These sweet flour
** The story about the guy and about how it mercilessly flogged ... **
"All life in the power of women"- So mother taught me to live with since childhood. And why only she did with mnoy- caned, flogged, put in the peas, punished with nettles. And when it was summer, I went to "obedience camp"That is, to his aunt Luce, for all three months. She was very strict, and even when I do this and not vytrvaryal, flogged me anyway, for prevention. She beat me all- rods, belts, beater, brushes, combs ... And every time I was very excited, and when she let go of me, I immediately ran to my room and, after a couple of minutes of small efforts, graduated and received such an orgasm that I was just so shaken that I even gasped, because it would not have dared to scream.
Then I met a girl, Lena. We began to meet. And then she said she wanted to live together and sign. Well, then she had to say about my little secret.
-Lena, I want to when we moved in together, you ... you ... would deal with my education ...
She raised her eyebrows in surprise and blinked her long, black eyelashes.
-I do not understand you, -chestno she said.
-I want you to be flogged me, you know? I hope you become my mistress.
Lena got up from the bed, which recently finished, and my hand on her pussy was wet again on its moisture. It initiated this idea. Since we had already fucked a few times, then she saw my ass, and she knew that at home I whipped. But she was offered to whip me ?!
-On your knees! - She screamed and threw me off the bed leg.
-What? I do not understand me.
-On your knees, slave! Opris hands on the bed and put a pillow under his belly! I'll whip you!
I felt as excited and commanded him. She brought her brush and turned its smooth side.
-Consider blows -skomandovala my future wife. It is this I imagined ee imperious mistress commanded me.
She slapped me on the ass, and I groaned.
-One, 'I said.
She raised her hand again and again down the brush on my butt.
Whizzed thirty blows, and I gasped. My ass was burning with fire, his eyes burned with tears, and she continued her relentless torture.
Ten strokes I shook with incredible orgasm, and she also finished soon.
Then he attributed the ten "for fun" and ordered to lick her pussy. I ispolnin everything as necessary, and my lady was satisfied.
The next day I came to say to his mother, that I would marry, and she said that now I'm not her property, but Lena property. She was very happy for me and shed tears, saying " my boy is quite an adult".
Now Lena commanded me. I'll tell my weekday: I get up to make her breakfast and clothing for work at 6 am. Then I undress and wake her. She gets up and goes to wash, and then she porit me, usually twenty times. Then we have breakfast and she goes to work earlier than I did. I'll tidy up and leave. I come home from work, I 6, she was 8, giving me two hours daily cleaning of the apartment, cooking dinner for her and I usually left little time to prepare for the evening's sex: I put myself in the ass vibrator, masturbate or just watch porn on Vidic . Then comes SHE, supper, undresses, and we fuck her in different poses. She is particularly fond of cancer and sit down on me. Then she cums violently and I lick her pussy. Then she ties me, puts a vibrator in the ass, fasten clothespins with weights on her nipples and usually especially strong clothespin with a small weight on the penis, plug me your panties wet mouth and goes to watch VCR. Sometimes it is a boy on a call and they fuck in the other room, and I listen and rapidly finish by uslyshennogo and pain. After half an hour I was writhing in pain and roar, but it does not come. Terrible pain rips ass to pieces, nipples could not take any more weights, and a member of the draws so that I howl and bite her panties. Then it comes to me, it takes all the weights, but no pegs, and takes out a vibrator. Sometimes it makes me hot enema, while I do not feel like my guts are about to burst, and puts the plug, and then she whips me until I get tired.
Sometimes even my penis gets, but usually enough for me two or three times, to almost lose consciousness. All this time I yell from the enema, and pain in the ass, and she laughs and finishes. Then she lets me go to shit and go to bed, and I, after washing the intestines, masturbate like crazy, and then rolled on the floor in the bathroom it is incredible orgasms ... And again, remember that women are created to command and to command the dog, as I .