First orgasm
so I will not describe my forehead looks. In my opinion it is banal. I actually do not even yet know what to tell you, but you do not worry I'm now wondering that be. Until this hour I wrote exclusively about his fantasies. Let me tell you that it really is.
I'm not so many years lived on our transitory earth, and I have this really rich sexual experience, although it is not small. I'm not going to tell you about how I was deprived of virginity, because very little I remember of what happened there.
Most my first sexual experience did not end the deprivation of myself at that time, my way, but I had fun, I think that the guy who was with me that night, too, did not remain not satisfied.
That's how it was.
It was autumn, it seems to October. My parents had left for the night to visit and did not intend to return. I called my girlfriend and two other guys. Both were very nice, but next looked funny. Dima was tall and lean, although in fact it is quite strong. And Vic is not terribly tall and muscular. At Vitka I sunk a long time, well, Helen liked Dima. We drank some beer, then asked Victor to make him a massage and we went into the bedroom of my parents. In the beginning I did make him a massage, but due to the abundance of muscle on his back my hands quickly get tired and he asked me to rest until he told me to do a massage. In the beginning he was just doing various arm movements, I was very pleased, because I love pretty rough massage, as it turned out then, and I love rough sex, but that's another story. That's how he was doing me a massage, and then I felt that my back is moving, something warm and sweet little rough, I realized that it was his tongue. He moved to the beginning of the lumbar spine along the top, and then he gently began to kiss my neck, because I started to break out postanyvaniya light, I even felt a little bit scared of what will happen next, but I wanted to.
He sat up a little, taking advantage of this moment, I rolled over on my back. In front of me was just amazing picture: the guy who I like scary, sits right on me, it is nothing but jeans and his body. Oh my God! What is his body. Yes, you can get an orgasm just from the sight. He leaned over and kissed me, by the way, it was my first normal kiss, I just realized. He started kissing my neck, and then he sank lower and here I am lying in front of him without a bra for me, as it only jeans, I'm not a bit afraid. I remember that we are always about - that said, maybe he did it to calm me down. He gently sucking my hardened nipples, kissing his stomach and then he unzips my pants to jeans, trying with me, take them off and my feet entangled in them, I start to laugh, and he makes the offended person and me on this, it becomes even funnier, but I still sit down and help him. With panties so he was not suffering, and here you are, I'm naked. Again, he starts to kiss his chest, I bow his hips down, to be closer to his body, but he begins to descend again, kissing each piece of my skin. His hand rests on my cunt and then I feel his finger gently penetrates into my hole and slowly and gently begins to move there. Then he teaches her lips to my clit, and eagerly begin to suck. And suddenly my sweet wave, no, it's not just the wave of a tsunami is, falls orgasm, not even a drop, but simply falls, just shakes me pleasure, it was my first orgasm more to me this was not. But this is not the end of history: