Wifestyle. Part 6
I let go of his wife and said: "You sit down at the table while I go and get changed."

Lena went to the guys at the table, and I took the sheets, slippers, and went upstairs to change clothes. When I came down, the company sat at the table. My wife was sitting next to Vadim, and two guys sitting in front of. I went and sat in a chair so that it was convenient to see and his wife and others.

Lena stood up and carried me to my knees. I immediately felt my groin boils down to something solid.

- You do not remove it? - I asked in a whisper.

- When? I'm on it and did not have time - she whispered back.

- You will not interfere?

- I'm used to, and sometimes even forget that I have something inside.

- And Vadim saw?

- No. I do not undress, - the wife of a little flushed.

- Can you boast of it - I winked at her.

- What, right now? - She asked.

- And you, go up to him in the same way as you sit on me. He feels it, and then act according to circumstances, - I smiled.

Lena stood up and, without saying a word, went to Vadim and sat on his lap. Vadim Something Wicked, something felt. We sat so still about ten minutes and I said, "So, you have all had time to relax in the steam room, so I'll have to catch up for lost time." With these words, I got up and went to shower first, and then the steam room. There I sat on the middle shelf and began to observe what is happening in the room. The room was perfectly visible from the steam through a smoked glass door. I almost could not be seen from the table, only the silhouette.

The company at the table a lively discussion led periodically raised their glasses. My wife continued to sit on the lap of Vadim, and they occasionally whispered something to each other in the ear. At some point, Lena threw one leg over Vadim and sat on his lap facing him. My wife looked at me quickly, peered a little and making sure that I do not see, I thought that I do not see it, and merged in a kiss with Vadim. Vadim put his hands on her waist and slowly began to stroke, slowly lower and lower down on the buttocks of my wife. Boys sitting on the contrary, even slightly frozen, staring at this picture with their mouths open. But they came to their senses in time, and later tried to pretend not to notice anything. Although I have seen that, even when dealing with each other, they are almost constantly pogladyvali on how they kiss each paw and another man's wife, whose husband is sitting five meters away from them.

Hands Vadim lower and lower sank on the ass of my wife. Lena, at the same time, more and more bent to Vadim. They are almost reclined in a chair.

At some point, Vadim hands disappeared under the sheet of Lena, and he firmly squeezed her buttocks and began to massage them, not looking up from his kiss. Lena closed her eyes, and even seemed to me that her face began to fill with paint excitement. Vadim Suddenly, as if by chance, lifted the sheets to the ass of my wife. Lena did not even notice. But it is noticed friends Vadim. They were taken aback. Before they opened the picture - his back reclining girl with a bare ass, absolutely no panties. On their faces was read delighted by what he saw. They began to whisper to each other. I guessed that they discuss in the first place. It's not every day you see such beauty, and even decorated with crystal stones.

Lena, I think, realized that she was the bottom is bare to the waist, pulled away from his lips, and Vadim, adjusting the sheets, reddened sat next to him.

I knew it was time to go. I came out of the steam room and jumped into the shower. Then I got out, dried off with a towel and went to the table.

- Well, I do not get bored without me?

- We did not have time to get bored, you were there for only ten minutes, - said Vadim.

- Darling, can I have a word? - Lena asked.

- Yes, of course, let's go, move away.

We went with Lena on the second floor. There Lena asked:

- You saw it all, right?

- I confess, I saw - I smiled.

- Why, then, did not respond?

- Well, first, I thought that you would not want to at the moment, so I intervened; and secondly, I have both responded, - I laughed, and showed a look on my groin, which clearly stood out impressive mound.

- You saw what he gave me a section in front of his friends?

- You should have seen their faces, then you would not outraged - I smiled back, and kissed her on the lips.

- It seems to me that they have seen your gift, I was so uncomfortable at the moment, you have no idea, - said Lena

- I think they are at that moment envied you. I doubt that their wife is tried. And judging by their reactions, there was a complete delight.

- Can I remove it?

- And it's a good idea - I laughed. - You let go to the bathroom and brush up, and I'll go to the guys.

- Good. I will be soon. - Lena went to the door.

- Wait a minute. And you can not get out sheets to us, and put on her skirt and topic - I winked at her.

- Well, dear, how do you say - smiled wife and flew out the door.

I went down to the table.

- Well, gentlemen, what do you think about what happened? - I looked all look.

- Your spouse is divine, - said Andrei, the others nodded approvingly.

- Now it comes down who wants to invite her to dance? Andrew, can you? And we with Vadim and Vlad is a drink.

We were a little dimmed the lights and put a disc with a slow music.

After 15 minutes at the top of the door and slammed on the stairs he heard the sounds of clicks her heels. A moment later she appeared. Everyone froze and just stare accompanied approaching nymph.

My wife came over and wanted to sit down, but Andrew quickly got up and went to Lena:

- Allow me to invite you to the dance.

Lena looked me in the eye. I nodded silently. She turned to Andrew, and he led her to the center of the room. There he put his hands on her waist, she threw their pens his neck. During the dance, I often noticed how Andrey all tried to lower his hands on her ass, but on the edge of the skirt, he never fell.

- What does he tushuetsya? - I leaned over to Vadim.

- He was an exemplary family man, he has only five years of sex with his wife, and Vlad the same, - Vadim smiled.

- Now I will try to push a little bit of events - in this case, I got up and went to the dancing couple.

I went back to his wife and put his arm around her waist. The pair stopped spinning. Andrew Lena looked at me with a question in his eyes. I leaned over to lug his wife and kissed her on the neck. At the same time, I ran his hands under her skirt and took it and hooked two thumbs her thong. Wife instinctively closed my legs. I bent down to her ear and whispered, "Trust me." She bit down her leg, and I squatted down, and began to slowly remove her panties. From under the skirts appeared white scrap of cloth that slowly began to sink to his knees. Having reached the knees, pants fell to the floor. Lena stepped out of them and they were left lying on the floor. I looked at Andrew. He stood there, frozen, my wife hugged the waist and could not take his eyes off what is happening. I met his eyes and winked. Then, grasping the floor panties wife, I went to the table.

- Wow, the show - said Vadim enthusiastically.

- I myself still can not move away from what he saw, - Vlad confirmed.

- I hope Andrew is now a little more courageous will, - I suggested.

- And he understood the hint, said Vadim and showed a look at the dancing couple.

Andrew really a bit liberated. His arms and then disappeared under the skirt of my wife. I turned to Vlad and nodded in the direction of dancing.

Vlad nodded, silently got up and went to Andrew and Lena. He came up from behind and put his arm around Lena's waist. Lena, thinking that it came back, I threw her head back in anticipation of a kiss. Vlad a little taken aback, but still kissed her on the cheek. Lena dug eyes and her eyes were even more open in surprise when she saw me not. She looked at me, but I had to turn away from her and pretended to enthusiastically talk to Vadim.

I spoke with Vadim, continuing to watch the corner of his eye and his wife. Since the three spinning dance not an easy task, so they just stood in the middle of the room, swaying to the music. It is now almost four hands were constantly under her skirt. Even the table was seen as wildly excited boys. Ahead of the sheets each formed the impressive cone. And the county seems to start slowly start. Her hands every now and then strove to descend from the neck Andrei below. Sometimes his hands dropped below, and it is on full automatic stroking torso Andrew. His stand-up under the sheet member and then rested on the belly of my wife. Lena drew attention to it and looked down. Andrew took her hand in his hand, raised it to his lips and kissed it. Then, looking straight into her eyes, slowly she lowered her hand down and put on the cone. He removed his hand, but Lena's hand remained lying there. It is not only pushed his hands, but also the beginning almost imperceptibly stroking it through the sheets. Andrew again took my wife's hand and gently led her fingers along the edge of the sheets, which was a little left of center. Lena looked down, slightly unbent edge of the sheet, and her hand disappeared beneath her. Andrey more tightly hugged my wife and ran his hands more actively on her ass.

At this time, Vlad put his arm around my waist from behind Lena and hugged her, and his right hand launched under the front skirt. Lena shuddered, and it seemed to me, even slightly crouched. Vlad pressed against her back and his "tent" and then rested between her legs under her ass. Suddenly I noticed that in the next push "tent" Vlad broke, and his bare feet between Member ducked my wife, went through them, and his head appeared on the front. All momentarily froze. Vlad leaned back and quickly smelled.

- Let's go have a smoke? - Vadim suggested.

- Why not? - I took a glass of beer and a cigarette and went out after Vadim.

Outside it was already dark. We stood with Vadim and silently smoked. He turned to me:

- You have a wonderful wife, how I envy you.

- What is envy? - I asked.

- You know, I'm also married. I have a young wife. Of course, I would like it to be a little more relaxed in terms of sex and relationships with others, but there is just a blank wall.

- What are you, would like to see your wife sex with others, not only with you? - I asked.

- Yes, especially after I met you. I simply see as you look at each other before, during and after. You overwhelmed with emotion, you act as the first and second date. Such emotions are, when you're in love selflessly and endlessly wish and desire. That's why I told you and I envy.

- But you do realize that this is a one way ticket, not all couples go through this test ?! There is a big risk. You are now equal, domestic relations. You quietly live with it, you do not have any ups or downs in the intimate life. And if you zateesh this game, you'll get one of two things: either you are lucky like me, and you will have intimate life like fireworks, or you lose it. This is how to put his fortune at roulette on the "red" or "black". Chances are, roughly speaking, 50 to 50. Are you willing to risk all that you have? - I asked.

- What options are no longer there? There is no way even as it increase the chances of a positive result?

- Why is not there, of course. I could help you, but there is a few small problems. The fact that women are terrible proprietress, as it turned out. My group is ready to have sex with men, but absolutely do not accept in bed another girl. And the fact that I had sex with the other, and can be no question. We will have three to discuss your situation. We just needed Len to discreetly push your wife to this. At the end there will be only one problem - how to convince my wife that I had sex with another. Here, in general, is my idea.

- Do you think that happens? - Vadim hesitated.

- If you do not force the issue and act wisely and carefully, it should work. Then, most importantly, constantly closely monitor her reaction to every action.

- Of course, we hope for success ?! - Vadim laughed. - Okay, maybe go to our, as you probably already tired of waiting for us.

We went to the sauna. At the table sat the boys with my wife. Lena was already wrapped in a sheet. For him it was obvious that they had just been in the steam room and shower. The skirt and topic wife lying side by side on the couch. "I wonder" - I thought, "If she's right there changed clothes, then obviously the guys saw her completely naked." We Vadim Primelles the table.

His wife sat in front of me between two guys. We sat together with Vadim.

- Well, Vadim, maybe go to the steam room, you see, the guys have been there, and we still can?

We Vadim got up and went to the steam room. Going up, I quietly crossed eyes of Andrew and winked to him, nodded toward the stairs.

We went to the steam room and began to observe what is happening at the table. Andrei Vlad raised their glasses and uttered some toast. Lena laughed and they drank. Vlad put his arm around my wife and kissed her on the cheek. At this time Andrew put his hand on her hip and Lena began gently massaging it. She initially wanted to remove his hand, but after some thought, she reached out and put her hand on his groin. Andrew took it as a guide to action, and his hand slipped under the sheets of my wife. Lena bit later to Andrey was convenient and closed her eyes. Vlad, this time cautiously opened the sheets on the Lena, exposing her completely. Now my wife was reclining on the couch completely naked. I told Vadim: "Go out to him under the pretext to take a beer, and then somehow they hint that led her to the rest room." Vadim nodded and walked out of the steam room. He walked over to the table. My wife continued to lie naked with my eyes closed. She did not hear approached Vadim. He looked at the children, they have silently hand in the direction of the stairs, then I picked up the two glasses of beer table, turned and walked back to me. He went to the steam room, handed me a glass and we started watching what happens next.

Andrew looked at Vlad and nodded toward my wife. They threw off the sheet, got up and took Lena's hand. She opened her eyes. In front of her stood two naked men with erect member against her face. They are slightly pulled her to him. My wife had no choice but to succumb to the onslaught of both, and she got up from the couch. Vlad put his hand on the ass Lena and nudged her toward the stairs. Lena glanced in our direction, and did not really seeing, turned to him and walked toward the stairs.

We have seen how it is removed. Against the backdrop of tall guys she looked so tiny as Thumbelina. They climbed the stairs and out of sight.

- I wonder what they're doing now? - I turned my head to Vadim.

- What do you think? Drunken woman, completely naked, leaving the rest room with two exactly the same naked guys - he grinned.

- Something I start pounding at the thought of what they were doing there - I said.

- You want me to go, I will look? Or do you own? - Vadim asked.

- I will go. Later. And you, if you want, you can go and see.

Vadim got out of steam quickly rinsed in the shower, hastily dried himself and went upstairs.

I sat in the steam room for another five minutes. The heat became unbearable, and I went to the table. I sat down at the table, took a beer and waited. Time passed very slowly, almost stood. I looked at the clock on the wall, and for a moment I flashed hundreds of thoughts in my head. My cock is already sick with excitement, that did not help even the cold water in the shower. I decided I could no longer endure, got up and went upstairs.

I went up to the room with a pool table, at the other end of which was a door to the rest room. Music, play down the already barely could be heard here. But instead I heard a very different sounds. This sound with nothing can not be confused. Behind the door was heard some scuffling and women moan. I tiptoed to the door and opened it a little bit so that people were inside did not notice me.

On the bed lay my wife on the back with bent knees. At her bedside on the floor was Vadim. He held her by the arms. He held her hand so that they were raised above her head, and she could not lower them. Vlad at this time lying on his stomach, his head hidden between my wife's legs. Looking at the response of the Lena, it was obvious that Vlad knows what to do. This moan, I heard even with the door closed. And while two meters away from them, her moan sounded as if going out of my head.

Vadim looked toward the door and saw me and nodded to Andrew. He, too, looked at me and smiled. Then he again looked at me and approached Lena. He knelt next to the face of my wife, ran his hand under her head and lifted her. With his other hand he took out his penis and sent it to her lips. Lena opened her lips, and a member of Andrew went smoothly in the mouth of my wife.

At this time, Vlad lifted his head and, taking my wife hands over his knees, a little spread them apart and pressed them to her breasts. He moved closer to Lena, and touched the head member to its bosom and one push easily drove it to its full length. Lena groaned, but did not release a member of Andrew's mouth. Vadim began smoothly to drive his cock into my wife. He did it slowly, but at full amplitude. His cock appeared completely out of it, and then he entered into it smoothly to the pubis.

I broke down and went into the room. Lena opened her eyes and turned to me. She somehow smiled apologetically at me. It was evident that she was not entirely comfortable my presence. I walked over to her. She released a member of Andrew. I walked over to the bed, bent down to her face and stared at her lips. My tongue penetrated into her mouth, and I, as if hinting they did a few movements, imitating the movement of the member. I stood up and signaled to Vadim that he let go of her hand. Then I nodded, so he lay down on his back next to Lena. As soon as he did, I took her hand and turned to Vadim. Lena was standing on top of Vadim knees and lying on his chest. Vadim put his hands under her buttocks, lifted her a bit, and his cock disappeared into her pussy Helena. I moved to her feet and put his hands on her buttocks. When I parted them slightly, toys on the site was not, and in its place was not fully enclosed hole anus. I reached out and took a tube of lubricant from the bedside table. I paid a little bit on his hand, rubbed his fingers and began to gently apply the lubricant in the region of its holes. I noticed that when his fingers passed through its center, they easily have failed inside. Her ass willingly accepted them. I sent my dick in her ass. He went into it almost effortlessly and smoothly sunk inside. Lena shuddered and moaned. But it was not like a groan of pain, rather a groan of lust. A dream come true of my wife. Now there are just two members and two members began to gather momentum.

Lena moaned harder and harder, until she began to beat in orgasm. She buried her face in his chest Vadim, somehow a little to muffle his moans. She tried to hold them back, but it is weak in her work. When his wife died down, she lifted her head. Her eyes were clouded, and his face was wandering weary smile. I drew attention to one more - the place Vadim chest where his wife lay my head, gaped a large bruise to bruise.

I leaned to the eyelet wife and whispered, "Did you like it?" Lena smiled and nodded. "Let's do so, I'll lie down on his back and oblokochus reclining on a pillow, and you lie to me, but only back to me." "Good" - Lena whispered.

I lay on my back, my wife came back and lay down on me. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to him. In this position opened excellent access to both her ass and pussy to my wife. I nodded to the boys at the same time warning that today is extremely undesirable in the pussy, dangerous days.

The first came in the ass, Vlad. Lena stiffened. She threw her hands back and grabbed my hair. At this time, we were approached Andrew and brought his cock to face my wife. She let go of my hair, took it with one hand, and sent it into his mouth.

The painting was enchanting. The wife was lying on me, but this time one guy drives the his penis in her ass, and the second she does blowjob ten centimeters from my face. The sight I have as much goose bumps have gone and I started pounding shiver of excitement.

Andrew first began to finish. He was a little tensed, stopped traffic and almost immediately his cock began to throb, erupting in the mouth of my wife sperm flows. Lena strong grabbed his penis with his lips and paused. It only shows how moving her throat, swallowing everything that it is now pulsating flows. At this time, Vlad began to accelerate the pace faster and faster. Suddenly he groaned, and convulsive damped shocks also began to cum in my wife.

"Get on your knees" - I asked my wife. What she did without a murmur.

"Where are you want?" - I asked Vadim.

"In the ass did not even today", - he smiled.

He walked around behind Elena, knelt and quickly entered her. This time, he his movements were much sharper and faster. Stone Lena sometimes crossed in a creek. The stranger would have thought that the girl being raped.

Vadim roared, made a few more pushes and deciduous pulled his dick out of my wife.

There was only me. Since my cock has been in the ass favorite, I do not want to force her to take it into his mouth. A wash run even no longer wanted. So I came back and approached the ass. What I saw surprised me a lot. From what he saw, my cock stiffened even more and pulsed. Ass Lena blushed a little, and the hole has not even tried to pull off. But what impressed me even more, because it is thin streaks of white viscous liquid which slowly flowed from it. I put the head of his cock to her hole and pushed. My cock went very easily, while giving out some liquid from the ass. I tuned in a good "work program", but the excitement was so great that I was after several tremors began rapidly adding his seed to the semen, which was already his wife.

Realizing that everything is finished, Lena fell exhausted on the bed. I kissed her lips and motioned the boys to go down. Wife, they say, should be left alone. She needs to get over it.

We went downstairs. We took a shower and sat down. After 15 minutes later Lena and disappeared behind the door of the shower stall. Ten minutes later, she joined us. We spent in the sauna for about an hour, and then began to gather.

When we were standing in the street waiting for a taxi, Vadim came to me and said: "You do not forget what we talked about with you? It is still in force? "

- Do not worry, Vadim, everything will be OK, - I replied.

- What are you, boys? - He broke in his wife.

- I'll tell you, then, do not worry - I smiled at her.

We drove our taxi. We jumped in his own, and we raced off into the night.

Continued: Wifestyle. Part 5