For mushrooms
Beginning with the class of 3rd parents once a couple of years I was sent to the village to relax for a week or two in the hot summer. For this very week to make friends with anybody could not, and the desire was not special because a year later, the other still lost love .. In general, really was familiar with only 2 neighboring devchenkami-sister, and with them I was not interested. But that was before I was 15 years .. 2 I did not rest at the grandmother, and completely forgot about these sisters .. It has been a day, the parents went home, and I, as previously immersed in the study of neighborhoods and collecting all sorts of goodies in the kitchen garden. Now the dinner, I was busy in strawberries, when I called to Olka Tanya. Glancing at these two girls, I did not even realize at first who they are and where they know me .. But I do not know anyone except Olka and Tanya in the village, and of course realized that this sister. Olka was older than me for a year, maybe, but I remember her little skinny girl, but now she has breasts, but still not barely noticeable .. and I watched her ass quite differently. The hair gathered in a ponytail, T-shirt through which acted bra and light skirt.
- Hi, - I said and looked at Tanya, who was age as me.
Tanya was a little plump, it was not so nice to consider, but in my 15 I was very excited girls tits, and she it was more than his sister, even through her blouse were so wound up that my imagination.
- Let's go for a walk - Olka shouted and pointed to the river.
I went out of the yard, and we walked along a narrow trail. I walked behind Olka and did not take his eyes off her hips swaying from step to step .. Easy skirt gently laying her ass, dividing it into 2 halves County. I have to say that I was a virgin before that only kissed a few times and a couple of times fondled breasts through clothes, so show the mind that turns me on her ass or what I think of her boobs I just could not, I was terribly afraid that she will notice it or think about it. We walked, talked about something and then Olka offered:
- And let's go to the forest to pick mushrooms?
I hesitated, it was necessary to warn the elderly and in general .. but boldly said:
- Of course, let's go now only run for a basket.
- And we all have! - Olka said, and took me by the hand, ran toward the woods ..
It took about 10 minutes we were surrounded on all sides by trees. Sisters noticed meadow strawberries and rushed to collect it directly into the mouth, and I slowly stamping them. Olya and Tanya sat on his knees and tore berries, and I watched them. Olkina sag T-shirt and I did not take his eyes off her tender boobs hanging from her black bra and standing of all kind of women with cancer. (Just like in my fantasies).
It took 20-30 minutes.
- Tanya, my mother told you to gather berries from the garden! And you laze around all day ..
The younger sister was silent most of the time and always listened to her sister. How can you? Said home - I went home ..
- Till! - He shouted after her and lay down comfortably ..
Here Olka crawled on all fours to me and asked:
- If you want, I'll feed you strawberries?
I precipitate, two feet away from me on all fours was a girl who at home would certainly become the object of my fantasies in the bathroom.
- Very, - I squeezed out of myself.
Olka smiled and sat side by side.
- And what do you want?
I just sat and tupil. He turned his head and began to stare at her boobs. Soon Olka tired of silence and sat on the ass leaned back in his loktiki .. Its maeyaka pulled the bra which rested her young sisechki. In order not to screw it up, I thought it would be, I lay down beside her and began to caress her breasts through a T-shirt.
- What do you like a little? - Olka said, and took off her T-shirt. - Lie down on me.
My cock was ready to finish the thought about it, I lay down on top Olka and rested his digging out a member of her pubis .. She closed her eyes and began to lift up her skirt on the sides up. I was just boiling, I just wanted to devour her, cuddle fuck and cum. But I was afraid. Then her pen began to climb through the tights in my panties, and then I felt a knob on the head ..
- Ahh .. - whispered softly in her ear.
I relaxed. My penis has openly resisted in her panties, legs enveloped heat and sponges. I began to caress his arms around her body, his hands clutching breasts and ran his palm on the tummy, rubbing pussy through panties and about her tryas member. Olka arched and moaned, and I entered into the taste. Clutching tightly her wet panties, I began to masturbate her pussy. He began screaming. I grabbed his lips in her bra.
- Grab it, - she cried.
I grabbed him by the center and pulled with a force closure and shattered her boobs sticking out from the excitement sosochami swing by our movement.
- Fuck me! Well, I'm all CURRENT.
I was ready to end at this point. For a long time without thinking, Olka grabbed my cock and began to shove it into her pussy, pushing aside her panties. When the head was inside she began to masturbate her clit one hand, and the second kneading their breasts. I started to drive his cock in her, and she was more bend and moan. Arching his back wheel she grabbed my hand and knocked on his back, I was ready to finish it off at a frantic pace and shaking boobs, when she fell on me and clutching her nails into his shoulders began to moan. This was the limit of her jerking and screaming I got to shoot a jet inside her ..
- Aaaaaa .. - I shouted in her ear ..
- Mmmmm - dug tighter ... Olka - Mmaaaa ...
As a vice, we bowed to each other, ending with ..
Mushroom picking did not end there, we got dressed, but remained lying on the meadow, fondling each other and awakening new desires, but this is a new story, and ..
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