Timur and his team I. Part 13. Surprise
This story is based on real events, although some changes have been made regarding the site of action, its participants and the duration of time. And, of course, for effect, made some literary correction.
In the hall happening some shows. Approaching, they saw, as established in the center of the site on a leather couch some busty girl with his feet, wielding a small vagina, glass dildos. Playing loud music, the audience watched the performance while sitting at the tables. Timur and Lara stopped in surprise, not knowing his upcoming role. Timur saw the sun, she sat at the bar and caught his eye, beckoned them to his finger. They came and sat ryadom.- Boris, Lena, pour us some glass of drink specials - Sun turned to the bartender. Daveshny bartender was back in place, he immediately started to fulfill the order. A minute later there were glasses in front of them. Timur knew right away that this is not the energy drink, which he drank earlier. He and Sun drinks were bright yellow, and Lara, for some reason, red, like tomato juice. Barmaid Lena also holding a yellow napitok.- For your debut! - Sun announced, turning to Timur and Lara. All drank the drink was a little sour, but quite tasty. Lara also pleased drained stakan.- You did a good job today, especially Timur - Sun said. - I hope you have enjoyed - It is very fun, - said Lara. Timur nodded, a sign soglasiya.- But we, as you may have noticed, is not always possible to enjoy all the delights of the local host - said the sun - we have released Borys frolic, and now decided to have some fun themselves. We thought that perhaps you will agree to join us? Timur did not deliberate for a second. Already after the time when the Sun was doing him a blowjob, he is very willing to continue their obschenie.- course - he said - with pleasure - be honored - pretentious said Lara.- We had hoped - the Sun said. Lena remained silent as a sly smile - what we want to offer you, a bit unusual, but I promise not to any extreme budet.- After that, we have tried here, it is difficult to surprise us, - said Timur, although on the sly smile of Lena, he was a little off sebe.- Then let's go, - said coyly Solntse.Oni went after her, Lena, too, came out of the bar, walked behind them. As they walked, Timur felt his penis fills with blood and takes a fighting stance. As the body spilled pleasant warmth, but in the legs appeared a weakness. They went to the dressing room where lay their clothes, and from there went to another door leading to a fairly large room that resembles an ordinary hotel room. Timur looked - in the room was a regular double bed, the floor was carpeted, and the walls were shelves on which the most common toys for sexual pleasure were scattered. Nothing suspicious Timur not found. A member of his already so badly swollen that even ached, probably acted taken a drug. He looked at Lara. She stood, panting, in some excitement. Sun and Lena, going forward, began to back him. From somewhere in the ceiling was heard classical music. As if following a particular program, the Sun and Lena, without turning around, began to take off her covering the hip skirt with panties .. Synchronous bending forward at the same time they lowered down the skirt, legs, and upright legs just flung them side. Then they both turned. Eyes widened in surprise, Timur and Lara looked at sticking in the crotch girls, two healthy male dick! Hui were the most that neither is true. The Sun was about the same size as that of Tamerlane, but Lenin was a member, though not much longer, but at least twice tolsche.Obe, or both, Timur could not understand, as they are now called widely they ulybalis.- This is our little surprise - sugary Sun said. - Do you like - I can not believe! - Lara said. - You are hermaphrodites - What a girl educated, - said the Sun, coming closer to them - I hope you do not mind a little sexual experimentation - with these words, she went to Timur and dug his lips in his mouth open in surprise. Timur felt about his penis rubs against the same, belonging to the Sun. He was seized terrible excitement and, putting aside all the complexes, he said to the sun caress, taking her in his arms. Next to them were kissing passionately and Lena Lara. Gradually, without ceasing to caress each other, both couples moved to the bed. The first to lay down Timur and sun. Sun immediately lay down on his back and turned and began to suck a member of Timur. Facing Timur turned her male, bloodshot member. Even without thinking, Timur resolutely took it into his mouth and began to suck. It was not so easy, a member fills the mouth, and space for maneuver was not much. Timur started doing translational movement, more and more deeply swallowing member. Soon he found himself in his throat. Holding his breath, Timur pressed, and immediately felt as a member enters his throat. It is completely swallowed member, resting his lips in a clean-shaven Sun eggs. Before his eyes, turned her anus. It was well designed. Timur felt that he did not have enough air, and began producing member. They sucked each other for about a minute. And at this time, sitting next to them, Lena, shaking her breasts, fucked on all fours Lara, in the vagina. Letting go of each other, Timur and the sun joined them. Sun knelt in front of Lara and shoved his penis into her mouth. Timur just got the sun and began to enter the cock in her ass. Member gently entered her warmth. Moving back and forth in the sun alternately introduced Lara cock in her mouth and ass to sit down to a member of Timur. Having trained as a little they changed pozitsiyu.Solntse replaced Lena and put his dick in the ass Lara. Lena lay down on his back and put his feet up, Timur introduced his penis into her. He fucked Lena, seeing from his tremors shaking her thick cock. Timur went to her and, clinging to large breasts, kept warm fucking ass. Member Lena rubbed on his belly. Next to it, he settled down behind the sun. Continuing to introduce a member of Timur in Lena felt the sun enters into his ass his dick. Lara stood up in front of him on all fours, his brother held up the vagina, Timur became obediently licking the crotch sister. A few minutes later the position again changed. Now Timur fucked Lena. Its member decent bursting his ass, getting into the rectum depth. Lara jumped, sat on the sun member. They changed positions many times. Each member has not once visited each available opening. It's been at least an hour, and no one has ever finished - probably because acted pronyatoe drug. Timur finished first. His cock was at this point in the ass sister, and he was released to his entire jet. Piled, almost exhausted, he continued to watch as Lara, sitting vagina on the penis of Lena, at the same time takes in the ass Sun member. Hermaphrodites fucked his sister for about a minute, and then, at the same time, began to finish. Lara jumped from their members and, masturbate with their hands, let the two jets into his mouth. It was a complete Happy End.- You like it? - I said Timur lying near Lena ....- It! I hope we somehow it povtorim.- How about tonight? - Sun said - an hour later the club is closed. I think Boris and Ilya Lera also did not refuse to go to my gosti.- And Tomochka Call - wink Timur Lena - she is a girl self, often we byvaet.Ni Timur nor Lara, not vozrazhali.Ostatok night promised to be stormy and cheerful ...
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