Not Shepherd, but Rex
I was then 16 years old. How fast the years run! I lived, of course, with my parents, and they kept me in a black body. Late return home can not, the disco can not be, can not meet with the boys, etc. etc. How did it happen, and I do not know, but it turned out ...
We had a terrible nickname kobelk Rex. Color him was like a German shepherd, but rostochkom - a little more taxes. Rex was a smart dog, excellent guarding our house, in vain do not bark at passers-by and ... loved me. Maybe because it was I who brought him home. And, as they say, one day I brought him something to eat, and he happily ran around me, stood on his hind legs, licking my hands, in short, pat. I sat down and began to stroke his head, scratching behind standing like a real sheep dog, ears and impose "what a good dog!". Rex was quiet, but I continued to stroke him and praise. And suddenly I saw that he had leaned a little segment, hot and red. Surprised, I stopped stroking Rex, and he again began to rush, cutting circles and trying to lick the hands, feet, face.
It was the day. In the evening, at the request of the parents, I stayed at home. And at night, when everyone was asleep, I was again near Wrexham. I do not know why, I had no plan, but I went to see him. It seemed to me that he was waiting for me. I once again began to stroke his head and back. Then on the sides and belly. My hand slowly approached the back of the abdomen, covered with fine and soft shrstkoy. And here it is! But this was no longer the segment! It was a dick! Excited, big and hot. I, too, was trembling, and flowed. From my contact with a member of the Rex shuddered, he arched his back and began to make involuntary movements, as if about to fuck my hand.
I came up with the crazy idea. I lay on her back, pulled her to him and Rex put his front paws on my stomach. Immediately I returned to the member. He's a little opal, but I opened it again and sent easily to their pussy completely finished, slightly pushing with the other hand in the ass. As soon as he felt the heat and moisture of my body immediately began to work himself. It was great! I went mad on the full. I do not know how long it lasted. Then I felt that the ball is increased in me. It was a little painful, but Rex froze and flooded me with sperm. Then he relaxed and began to try to turn around, but I start to stroke again, and he fell silent, but had to scratch my bare stomach. After some time the ball Opal, a member came out of me and I saw him in full razmerchik. It was irregularly shaped, red with purple streaks. And I wondered how such an ugly term can give me pleasure, cause palpitations and a swoon.
According to my observations, Rex began to love me even more.
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