thrusting his cock in her mouth woman, Caucasian bastard, came to Helena from behind.
- Oh, fucking Russian, good lap dog painted.