The best present for my
Returning home after a hard day's work, I found a message on the answering machine from my mother, she asked urgently call her. I got the idea that the great sin is not, if I zvyaknu it tomorrow (well, like, forget the evening to check an answering machine).
Oh, and I'm tired of the same: constant overtime, and even Christmas on the nose. All friends and relatives to buy gifts, and in the shops full of people. No holidays, of course a good thing, but it is a pity that they never fall on my vacation.
Still, I called my mother.
Son, I need your help, - she said. - We have today we arrange a feast for the children of our parish, and we had to happen that Vince Peterson - he plays Santa Claus - slipped on his porch and broke his ankle! Two hours later, come the children and Santa we have. YOU his suit would fit perfectly.
I even slightly offended. Yes, I scored ten pounds since college: beer, fast food; though, I so and so eminent a man: I rise six feet three inches, and weight - about two hundred and thirty-five pounds. And indeed we have this woodpecker, Peterson, a similar figure. He lived next door to her parents. Man, you know, one of those who consider themselves the soul of any company, even if the company does not know about it. Constantly flirting with women and bored everyone with his stories from the series " but was still a case".
With Mom could lose a bet an hour, and then still go to play Santa, so I just said, "OK" and I went to her parents. You'll see, bummer extra present for under the Christmas tree. Coming to them and listening to countless "Thank you, son" I dressed in a Santa suit. It is ideally approached me, I mean, I really cool it looked. Now hooked beard, put on his hat, and, hell, I - Santa Claus.
I've never had to portray Santa, but as long as my mother was taking me to the house, where he will have a holiday, I decided that there was nothing complicated about it. Ask the children what they want for Christmas, every sentence begins with "ho-ho-ho"And behave as if slightly tipsy. Nothing complicated.
Mom dropped me off, adding that at present my debut can not. I went inside the house were several women who explained to me what to do. Everything went smoothly: the children are happy, parents are happy, my mom happy.
It was only when the people in the room was smaller, I saw a familiar face. To be more precise - it was my Aunt Jess. My mother, as you can see, persuaded her to take part in the organization of the event, based on the fact that more people are employed in this, the better. Yes, Jess - she even trick. The second wife of Don, her mother's brother, she was cheerful energetic women love to be the center of attention. Even here, it is eye-catching present, like a magnet.
The woman she was very attractive: short light-brown hair, blue eyes - two of the pool at the bottom of which lurk mischievous devils and figure appetizing round exactly where needed. It was something, something that made to lose his head at the sight of her. Sometimes, she behaved just shamelessly, and all the celebrations obschesemeynyh I never left without a cuddle and kiss hot " on track". I always had the impression that Jesse just turned on the bed, as I do. I crush on her very first day we met, and met Jesse here, experienced mild discomfort.
Last kids sat on my knee and said he wanted a scooter for Christmas. "Ho-ho-ho!" - I said, and took the child from the knees ache. I never thought that young children are heavy, must have their pockets full of stones to the eyeballs. Aunt Jess stood with me and talked with other women, and I heard her say that part of the "Cleaning Committee". It was almost purely in the room, and I thought to clean up takes only a few minutes. In general, I just sat and looked at with pleasure luxurious body. " Scooter and I do not need a gift, but a gift would be very useful"- I sighed inwardly, as she bent over the napkins, showing me her awesome ass in all its glory.
I've wanted was to surprise her by removing the false beard and showing that in fact, Santa - it's her "nephew". Suddenly she came to me.
Santa - Jess said their sex, a little breathy, voice - I have to clean up here. Could you wait a bit? I would like to tell you what I want a present for Christmas.
She walked away before I could answer. It was obvious that Jesse does not know who is hiding under the guise of Santa. Or take a chance? Hey, do not I deserve a little fun?
Having gone to the men's room and protorchala there for ten minutes, I opened the door and saw that the light always repaid. Back in the dimly lit room, I was scared that I was there simply locked up and was ready to call Jess, when the rear was heard:
- So there you are.
She came closer, her eyes shone with excitement. Seeing this, I myself also began to start.
Sit down and I'll tell you what I want for Christmas.
I sat down, Aunt Jess plopped down on my knees. Nestling comfortably, she repeatedly rubbed her ass on my groin. And her face was directly in front of my eyes, my god, what is it beautiful. I hugged Jess's waist. From all these poerzyvany I stood up, and the suit is not well concealed this fact
So, I want to - she began, but I interrupted her.
Wait a minute, the little lady - I said in a low voice, Santa, - how are you behaved this year: good or bad?
My words caused her laughter.
I think the little lady can behave badly and at the same time is good, is not it? You're everything, everything I know about myself here and say I was a good girl this year.
She pushes her hips again, and, hell, it was just fucking! I had to stop right now. But before I was able to admit who I was, Jess repeated:
Well, what do you think I was a good girl?
She leaned over and kissed me on the nose, I felt the covers "gooseflesh".
- You've been a very good girl, very good! - I shouted to the whole room.
Jess giggled, put her arms around my neck.
Well, then can I tell you what I would like to receive as a gift. Back when I was a little girl, you loved Santa. I always dreamed that if Santa will prepare something very, very pleasant surprise, I could get all of whatever I asked.
What do you mean do Santa surprise? Gave him milk and cookies?
No, Santa's full of cookie. But such a surprise to him like no one did - she kissed him again, but this time on the lips, her tongue slipped into my mouth.
I sat thunderstruck. Finally, she looked up from my lips, and laughed:
- Your beard tickles strongly.
Jess got off me, and I sighed in relief and at the same time ... and disappointed. But my mood changed dramatically when she began to undress. Sweater, turtleneck, bra, skirt, pants - and that Jess is in front of me in stockings and high heels. She was stunned breast: round, large, slightly drooping under its own weight.
She again climbed into my lap and clung to his groin.
When I was little, I wanted to kiss Santa, he brought to me for this toy. And now I want to kiss Santo just.
Her lips clung to my back - a strong passionate kiss. I clenched my hands in red mittens breast Jess and started gently caressing them. A few minutes later, I continue to squeeze the chest with one hand, the other stroked ass. Jess moaned. I'm so broke, I did not care what it is - my aunt, I just wanted her to death, and everything else just does not make any difference.
Looking up from my lips, Jess smiled:
Santa, you still can make me a gift. I would even say a present, but I will not say, because it is the most that neither is a gift.
Standing on the floor, she unbuttoned her on my pants and underpants pulled out my hard as a rock cock.
Oh Santa! - Jesse cried, seeing the size of the "Presents".
This is what you want, little lady?
Oh, yes - her dark red lips stretched into a wide smile.
But what happened then, it surpassed even the wildest of my dreams: Jess knelt between my legs and licked the head.
- And now, I want to give you a very, very special kiss. I think you will like it, and for that you give me all I ask.
Her lips have gone through all members - from head to eggs - leaving after each kiss red lipstick trace. I was literally sweating under the heavy santa costume, hardly believing what was happening: Aunt Jess on his knees kissing my cock. Did she take it in her mouth? ..
Yes! She made it. Lips tightened nalivshuyusya blood prick, and a member was in her deliciously hot and wet mouth. Jesse's head was moving up and down, but the tongue like a whip that way and that slapped on the head.
She stared into my eyes, watching my reaction. When I finally grunted with pleasure, Jess, pretending surprised. Member slipped out of his mouth, just so that she could ask:
- Dear Santa, do you like it?
- Ho-ho-ho! I -zavopil. - Santa like! It's even better than milk and cookies!
Yes? How about this? - Member plunged back into her mouth, but now much deeper.
Graceful fingers Jess vengeance squeezed and squeezed the eggs while she studiously pretend to be a vacuum cleaner.
Jess was stunned minetchitsa, and I felt that if she did not stop, it'll be down in five seconds.
- Oh, now I see that you are well-behaved! Very good! - I groaned. - Sit down on my knees, and say that you for this gift!
Jess instantly all prosekla stay again climbed on me.
Well, Santa, - she said, paused, gave me another kiss, and continued, - it so happened that I always dreamed about it - to sit in your lap.
She sat up, tickling the soft pubic hair, my quivering cock then gently sent his hand into gleaming wet cunt, and slowly sank.
Yes-ah-ah-ah! - She moaned as I fully entered into it. - What are you big Santa! I even this could not imagine!
Clinging to my arms, she jumped at me up and down, and I squeezed her thigh as he could to help her in this.
It was something incredible. From an overabundance of feelings, I almost groaned his real voice, but caught himself in time.
- No-o, you're a bad, bad girl!
Yes, Santa, I'm bad. This Mean Girls like me do not deserve any gift!
I started fucking her faster and faster, alternately sucking on first one and then the other breast. Beards tickled Jess, and she giggled. But then again her laughter gave way to moans.
- Oh, Santa, I'll finish!
So, what gift do you want for Christmas, dear?
Yes! YES! YES, SANTA! YES! STRONGER fuck me !!! - It's over, Jess huddled in convulsions, as if through her luxurious body missed the current.
My cock with a loud squelch scurried back and forth in the flowing hole, and his hands tightened on walking shaking boobs. I enjoyed every second.
Although a long time it could not continue. My erotic dream became a reality, and I could not stand it any longer.
Oh, ho-ho-ho !!! Nasty-nasty girl! O-O-O-O! - I went down to Jess, shaking like an epileptic.
Without a doubt - it was the best sex of my life.
But as we slowly came to, I froze, realizing what had happened. "Damn, well, was, I thought - and now what?"
Aunt Jess sighed loudly, his head thrown back.
Vince, Julia said you fuckin 'great, but it is clearly underestimated your abilities.
Gosha! She thinks I'm - Vince Peterson! Julia - it is our neighbor, a friend of Jess. And what do I do now? Jess after a long kiss, he leaves me alone, and I shoved limp dick back in your pants.
While dressing, she noted:
- Go first to have accidentally seen together. I just explain to Don that the cleaning had to spend more time than anticipated.
- O'key, - I muttered voice Santa.
Jess grinned:
You do not get out of the way, great. Many thanks. I've always had a dream to fuck with Santa. Maybe you should keep the suit, and we still have some fun! - Kiss me on the cheek, she added. - You were great: big, strong: a miracle, not a lover. I can not wait, when we meet again.
Smacking good-bye, Jesse pulled from his bag a pack of cigarettes and lit one.
- Well, see you later, dear Santa!
The next day, I went to my mother to return the costume and help decorate the Christmas tree. Hearing outside the house stopped the car, I looked out the window and saw that it was Jesse. Knocking on the door, she did not wait for an invitation, she entered the house and greeted us. Jess looked puzzled, something is clearly bothering her.
- Karen, you know, I'll just went to see Vince Peterson, thank him for yesterday. I mean, because he played great Santa. His wife came out and said that yesterday he broke his ankle. Unless Vince yesterday was Santa Claus, who will?
I calmly dusted Christmas tree sparkles, when my mother laughed and turned to me.
- You do not even greeted yesterday with my aunt? ... That's not very polite of you!
I looked at Jess, who looked as though he had just collided with a truck.
- Timmy? It was you?
I nodded, Vidocq me at that time was no better than her. We were both stunned.
- I saw you at the door, and, frankly, to greet the forces had gone. You cleaned up, and I terribly wanted to go home, I'm all sweated in this suit.
Jess she swallowed, and then lit
Well, Tim, yesterday you tried to glory. Everyone says like that.
How long to stay with us she did not, but I left it behind. Jess was on the street, and when I came pounced on me with reproaches.
- You, you fucked me! I knelt down and took in your mouth, and you did not say anything, just sat and blew drool with pleasure!
But I really could not! Well, I decided to poprikalyvatsya, make fun of you, but when you kissed me, lost control.
I can not believe. The cattle, at least you've heard this word - of incest? You know, you know what to do? How did you dare ?!
I blushed so that out of my face could easily get a light.
- You're always liked - I whispered - as a woman. I've always wanted: Well, you know: but in reality would not dare! Just when you kissed me,
Jess has been my thought:
I kissed you, and you spat on all decency? I guess I should consider it a compliment, moreover, God, but if anyone finds out:
No one! No living soul knows! We just pretend nothing:
We pretend as if nothing had happened! I fuck with my nephew! And what's worse - she came close to me and whispered, - it was the best sex of my life! BEST!
Stepping back, Jess tightened released a cloud of smoke, and again the crafty little devils jumping into her dark blue eyes.
I'm sorry, but I can not go against the truth: I still did not have a lover better than you.
What? - I was taken aback. - What do you mean?
I mean, you'd come to my house today at nine o'clock in the evening. Don will be on football. Only this time, do not take with a Santa suit. I think that sex with his nephew, even if he is not wearing Santa Claus has a lot of thrills conceals himself.
- Do you want to continue our relationship?
She threw a cigarette butt on the pavement and shoved him away.
- Honey, I know how to make a nice man. You will not do you deny that to anyone you were not as good as me
I almost choked ...
Yes, it was great.
Then, come at nine, and we have to play anything.
Jess left. I'm a little ochuhavshis after her words, too, went to his home. My head was spinning, a miracle that I was not knocked down in an accident.
At home, I stood in front of a small Christmas tree and thought: " Class, Christmas has not yet begun, and I have already received the best gift".