War and Peace (part 2)
Part I (continued)
From gasp of surprise,
Prince perdnul so that the shutters blown off.
The princess turned pale on dick,
And then bnulas chair.
Prince Andrew stepped forward:
"Do not fuss, you fucked in the mouth!
You - the goods, we - the merchant.
Okrut thing - and fucked!"
Natasha took crimson:
"Oh, no! I do not want to get married!
Though the clitoris masturbate at night,
But to live with such pizdorvantsem,
As Rzhevskij - beyond my strength!"
Here dad daughter interrupted:
"Shut up, larva, and not blather!
I myself will decide who is the best-in-law,
Whom thy fat asshole
I will honor award."
Then he looked at Rzhevsky
And the thought of such pizdanul:
"Good il bad you - do not fuck!
Are there any income you have?
How serfs have a shower
You confirm for me the list.
But only on the dick, do not bullshit me,
I instantly recognize a nonsense."
While the lieutenant in rhyme methyl
Prince Andrew answered for him:
"He lives among his edge
Three thousand and thirty-five cocks.
And fucked their mother, amplitude-syudy,
Three thousand and thirty-three pussy.
In total some eight villages,
And to them you still prieben
Under Bryansk sugar factory."
"This groom suit us.
That's my philosophy -
Pussy pleased zavsegda
With the proviso that
At dick money to dick!
This is the main condition
For the noble class."
"Dad, how did you moget?
Where's the love? Where agape?
Let mum force you fuck,
But I did, yet I, emansipe."
"You, my daughter, bitch, as well as mother.
I shit on your love,
Marry Rzhevsky to huyam,
And no - I will give you Psara -
Let them fuck you,
Or selling the harem, to Baghdad,
To the Emir of you fought in the ass."
Natasha shed a few tears here:
"Oh, daddy, you bastard, you awful,
Do not do dick - I agree ..."
The lieutenant thought of flowers,
But where to take them, and so will descend.
Fucking! Dreams come true -
All and all zaebis nishtyak.
Hurry to play Noces,
Then - to fuck, to fuck, to fuck ...
But Earl, the old wily demon,
Later, the lieutenant from the heavens:
"Not razevat his ebalo
And the aisle do not hurry,
Please, sir, to fast.
A wedding in the summer did not stop b
Play in June, for example,
Or in July. I for dick!"
That's easy to crap
Gusts young zeal
But the test must be respected,
Kohl took old dick decision.
"Can I muster the patience,
But at least hold out for the ass
Bride, let me once."
Earl smiled: "Well, if you please,
For ass, brother, hold."
The lieutenant put his arm around the buttocks
Such coveted young women.
Well, what a bitch that life!
Ah, how do you want to fuck,
June would only wait!

Be befuddled some heat
It was the summer of that year -
As it became soar on dick in May
And so until August, in the pussy.
Poperesohli, damn, all the rivers,
Chickens and sheep have died,
Well, Moscow Hussars
They took urine extinguish fires.
And then there's a meteorite,
Huyak under Obninsk fell -
Uebal old woman to death.
And the Metropolitan said:
"Like, even ussys though dick suck - being shocked in Russia!"
Dawn on the morning Moscow
How dick crimson poured ...
And over the Kremlin as above by a pussy,
the sun seemed to prick.
Rzhevskij woke up very early,
By Tatiana Larina sideways
Lay hands disperse.
I'm tired, all night it ebavshi.
Yesterday, playing cards smartly,
Eugene Onegin lose.
Without attendants, fag, proved -
The payment of the proposed chuvikhi.
After all, everyone knows grenadier -
Eugene Onegin - a pimp.
He carries village fools
From moms in gold capital,
At first he still fuck chickens
Then he leads them on Tverskaya.
And so it happened with Larina,
And fuck, because he begged Well -
Love, they say, you, what else?
Onegin is sister Ola
Then just a pussy tearing,
But Tanya, modest girl
And ass, ohuet, huge
He also did not disdain.
Bitching, it should be recognized
He taught the sisters ... fuck.
(to be continued)