Wife with her husband
Wife with her husband.
I want to tell our story and to know your opinion. This is not a fictional story, and clean, but only changed the names. Having lived in married for eight years and I like a lot of men wanted to somehow change our intimate life, at the time of having sex with my wife, I began, so to speak, to cast a fishing rod, they say, how do we try to invite someone else. The woman even hear it
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I did not want to, but the man, though not immediately, at the time one of the ecstasies said that it would be interesting to try.
I started looking for a partner, but the candidacy of our mutual friends
bowed and generally Natasha said that even if will be engaged in sex with another man, he must be absolutely unknown, that no one knows about it. C each time setting the stage for a conversation on this topic, my little wife still confidently replied that he wanted to, because still I can not find a suitable candidate. Since one and a half years of searching, I found no one.
We reside in a regional center in western Ukraine. One day the stone work came inspector from Kiev, on the third day checking me over caused headmistress and said that the need to Oleg (auditor) to reduce the sauna so much so that he liked the girls and all the rest will pay for the firm, and I have to organize everything. When he came home, I told everything to Natasha that she became angry if there is to be a prostitute, she does not want me to go with them to the sauna, and then I asked her to come with us. First, she said that the shy, but eventually decided that it is better to go than not known with whom we'll be there.
While we were going, Natasha visibly nervous, said he did not know how and what to do, I said, on the spot shall understand. In the evening we drove to the hotel to Oleg and went to the sauna. Oleg was our age and just like his wife.
He did not even know that my wife Natasha. Arriving in a sauna we immediately undressed and wrapped in a sheet over his naked body, and then I offered a drink to our acquaintance, we drank some beer and vodka on top of steamed gone.
The first guy I took a sheet and then withdrew his Oleg. Seeing him naked Natasha blushed, but the heat can impact on the complexion, a member of Oleg was in an excited state, and the floor is almost no different from my size. First time sat not long emerged from the steam room and once in the pool as soon as the wife jumped into the pool, I just swam and took her sheet saying that it it only prevents Oleg just devoured her eyes, his cock immediately took a fighting stance, I have to defuse the situation again offered a drink.
After a few drinks Natasha visibly relaxed and even put one foot on the chair itself, thus opening her pussy on our review, it is all glistening with the selected lubricant, Oleg was ready to pounce on it, but I said, we go to bathe. Warm up, the second time I went a little early, went to the locker room, turned off the lights and closed the door, but it was all to be seen. They came in two minutes and jumped into the pool, Oleg immediately got out and gave his hand to my wife, after she got up, he put his arm around her, they became
kissing his cock rested against her stomach, he led her to the couch and began to kiss her breasts for a little bit down to her pussy, I'm so excited that did not even notice he started podrachivat, Natasha has all the shaking from the work of his language, I realized that it I covered the orgasm, and at the same time he had finished, I thought so abundantly I have not finished. I quietly slipped into the shower,
I rinsed, and then when I came Oleg already fully pulled my little wife to his number and she obviously liked it when she saw me she reached out a hand to moemuchlenu and immediately took it in her mouth. Oleg did not even know that he is another man's wife in front of her husband. When Oleg finished and poured semen all Natashkin tummy I immediately took his place, and when it is discharged and I, we got up and went to have a drink. That night no one and did not think about the guy, we drank
and again took up my favorite, we fucked her in all holes and a few times.
Testing ended perfectly, Oleg left the next day, and we are all little wife remembering what happened could not calm down, everyone really enjoyed it. Regretting only that it is not removed on the camera for the family archive, it is interesting to look at. Now his wife is ripe for a meeting with a woman or a married couple, but we will see what will happen next.
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