Returning from a disco. Part 1
Katya was well-built girl, 19 years old, she was a brunette with big black eyes. Chest Katie was 3 size, slender, long-legged. It's a short introduction to the history of the move on the description.
This story happened with Kate this summer, returning late at night from the disco, but to go to her pretty decent 4 bus stop (about 40 minutes), and there was no money for a taxi. She was dressed in a white mini-skirt, which is strongly stretched across her slender hips, barely covering her ass when she stoop that all her charms were visible and halter top skinny chest and releasing the nipple (Kate bras did not wear), sandals with high heels.
Halfway she felt that she was someone talking, turned around, but no one was there and at that moment she unbuttoned the clasp on the shoes, she had to bend down to her zip and at the very moment it came tipsy three boys age 24 their named Sergei, Sasha and Maxim, she was in such a position that they could see her bare ass and began to talk:
- See what a bitch we met, very personal, I would otebal such an ass that is necessary, and you guys ?, - asked Serge
- Yes slut, that is necessary.
Kate heard it all without turning ran aimlessly, they ran after her. She ran 40 meters tripped and fell, and then they grabbed her and began to touch her, talking to each other:
- Well, that got a bitch, get away from us want, do not come! and then for disobedience will be punished.
- Well, that boys will lead her to my hut? then the way is not far away, not immediately to fuck ee.- said Serge
- Similarly, suddenly someone else would see her with someone else not going to share with you but to the boys.
- naturally we otymeem how to remember for a lifetime bitch!
The three of them tied up and dragged her to the hut. Hut is a 10-minute walk and got to her quickly, Kate tried to resist, but it did not work - the boys have a strong constitution, and for resistance to get a couple of strong slaps. Then they dragged her into the house, thrown on the floor and she began tearfully begging that they let her go, but it did not act on them, but on the contrary even more angry,
- Shut your mouth bitch, and not received, we will do everything we want Che and see if we do not like that will be punished, it is clear to you?
- I can not hear you bitch, answer me when I ask, all clear?
- Yes, eating I hear the girl replied.
- Now take off your clothes and not getting up from the floor slowly, - said Maxim
- I will not undress in front of you, you go all the goats.
- what did you say bitch and hit on the turn to her feet belly
- Okay, in this we will help you
They tore at the beginning of her top and her breasts were bare, and began to knead them, nipple twisting in different directions, delayed, biting, girl writhing in pain, asked them to stop
- No bitch is only affectionate beginning of the fun ahead, and neighing with one voice.
Going down they pulled her skirt with shorts together.
- See Serge pussy shaved, and put the index finger into her pussy - that love to fuck? not virgin, it's good to develop for a long time is not necessary, at this time, Sanya went to her face took off his pants with shorts and started to drive his cock Kate's face. Kate started to turn away his face Sanya infuriated, he started yelling at her:
- you che nipple ohuel at all? schA I shove you on the tonsils! took power turned her face to his penis and shoved it into his mouth.
Kate felt an unpleasant smell and tried to turn away, but he held her by the head and pecked her in the mouth, a member of Sanya was impressive size, it took out her almost to the throat, which caused the girl gag reflex and pulled it straight to his cock, and at the same time, Sanya began to finish. Conchal it long and hard, forcing her to swallow all the sperm and lick all their rygachki. But they did not stop there:
- listen to Serge, you're her pussy has not planted, I had already cum,
- Max Go to the kitchen, take a drink the wine should be.
While Max was looking for a drink, Serge undressed and began to insert her pussy your dick. He pecked her like an animal, but not for long, quickly finished, the Gulf sperm all their pussy, she began to flow, and he came out of it.
By the time Max returned with a bottle of wine:
- Max you are the one she did not let planted pobyriku fuck and drink, choose which hole like more? - Sanya said. Max thought, and said:
- Well, I probably will choose the faster will be the ass and finish it quickly.
He turned her over on her stomach and then Katya uttered words following items after a long silence:
- please: just do not go there! I have never ... do not, it will hurt
- if you relax will not hurt, just to - I do not change their decisions bitch! do not say anything, you do not ask!
He lifted her ass, and brought his finger into the anus, she screamed bloody murder ... Max with full force hit her on the buttocks:
- shut up bitch! and put his penis to the puckered ring anus and pushed force. But the term is not entered, he pushed another and member began to slowly penetrate into the interior began to move inside the girl with such force that the 10 minutes ended, the entire Gulf of ass sperm. They held her in the bathroom and said:
you have 15 minutes pomoysya well, later to continue or drop of semen left and mouth rinse, do not forget - we still need it and neighing choir and went to the bathroom to empty a bottle of wine.
It has been 10 passed a butyka devastated and they followed the maid into the bath: - Mr. Che nipple? otmylas or help you?
They pulled her out of the bathroom and dragged him into the room again thrown on the floor.
- Mr. Che boys, poprikalyvatsya over her by a pussy and ass in front of you next circle and? - Serge said,
- What do you mean? - Did not understand Sanya
- Now I show, and you can help me
- Max go to the kitchen to take a stick in the fridge sausage and Sanya you take her panties right now posstsym them.
While Max walked into the kitchen, they pissing her pants and stuck it in his mouth forcing chew them, meanwhile, came Max with sausage
- let the sausage here - said Serge and put nearly half of her ass and began to neigh
- Do you like boys?
Listen Serge we also still have an empty bottle of wine under her pussy is now in the poke. I wanted poprikalyvatsya it is necessary, and shoved half a bottle into her pussy and began to move Serge bottle and Sanya sausage in the ass, but it's Max fotkal phone. Serge shouted throw the phone out there on the table digicam quality polutchshe will. And he began klatsat pictures from different angles.
So all enough now go to case Max began near her face made spit pissed panties and put a member into her mouth and started to drive it almost limp dick. Serge went to a girl and put her in the pussy, and Sanya became the rear and introduced in the ass and began to fuck her three while accelerating the pace of fucking faster and faster. This went on for quite some time they changed places allowed it around changing times 4 she forgot was all in the semen, they are tired obosstsali it and in the end said to be here to serve us until we nadoesh. Drag and drop it on the bed tied her up and close themselves to sleep. Kate also went to sleep soon.
To be continued...