Louise - my colleague on the editorial board - is the type of women who love to get everything at once. She was a beautiful young woman, full of self-esteem, and gave the impression of an impregnable rock. Such women do not tolerate weak men, they recognize only strong, but like the men were lying at their feet. In addition, our views differed greatly, but no matter what, I wanted it for a long time. I'm not one of those who stick to each counter-skirt, I know her worth and love to win victories against women such as Louise. Women, who are called "hangers"Never aroused in me the desire.
We have worked with Louise side by side for almost three months, but no word or gesture did not give each other reason to prurient thoughts. However, being an expert on the psychology of women, I felt that she was not indifferent to me, and during the whole of our acquaintance, I have never left the subconscious belief that our closeness - a matter of time. And as often it happens, it happened quite unexpectedly ...
We were returning from a nearby town, where went on journalistic cases late in the evening. Behind the wheel "Mercedes" sat our patron, the front passenger seat is his deputy, Louise, we also went to the back seat. We chatted, discussing the future stuff, but gradually I felt that Louise, our chatter and uninteresting as she spoke, she was thinking about something else. Guess what exactly were her thoughts, there is no difficulty. Someone, probably would not notice calling out the light in her eyes, but I - no longer a boy. Our hands themselves have found each other and taking advantage of the fact that our bosses are passionate about the conversation, I softly stroked her warm hand degradability. When we got to town, I knew exactly what our relationship will grow like wildfire.
The next day, he was alone in the office, we made eye contact and ... A moment later, I held her beautiful body in a passionate embrace. Our lips met and she dug into my mouth with his hot wet tongue. These minutes of bliss interrupted the steps outside the door, reminding us where we are. For the rest of the day passed in the short touch and kissing. I have never for a moment doubted that I would have this woman to dream.
I often accompanied Louise home after work, but today it was clear without words. She lived with her mother, but today was obviously our day, as the mother of Louise yesterday left for a week to relatives in the capital. I did not even wait for an invitation up to her house - it was self-evident developments. Once in her apartment, we did not lash out at each other like lovers after a long separation. Easy supper (not by candlelight, but with good music), I asked her to dance. I could hardly contain his desire, trying to prolong the pleasure. With it, the same thing happened. We have people who know a lot about this carnal love and enjoy every moment of dance, every touch of our excited bodies, each light kiss, not allowing passions to overwhelm us.
Problazhenstvovav so five minutes, Louise, slyly smiling, walked away in the shower. I collapsed on the sofa and closed his eyes, thinking about coming close, when she appeared in the room again. That's how I it has never seen! It was the queen! And she was supposed to be mine! From the thought involuntary movement began in my pants. I pulled Louise to him and began to shower her perfect body kisses. It was an easy semi-transparent dress, under which guessed a beautiful black silk underwear. I could not control myself, yeah, and Louise was already on edge. Slowly putting it on the sofa, I kissed her lips and her tongue finding her tongue, gently began to tickle him. Passionate moans betrayed that she wants more. I also like this, but today I decided to show all that capable.
Showering kisses on her neck and shoulders, I slowly released her from the clothes, and soon her dress turned out on the floor, opening my eyes her beautiful body, dressed in a black bra, lace stockings and a belt with translucent panties. Tenderly releasing a chest of silk, I moistened her tongue swollen nipple and began to gently lick it. In this second, my hand slowly slides on the inner side of her hips, rising higher and higher to the very center of her pleasure.
Continuing moaning, Louise stroked my hair with one hand and the other hand gripping the other breast, and gradually exposing her. When the second breast was exposed, I pressed his lips to it, and began to suck on the nipple. Next came the turn of her tummy. I was a little delayed licking her navel, and crawled below. By the time my hand had already penetrated into her panties and I stroked the soft, moist flesh, causing regular moans of his queen. After examining her body in front, I carefully turned Louise on his stomach and continued to shower her body with kisses. I especially liked its elastic sweet ass. I had never met a woman with such a beautiful popochkoy. I am pleased, stretching pleasure lick her buttocks, coming closer to the anus, but the way she writhed, I felt that she wanted me to kiss her. I myself wanted to do this, however, it is still not decided on this because, in our region, oral sex has always been taboo. I already had quite a lot of experience of oral sex, but I do not know how to react to it, and Louise, all spoil, decided not to risk. I slowly took off her panties, and turning his back on the kiss on the lips while running her hand between her legs. All this time I remained clothed. But Louise is probably not very loved, as she found herself face to me, flipped me on my back and started to make me the same thing I did with it. I just baldel pleasure as her wet tongue began to wander around my flushed body, sinking lower and lower. However, on the lower abdomen, it did not fall. I groan squirming, trying to casually touch his hard dick on her face, but I have nothing left. I stroked the hair on her head and tried to gently push it to its members. She did not protest, but did not give my impulses. However, I did not despair, feeling that sooner or later it will happen, the first step you need only make the most. I pulled myself to her thighs so that they ended up near my face and broke her leg through. Now her burning desire to pussy was directly over my face, and I started to kiss and lick all around, avoiding only the very center of her being. Louise, meanwhile, continued to kiss my belly. I felt that a little more and do not hold back, I kiss her pussy, but it all happened by itself. Voluptuous moaning and writhing, Louise, literally sat on my face and I clasped his hands around her waist dug his mouth in the most coveted part of her body. She howled with delight and vigorously moving her hips, began to rub her pussy on my face. Now all borders have been destroyed, and I will gladly began to lick her most precious treasure, getting language into the hot wet flesh. After a few seconds, I felt that my cock was at the mercy of her mouth and she greedily swallows it to its very foundations. It was something indescribable! We no longer had to restrain myself! We were at the mercy of each other! Feeling that Louise will soon reach the peaks of pleasure, I started helping his tongue fingers, thrusting them in both her slits. A few seconds later, Louise moaned drawl and not letting my cock out of his mouth, I began to squirm in convulsions, abundantly watering my mouth their sweet liquid. A few seconds later exploded and I! Sensing the approach of orgasm, I tried to release ... a member of her mouth, but Louise grabbed his lips tightened, and I had no choice but to finish it right. After lying in this position for about a minute, we have turned to each other and indulged in long, kissing and stroking our bodies.
I have known a lot of women, but such rapid orgasm I have not experienced in my life! A few minutes later, it took out to smoke a cigarette, we resumed our affection. We still had a lot to taste that night, and we did not miss anything, not a single movement, a single kiss, a single breath, a single orgasm! And those nights we had many more ...
For the past six months later, Louise was married to our patron, but sometimes we still allow ourselves to repeat those beautiful moments when it seems that the heart can not take surging happiness ...
P.S. This story actually happened to be in my life ... But why had? After all, she is going on! :-)