The case of the bus
This incident happened to me in the autumn of 2007. I was going to go from Novosibirsk to Novokuznetsk. Tickets for the train was gone and I had to go to the bus station in time to buy a ticket for an evening flight. The bus station there is some misunderstanding (who was in the capital of Siberia, he will understand), small and cramped. So I pack in a huge queue for tickets, and standing before me aunt forty years. She was wearing a black cloak, but even through the material, it was her sexy figure is clearly visible. Her breast was put forward significantly, the priest was a feminine round and had a very capacious size. And I immediately found myself thinking: would not it be great to be next to a chick in the bus.
You know, there are situations that here you are standing next to a woman, and you do not even look at each other, and a member of you starts to tear the pants, such vibes emanate from it. That's just such a situation. But I immediately calmed myself, because I thought that the law of meanness, she will sit next to some grandma. Well, here we are, therefore, all presses. And to me it just right. I have sent arms in front of and under the pressure of the crowd I rest in her ass and think "well, come what may." Even under the cloak of her ass palpated afigenno. Reactions on her part was not followed. And my hand pressed to the back of each of its rolls. After a while I began to feel the warmth of your hands, and it grew. This clearly tells me that the girl realizes that her ass lay hands young guy and that she likes. Realizing this, I have become much bolder and, clenching his right hand into a fist, pulled his fist, right between her buns. I do not know what would have ended it all, only we came up to the counter and I had to step back. She went to the window, bought a ticket, and very quickly got out of the bus station building of. I bought my ticket and went hopelessly output, excited to madness and unsatisfied. The unpleasant feeling. First, of course I was hoping to find it, so I thought that she could not go far, but after 10 minutes of searching, I realized that she was probably gone.
Before the flight was another six hours, and I went sightseeing. When I got back to the bus station, it was already dark. On the platform stood a lot of people, driving up and leaving buses. Bus Novokuznetsk was standing on the landing. Beside him lined up. I also came up and began to move slowly to the bus. Place I had at the beginning of the bus. Climbing the stairs, I began to move, and look out for their place under the number eleven. Seeing him, I went over and ... stunned surprise. On a nearby seat she sat .... No, I still have the world god! She looked up, and I read them easy fright. I immediately tried to calm her (because she had inadvertently could ask someone to change places with her). I pretended that I have never seen it, and all the women I currently have little interest in, pushed to his seat by the window. It seems impressed because She clearly calmer and seem to have thought that I did not recognize her. Having settled down, I thought it was good that I was sitting at the window, because I can control the movement of the bus, and I can hardly see.
Who went to the suburban bus next to a woman, he will understand all the intimacy of the situation. The seats are very close. And we naturally immediately touched his shoulders, forearms and thighs. Bus, moving slightly shook our bodies and I felt like she resisted at first that she likes it, and then it gradually crumbling defense and after a few minutes she went limp and feel you could imagine that they were going guy with his girlfriend. Nevertheless, I wanted more than "rubbing shoulders on the aunt." And for this it was necessary to configure it, how to say, on hooliganism. Those. relations, well absolutely no relationship. I started with the banal - I introduced myself. I say we go for a long time (I was lucky, because she, too, went to Novokuznetsk) and better to go with a familiar person nearby. Here, it is finally buried in me faltered maniac like a normal woman. She asked what I was doing in Novosibirsk, what I do, well, and other "nothing". I tried to respond quickly and provide the entire dialogue (or rather a monologue) her own, leaving a modest role to speak the words: Yes, Yeah, Mmm how interesting. However, we could not talk for a long time, as we left the city and the whole bus started to fall asleep. And we are also gradually fell silent. But the main objective has been achieved, it has ceased to be afraid of me, and the bus pitching did its job. Our bodies are constantly rubbing against each other. She even became longer cling to me, as if by accident. Pupils it was strongly expanded, it only confirms my theory that she was very excited.
She took off her cloak, sat sideways on the seat, ie, sing to me, and the person in the aisle and hid them. I noticed that her wearing a knee-length skirt with a cut. I enjoyed it very much. I also took the same position, and hid his jacket. I was lucky that it was autumn, not summer, because Our outerwear replaced us blankets, and hide us both. I pretended to be asleep. So I did not bother Svetlana (she had the) twenty minutes. After that, I could not stand, also it seemed to me that she was sleeping (ha characteristics Chukchi naive). She sat so that her ass almost rested against my dick. It was like a dream pulled her hands to her ass and stunned. It was hot - it was felt even through her skirt and cloak, hide it, as if all this time Svetlana just waiting when I start touching her. Realizing this, I moved on to more daring action. I began to remove her cloak and move to her skirt. When I put my right hand on her hip, I felt like it starts become soft. Then I squeezed with all his strength and her ass ... what a fantastic feeling when a woman "at the mercy of the victor." It is as if your body says, "Well, all you have won, well done, do it now with me whatever you want," and I started to do.
First I pulled her to him so that my bulging cock was just on her ass. I began to squeeze her big boobs right hand. She was wearing a blouse of some very fine and elastic material. So I felt the beauty of these large, soft breasts. She restrained herself at all, and only heavy breathing could give it to others. It was a kind of madness. people sitting nearby. And then a young man full-grown woman matzah. I could not be satisfied with a prelude through clothing. And then I put my hand under her jacket pulled aside bra and literally dug his hand into her tits. I squeezed them and kneaded. I could not believe my hands, I thought it was a dream and it's not happening to me. And what would make sure that I do not sleep, I squeezed her breasts even more. Svetlana was a 100% woman. Her nipples stood literally centimeters in length by two. They literally pierced my hand. Suddenly she grabbed my hand and led her from his chest and pointed to his crotch. To get to her mink, I lifted her skirt. And I felt their own hands an amazing picture. Tights she had elastic bands and ended on her thighs, panties dug Intermedia priests. Pet them, without much ado, I introduced her finger into the vagina. Oh my God ... how it turned hot and slippery. Svetlana, already having rejected any decency, breathing, moving to moan. Slide your finger, I realized that in her pussy fit no one. When removing your finger from the vagina, I one by one, add one more. Thus, time after time stretching it, I introduced her four fingers. Moving them was not very comfortable, so I just started to rotate his hand, causing convulsive swallowing saliva my fellow traveler. Light was in complete prostration, like me, from excitement, from the fear of being caught, in the end, from the fact that we absolutely do not know each other.
But here we are blinded by spotlights. And I had to pull his hand out of her vagina. My fingers were all in her lubrication, so I wiped them away ... on her ass and thighs.
We stopped in Cranes. Here, the bus stop was 30 minutes for the drivers lunch. People began to leave the bus to smoke and get some fresh air. I leaned toward her and offered to go for a walk and some fresh air. She agreed, and we went out one by one from the bus as if nothing had happened. We went away from the bus stop. I walked a little ahead. Amazing all the same thing worked. Five minutes ago I shoved his hand into her pussy, and now we go and silent, as if nothing had happened. Send us literally thirty meters, but we have to be seen from the bus. I stopped near some bushes and without a word turned and embraced the Light. Our lips have merged in a passionate kiss. Since I was very excited, I immediately my hands were on her ass, and I began to squeeze it with all his strength. I held her, my cock bulged out of his pants, so touching her belly. And then bam, he announced babsky silly quirk. She says, pulling me. I can not fuck with you, because I'm married. I do not want to fool around. Neither of which currently zayavochka, I think it is, after all that has already happened. Then I force held her and start kissing again and matzo. She reciprocates, but as soon as I insert your hand between her legs, then again it is I CAN NOT change her husband. Honourable loyalty I say, but now it is not relevant. I already fucked you on the bus. On the bus you finger, and it does not count, she says to me. Wow, I think finger. But rumors say that, they say nice Svetlana, I'm crazy about you and I can not keep all the excitement is (so to speak press on consciousness - sometimes rolls). Then she silently kneels on his knees, unbuttoned my pants. Because it breaks my dick and just hit it on the nose (not too sure). She takes the cock in her hand and starts to suck.
And here is a separate entry. How to suck dick adult aunt, is not to tell the tale. Experience is still a great thing. How do I blow my own age, it's not that. Very much like something mechanical in them comes out. As the algorithm it all: head back and forth and all this without saliva (I do not know where they were her Virgo). Plus pogryzut teeth so that fear, rather than bite there. But this aunt, I do not know what her "experience" in this case, but sucked simply divine. Never teeth I have not met (as with the teeth she's all right). Sucks, and even smacked his lips like candy. I'm so excited, that wanted to make a row and gradually started to move a member to meet her. I see she does not resist, and even goes to a meeting. Then I grew bolder and began to just fuck her in the mouth. First half of the thrust member, and only occasionally entire, checking her reaction. Well, and realizing that it is ready to accept it, he began to batter her at full speed, thrusting member so that my balls were fighting about her chin. A couple of times she choked, but I did not stop because he felt that will soon be over. At the peak of excitement I squeezed her head and just planted it on his penis. Then I finished it in her mouth. She wanted to pull away, but I did not let her. And again he stuck his dick to the full depth. At the same time she had to swallow. I do not know for what, but it's a very nice feeling to finish in a woman. It does not matter in the mouth or elsewhere. And if you finish in your mouth, you need to be sure that it had swallowed the semen, otherwise all the buzz is lost. That's the garbage. Freud might explain why this is so.
I took his dick out of her mouth, and she began to gulp air and say that I almost choked. I wanted to feel sorry for her, and I began to stroke her beautiful black hair, saying that I was very pleased.
After we returned to the bus and continued our way overslept. Before you go to sleep I thought, and no he could not understand why women do not consider blowjob for sex. And are not supposed to change her man engaged in vaginal sex, but no conversations are ready to suck a stranger.
Novokuznetsk she came back in Kuibyshev. Quietly, without goodbyes (and there may be some farewell), and I went to the train station. More we have never seen. But still the memory of an amazing trip from Novosibirsk to Novokuznetsk on the bus. So ride the buses and you may have will not forget meeting