Rent an apartment in the big city is very easy matter. But we have other podnakopili bucks and no longer want to live in a dorm. Therefore, in recent days, all his spare time was spent on a trip around the city and going-over spaces. It was not surprising that those apartments, which we liked, turned out not to our finances, such as that organized by price - not like us. After beating all the legs, we Druganov and an agent came to watch another apartment. The agent tried to open the entrance lock, entering the code, but nothing came of it. He began to drizzle rain and umbrellas are not one of us bylo.Vdrug door opened and out popped a stuffed screaming, barely placed in a housecoat. It seems that it was a woman may only konserzhka.- castle repaired, and they climb again - bryuzzhasche she yelled, as if it were, we broke it ranee.Ot surprises we all three fell back, eyes wide. The most savvy proved Sanka (my drugan, which we decided to do readout). Seeing an opening in the door, he slipped into it, and we rushed to the agent followed. Lift was opened immediately, and we did not have to ask to rush into. Buttons to the eighth floor was not. There were only five. The agent pulled the last door closed, erasing the past behind us screaming zhenschinu.Lift stayed on the ninth floor. Going down below, they saw a beautiful door of the apartment of interest to us. The apartment was beautiful, too. It was all as expected: no-go room, separate bathroom, fresh repair, TV, furniture. And the price suited us. It may, of course, we have dissembled before him, and the apartment was not so great, but tired legs hinted that the best option is not found. Sanya We gave a deposit of one hundred dollars and sailed away home with the idea that finally decided, tomorrow will conclude the contract, and will live in korolevski.Zavtra always comes. On this day it arrived, waking me good health. Without opening his eyes, I felt like a good morning peeps into the room. In me all boiled, pushed to jump up and run to the exploits, or seek adventure on his head. "Though sleep in socks"I -Think, recalling the familiar chatter grandfather Prokhor on combating manifestations vozderzhaniya.Sosednyaya bed creaked. I looked in her direction. Sanka sat aloof, his short hair sticking out in all directions. He stared blankly in front of him and molchal.- What happened - asked ya.Spuskaya legs with Sanya bed, a chur a calm voice, answered: - Well dreamed such hernya.Podnyav me his eyes, he began slowly, with pauses, remembering the different the details and the little things tell a dream, as if it all happened nayavu.Snitsya me that I in the apartment we rented. You're gone somewhere, and I lay down on the sofa. Just clicked the TV remote control, opens the door and enters a woman similar to the one we met at the entrance to the staircase, but with awesome laid mop of hair, heavily made-up. Under bathrobe seen as uplifting her huge breasts. I almost lifts the, gathering network, and I think to myself, how she got into the apartment. But this great aunt is flying straight at me, pushing his hands into his chest, and I find myself lying again. She puts his knee on my legs and arms jerk tears gown for yourself. Before my eyes were showing a huge white bra, big soft belly and black thickets. Aunt's eyes longingly look at me. I twitch toward the floor, and I manage to fall. On hands and knees trying to crawl away from her, but she grabbed me by the shirt and pulls to itself. I am the last effort rvus forward, I heard the crunch of torn clothes and bare-chested jump up and run into the next room. I close the door and propping it, trying to catch his breath. Most importantly, I am aware that this is only a dream, but on the other hand clearly understand about the inevitability of events. I just felt an animal fear that now happen to me, something awful, and then another, and bring in zhertvu.Vdrug I felt a strong blow and at the door flew into the opposite corner. In the doorway appeared again and she walked slowly towards me. I tried to press into the floor, and saw how it grew on me the face with brightly painted lips, from under which protruded a little fangs, then full body, these huge bushes of pubic and thigh finally, coming out from a high boot. Feeling that everything I'm dead, I squealed like a pig, rolled over and tried to slip between her legs wide apart. She bent down and grabbed my ass, or rather of his pants. It turned out that half of me behind her, and the other half on the other side (and this half, with legs not touching the floor, as my aunt raised me). I unbuttoned his pants and, with terrible force working hands, jumped out of them. This is how, in shorts and socks I ran out onto the landing and jumped into the open elevator doors. The flaps were closed, the elevator began to shake, his aunt came rumbling laughter and feeling that no one else but us there with her aunt in the house that you do not come soon, I woke .------ Oh, Sanya, you overcome erotic fantasies, - with a hint of a joke in his voice, I said, and added, - in bed is not accidentally wet - and, blimey. Merry in this little. I really experienced this fear.
Then we ate, going to college, the teachers listened to boring, and I even forgot about the morning's events. But in the afternoon we had to attribute the money for an apartment and sign dogovor.- I do not want to live there - suddenly said Sanya.- you what - surprise, I did not know what to say - you do not like the apartment - just no vse.- want and I do not understand, and like yesterday - well, hotel.- So what happened, because we have given a deposit, - trying to get to the bottom I. well, to hell with them. I'm not going there zhit.Prokruchivaya different options in my head, I suddenly began to realize: - You're out of sleep, that Lie matter and I do not want everything - trying to get rid of me Sanka.- Well, Well this is just a dream . You sdurel, or what? Money us no one will return, and we will because of your sleep a hundred bucks poteryaem.- Do you want to live there myself, but I'd rather be in a hostel - said Sanja and not hurt my understanding went off throwing on the move - I'll give you your fifty baksov.Ya sat down on a bench and, stunned eyes, watched him go. I could understand nothing. How can sleep well affect humans. In general, I did not understand Sanka in this situation and to this day.We are still living in the dorm. The money I took from him, even though he popped. After all, we're friends. You'll see, someday I, too, dreamed of nonsense or something like that happens, and Sanka treat me with understanding and support in difficult times.
2003 Chapay.