As my uncle put an enema
The biggest in my life, but pleasant shock, the shock I experienced when I was in 9th grade. I was only 15 years old. And how do you think it was for me in such a shocking event? First love? The unexpected victory in a sports competition? You would not guess. This was the case when my uncle offered to put me an enema. It happened when I was staying with him during spring break. Until then, no one I never put an enema, and I do not even know what it is. It was so extraordinarily nice, a shame, a little scary, but exciting.
Until now, I very clearly remember that, the very first enema in my life, and very grateful to her uncle for her, because he not only helped me when I was sick, but also revealed a new world, the world of enema, taught a novel process pleasure.
Ceychas I want to try to tell the whole story in order, as far as my memory will allow me through all these years.
It all started after I had been at a party on the occasion of the birth of a classmate, three days earlier. There I ate a normal teenage parties for similar food like pizza and Coke. It ended gases and severe constipation - I have previously been similar problems when I eat healthy food instead, adopted in our home (salads and vegetables) food from fast food.
I was a very shy teenager. The work of my intestines and my general physiological functions have been for me one of the most taboo subjects almost taboo. I was very ashamed to admit it to his uncle. I did not want him to know that I have constipation and gas. So I decided to try to do on their own, without referring to it and devoting it to their problems.
And when my uncle was at work, I decided to delve into his home medicine cabinet. I wanted to find there any laxative. The fact that the house I used to solve such problems with the intestines using laxatives. But, to my great dismay and chagrin, I have not found in my uncle's medicine cabinet no laxative. But I found a box in which there were two candles Ducolax (Bisacodyl). However, at home, I never used the candles himself. Worse - the parents too, I never put candles in childhood. So I just did not know how to use them. Fortunately, it turned on their application instructions in a box.
Carefully read the instructions on how to use candles, I pulled the jeans and shorts to the knees. Then I put two candles in a row his ass, trying to push them deeper into the finger. It came on the bed ass up and waited for the candle will act. That it was not so boring to lie and wait, I turned on the TV itself and watched some gear.
When passed about 45 minutes, I felt a strong desire to go to the toilet. I went to the toilet, bathroom with bath. There I sat on the toilet, which is jokingly called his uncle's house "throne"But only vypukaet lot of gas. Despite this, I still felt strong bloating, rumbling and pain in the abdomen, and empty the bowel and could not. Moreover, after the candles I felt even worse. For abdominal pain added a burning sensation in the anus and ineffectual cpazmaticheskie desires in a toilet.
Once again coming out of the closet, I felt disappointed, really unhappy, very sick. I went into the bedroom and lay down on his stomach on the bed, hoping that will soon feel better. After some time he returned from work, my uncle. I have not even got out of bed to greet him, and he came into my room. Talking with me, he said, that I did not like themselves, and asked if I was ill.
By that time, I felt very bad. I decided to overcome my shame and thought it best to tell the truth uncle. And I said to my uncle embarrassed that I could not go to the toilet for three days after that party, and I feel sick and my stomach badly swollen and sore.
Uncle immediately touched my forehead and said, I have the temperature. He left the room and returned with a thermometer and a jar of Vaseline. My uncle asked me to pull the jeans and panties and turn on its side. I reacted angrily, saying that I was not a little to me to measure the temperature in the anus (the last time I measured the temperature of the house in such a way in 7 years) and I always measured the temperature only in the mouth. Uncle said soothingly: "Tony, I understand your embarrassment, but now it is a case where you need to measure the temperature is in the anus. Because if you have a stomach ache, you can have a normal body temperature, but there is a fever. In addition, as precisely and quickly measure".
I was too weak to argue, and decided to submit his uncle. Dutifully unbuttoned jeans, I pulled them up to her knees with shorts, turned on his left side and pursed his leg to his stomach. Uncle sat down beside me on the bed. Gently stroking and patting me on the ass, he asked me to relax and not to compress the anus. For some reason I was pleasant such care, although I thought I was too old for that. A minute later, after his uncle's these words, I felt a strong uncle's rough hands pushing my buttocks. Then I felt the cool touch of Vaseline to the hole, and my uncle's finger, gently massaging my anus outside. It was very nice, but at the same time I felt a strong embarrassment and shame. Behind this feeling it's a different feel - something cold and slippery, the glass slipped into my anus, slid once easily and without resistance. I guessed that it was his uncle brought a thermometer, and, turning his head and squinting back, I tried to ensure the correct guesses.
Seeing his ass sticking out with him a third glass thermometer, I suddenly felt excited. My cock got half, and I was very embarrassed by this circumstance. At the same time I was glad that I was lying on his side, his back to her uncle, and he does not see my erection. Otherwise I would have been even more confused.
My thoughts were running with the speed of the train, and I felt some strange excitement, longing inside. It has long been forgotten feeling at that time, when I measured the temperature in the ass last time, again surfaced in me. Again, I felt like a little kid, about which care is like, who want to help the strong adults. The same long-standing feeling of trust, openness and obedience to his uncle as a child - mom and dad. And cold glass object in the ass, which is so easy to slip out when you squeeze. I began to try a new experience, then squeezing, then relaxing the anus, causing half the thermometer climbed out.
While I was lying with a thermometer, uncle gently stroked my ass and held every now and then slipped half a thermometer, a mother did in my early childhood. A few minutes later my uncle again parted my ass, and I felt as he gently pulls me out of the thermometer, which by that time had not seemed to me cold. I was a little sad that the temperature measurement is completed as quickly as I had already begun to enjoy the sensations of the thermometer in the anus. However, I had no choice but to pull the jeans and panties.
Looking at the scale uncle announced that I really fever - 38 degrees. Then he went out, apparently to hide the thermometer back and back.
When he returned, his uncle asked me, and I took some laxative, antipyretic or something else. I'm embarrassed to admit that I tried to make a 2 laxatives candles, but it did not help ... and it got worse. Then my uncle suggested an enema, or show me how to do an enema to himself.
As far as I remember, at home I've never put an enema. So I do not know what to do, and that is an enema at all. So I asked my uncle explained to me the procedure in detail, what it is made, how it works, and what it all.
My uncle took me to the bathroom. There he took on the top shelf locker flat box, and took from her big red rubber hot-water bottle with a red hose and the white tip attached to the end of the hose. Showed me this thing, he said, that this is an enema, and began to explain in detail how to use an enema.
After hearing from his uncle, that this large, pretty scary which looked gizmo I'll have to fill the brim with warm water, so even with soap (and, according to his uncle, in the hot-water bottle placed 2 liters of water), and then shove the long thick tip his ass and take all this to the end of an enema, but still keep it a few minutes later, I was not a little frightened. It seemed to me that it must be very painful and unpleasant. And I could not imagine how my ass, and without brim clogged gases and solid shit, can enter such a big enema - as much as two liters of water! I also seemed shameful and humiliating the process of formulation of an enema.
Uncle, seeing my consternation and embarrassment, smiled and said: "Do not be afraid enema, Tony. It does not hurt and is not terrible, and even unpleasant. Everything will be OK. Good warm enema will help you, you emptied and abdominal pain will pass. You will not get hurt, you'll be just fine and pleasant warmth in the ass and in the abdomen".
These uncles words plunged me into even greater confusion. I felt very small and helpless boy, which speak as a child - comfort, soothe and coax. However, I was born in a certain warm feeling to my uncle, who understands me so well, and what is happening with me. I felt safe, I felt that I could trust my uncle and it really does not make me a bad, painful or unpleasant, and that he really wants to help me.
Thinking about all this, I decided that I'd rather not experiment and try to put yourself an enema itself, and trust his uncle. The more so because it was the first time in my life when I do put an enema, and I decided that I'd rather let my uncle put me an enema, because he was clearly very experienced in this and knew what to do.
When I told my uncle that I wanted to he gave me an enema, he told me to strip naked in the bedroom, leaving clothes and come naked to the bathroom. At first I resisted a little embarrassment and awareness of the need to be completely naked in front of my uncle, but increases the pressure and discomfort in my stomach from constipation and gas quickly made me forget about the embarrassment and humiliation of an enema.
Internally resigned to the necessity of an enema, I quickly went into the bedroom, pulled and removed his jeans and pants, took off shirt and wrapped a bath towel around his waist. And with a towel around his waist, I walked into the bathroom, where my uncle is already filled to the brim with an enema with warm soapy water. I saw Uncle screws to warmer tube, hose, faucet and tip. Then uncle opened the tap and pulled some water, explaining to me that pulls air from the hose residues and closed the tap.
My uncle gave me an enema touch, saying: "Tony, try water - enough whether it is warm, not hot does it for you. After all, it's your enema, it's your ass, it's the water that goes into your ass, and you should be very interested in that Vodicka was warm and pleasant".
I was very confused by his uncle's words about the water that goes into my ass, and I should be nice, but dutifully touched enema and hesitantly told his uncle that it is warm and I have such a temperature, probably satisfied. In fact, I was in this'm not sure because I do not know if I do not seem to warm to the touch with hot water in the ass.
After that, the uncle asked me to remove the towel and laid it on the bathroom floor. He then ordered to lie on the floor on her back and spread her legs wide, one foot on the edge of the tub, and the other on the toilet seat, so it was convenient to do an enema and I could clearly see my hole.
I was very confused by the offer to go to such a shameless posture. Also, I was very nervous because I had all of a sudden there was a strong erection, and I could not understand why this is my cock stood up. And, of course, I am still a little afraid enema, despite uncle's persuasion and assurances that it is not scary and it does not hurt. I was scared and ashamed, but at the same time interesting. Usually I had an erection only when I spoke with my girlfriend or with other girls, but not in the presence of another man, especially an uncle. Therefore, suddenly emerged in front of enema erection me very confused. I began to think that with me that something is wrong.
My uncle noticed that I was very shy, and told me that I was not worried about my now stood already fully erect penis. He added that he, too, is experiencing a strong erection whenever he makes himself an enema, and that it is generally okay for men to experience an erection before and during an enema. In addition, the uncle again asked me to relax and not be afraid enema, repeating for the umpteenth time, it does not hurt and is not uncomfortable. I felt a little better, and I became less embarrassed. I allowed myself to relax a little, feeling that everything is fine and that there was nothing wrong or unusual with me.
Then I run my numerous and chaotic thoughts was interrupted, and uncle asked if I was ready to the fact that he began to put me an enema.
I said uncertainly "Yes..."And uncle knelt down on the floor. Then he felt my stomach and said: "Tony, we can not now start to make you an enema, because your stomach is full all the gases and there is no place for an enema. You must first propukatsya, take at least a little gas, and make room for the enema".
These words I again plunged into confusion as always confused me any mention of the gases and in general my natural departures. I blushed, and my uncle said: "Do not be shy gases, Tony, you're just sick, that's fine and everything will soon pass. Gaza - is as much a disease like any other, and should not be ashamed of this. You propukaeshsya and you will feel better, and then we will supply you a good warm klizmochku, and you will be very well".
With these words, my uncle rose from his knees, pulled out of the closet a long thin red tube, a jar of Vaseline. Then he sat down again in front of me on my knees and began to push my buttocks.
Soon I felt my uncle's finger lubricate my anus. Then he asked me to relax and not to compress the ass, and began stroking and massaging my buttocks. I felt like my uncle's finger gently and smoothly slid inside me and I began to lubricate the intestine. The sensation was unusual and very enjoyable. At first, I still shrank, and uncle gently asked me to relax and not to strain. Then I relaxed and farted, and immediately felt ashamed of this, again, blushing deeply. The uncle, however, said approvingly: "Well done, Tony propukaysya, releasing gases". And he began to encourage me to do so by moving your finger in my anus while massaging and pressing on my stomach. Such buzz I've never experienced - I had a feeling ... that somewhere in my head exploded a fountain of pleasure. Eyes half-closed, I began to dream about how it would be done to me Amy, a girl, in which I then was in love. At the same time I was trying to control the muscles of your anus - then relaxed, then tense and farts, it impacted the anus ringlet, clasping my uncle's finger. Uncle also encouraged me to release gases and push.
Then I felt my uncle gently pulled his finger and began to introduce me to a long, thin tube deep, deep in the ass. I was surprised at how deeply can enter the tube without causing me any pain. At the same time I was a little disappointed that my uncle so soon stopped massaging my gut finger - I enjoyed it very much.
Introducing Me tube into the anus, uncle remained sitting on his knees beside me and massaged my stomach. Through the tube soon began to leave abundantly gases, and I was very confused by the smell, set in the bathroom. However, my uncle pretended that nothing happens and everything is fine, and encouraged me to encourage tighter, and fart through a tube, and in addition to the tube. I really felt better, and I felt the pressure and distension in the stomach eased.
Emboldened, I told my uncle that I felt better, and asked timidly: "Uncle, perhaps it is not necessary enema?". Uncle smiled and said: "No, Tony, you should definitely put a good warm enema, and you'll feel better, you will be completely emptied and good. Do not be afraid enema, Tony, it is needed. You will not be not a bit hurt, there will be unpleasant, you might be just nice and warm in the ass and in the abdomen".
With these words, Uncle gently pulled me into the tube again asked me to relax and not to compress, then gently put in greased enema tip into my ass. Then he asked if I prefer not interfere if I tip Do not scratch, if it hurts me. I said no. For myself, I thought that the tip of the pope, perhaps even pleasant. Then my uncle asked if I was ready to begin infusion enema. I hesitantly replied: "Yes".
After receiving this response, the uncle asked me to breathe deeply and evenly, relaxing and not to compress the ass, and opened the tap on the hose. At first I did not feel anything, but after a half minute felt like my ass slowly began to fill with warm soapy water.
My uncle began to massage my stomach, spreading it with warm water coming and helping me to take an enema. With the other hand he was massaging my ass, helping me relax. I was unusually good, warm and pleasant in the ass and in the abdomen, and at the same time very much like in the toilet. I was a little cramping and bursting. I have never experienced such feelings and did not even know that they exist.
But since it was the first time in my life when I put soap enema, but still I had severe constipation, I was unable for a long time to hold the enema, and began releasing dirty water in the bath towel that was spread under my ass, although he knew, he must accept and hold the enema. I made a lot of dirt in the bathroom, and thought that his uncle would get angry at me, and was very confused. Involuntarily I shrank, and the tip slipped out of me.
However, my uncle told me not to worry about it, and said that if I find it hard, I can relax and let the water on the towel. He added that removes all that later. He then re-inserted the tip and I continued to pour me an enema, is not empty water bottle.
I must admit that when he finished pouring me an enema, I let loose the dirty water almost the entire bathroom and a towel under my ass, but I felt 1,000 percent better and was very grateful to his uncle for an enema.
I got up from the floor to be washed away, while my uncle cleaned the dirt, I let loose on me. Then my uncle told me that it is necessary to repeat an enema to clean out my soap and prevent bowel irritation. I agreed and got into position again, and Uncle cnova filled the enema, this time with pure water, and then gave me an enema.
The second time, my uncle hung enema significantly higher ckazal that I need to wash deep to dilute and remove the poop powerful stream of water. In fact, I felt a strong jet of water literally bursts into my insides. Never before have I felt such a strong urge to immediately poop. I began to squirm and writhe on the floor, pulling at his feet, and he wanted to beg him to stop immediately and sent me an enema. But it was too late to complain and ask: enema flowed so fast that before I decided to protest, having overcome his shame and fear of being insufficiently courageous, all 2 liters of water were already in my ass - in less than three minutes from the beginning of infusion of the enema. It seemed to me that I was about to break apart. And as soon as the tip of his uncle pulled out of my ass, I lost control and loud crap one's pants. It was probably like Niagara Falls or volcanic eruption :-) Uncle massaged my stomach and pretended that everything is perfectly normal and cocoa for themselves after the enema - a common thing for the big boy of fifteen.
Then the uncle put the cloth over the dirt on the floor, he substitution of me and invited me to repeat the enema again, saying that I need to wash up clean water. I do not like very much afraid that once again repeated that high enema, from which I was almost sick to my stomach. But I was too weak to protest, besides me, in spite of everything, and despite the pain, began more and more like an enema.
So I agreed to the third enema, and uncle refilled water bottle, but this time with cold water, saying that at the same time bring down my temperature. He hung enema this time is low, so that the water flowed slowly, as in the first time during the enema with soap. The feel of the cold enema me again surprised and shocked: I was cold in the ass and in the abdomen, such as spasms nice, but was not hurt. It was not like any warm enema or the enema with soap and water, and I myself was surprised what a big difference in the sensations gives such a trifle as the water temperature.
This time it was easier, more familiar, and I was able to hold an enema and not let a single drop. What I was very proud, especially because my uncle said it and praised me.
But the most surprising and shocking to me was that at the end of the third infusion enema my erect penis suddenly trembled, and at first it acted as a drop of grease, and then without any outside stimulation he suddenly shot, splashing my stomach and chest. I was ashamed of the sudden orgasm, arising for no apparent reason during the enema, but the uncle said: "Nothing terrible and unusual in this, Tony, is the case with many men during the enema". From this it became a little easier, but it was still very ashamed in front of his uncle.
After the third enema I emptied, as it should be, sitting on the toilet. Never before had I experienced such extraordinary relief, such ease and pleasure.
This incident happened 12 years ago, and I got an enema from a stranger only once since then. It is three years later, at age 18, when I was in the hospital for about a football knee injury, and I had a constipation from a lying position and inactivity, as I was on bed rest and hospital food. I put an enema male medic, so I flatly refused with embarrassment when I was offered an enema nurse - I did not want another woman saw my erection.
Ta ... enema was also nice, but not as sharp as the first time in 15 years. At that time in the hospital I did an enema on the left side, then quickly turned back and framed ship, and repeated two enemas already put me on the back with outstretched ship, since I was bedridden and could not get up to the toilet. Erection I was strong, but orgasm does not happen.
After that enema at the hospital, when he was an adult, I bought my own enema. So now, when I have a need for enemas (and there I have it often), I am ready to take care of myself, thanks to my uncle showed me an enema and opened my pleasure connected with it when I was a teenager.