Nick. Part 2: Monday
I woke up early on Monday. My girl slept with members between the legs. Prior was three hours. Me, it was decided: to pass the time usefully. Turn on the computer, I went to the Internet and logged on sexual dating site. He entered in the section trance and began to look for a suitable nature. Found. It was the girl with the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. She danced a striptease and masturbate his penis. I also wanted to do it. I turned on the webcam and began to pose. But before that I put on a corset, thong, stockings and high-heeled shoes. I established the camera so as not to be seen on my face, and it was obvious my cock and feet. Soon it saw a lot of people in this chat and began to send me a message for them to dance striptease. I agreed, but before it asked for 200 tips. They agreed to give it to me as soon as I start to dance. I turned on the appropriate music and started dancing. My tip on this steel to increase. Everything was going fine until the first did not wake up Margot and went into the hall. Seeing me, she was surprised, but did not attach any importance to this. And simply asked:
- Nick, what are you doing here?
- Dance Striptease. What?
- Nothing. From your striptease I have is a member. Are you online?
- Yes. What's this?
- Nothing. I want to be there. What you need to do?
- Nothing.

So Margot was without clothes, and a member of its standing, I took it into his mouth and began to suck. Tipping up immediately. I did it like I taught my friends. My cock stood stake treacherous. I could not resist and started to masturbate. Margot, too, could not resist and began to stick my head on his cock. I have great pleasure in swallowing her dick. As a result, Margo could not resist and cum in my mouth. I swallowed her sperm. We continued having sex. I got cancer, and Margot drove into my ass his monster. I even began to moan with pleasure. Tips on the computer all grew and grew. Then we changed the position. Margot sat on the sofa, and I sat her ass on her penis. Now I am playing the role of horsewoman or Amazon. My jumps on Margot member produced results. I cried and moaned with pleasure and enjoyment. My cock dangling between his legs from the race on a member Margot. At the same time I jerked off his cock. Tipping grew. Then Margot tired of this posture. At her request, I got up from the members and lay down on his stomach on the couch. Margot drove his hero in my ass and have become cruel. From this cruelty I groaned loudly. Tipping continued to grow. The spectators had already gathered a hundred people. I motioned Margo, and she held up under my dick with a glass of milk. Because of my penis in a glass poured semen, which I then drank. Margo continued to be cruel to me. I liked it, I wound up this situation: when sex between two people watching a crowd of spectators. Soon I felt that Margot to finish, so I asked her to remove his penis from my priests. This she did quickly. I then turned around quickly and sat down and began to masturbate her cock. Soon out of it a powerful jet of sperm flowed. I began to swallow it. By the semen was added more urine. This cocktail I started to swallow more vigorously so as not to miss a single drop to the floor. Tipping grew and grew: reached five hundred pieces. I beat the record. Then I licked the remnants of sperm to the penis Margo, Margo then left, kissed me on the lips tart. Margot went to the shower to wash.

I lay down on the sofa and continued to masturbate dick on camera. Margot has opened me his monster, so I could not stop myself. Pulling out of the dresser drawer Didlo: length of twenty centimeters in diameter and five centimeters, I smeared it with a special oil. Then I raise your legs up and have themselves become the dildo. Number of views increased to four hundred. I set the record for viewing and tip. My dick did not want to wake up, so I simply stroked. First I fucked her in the ass dildo lying on sofa and lifting up. Then set the floor Didlo suction cups, then sat her ass on it Didlo. I jumped on it, and at the same time masturbate his penis, which would not be excited. At this moment he entered the hall a lovely maiden Julia, while she masturbate his penis. She said the following:
- ABOUT! Nick, you poziruesh front of the camera. And it has given you?
- The record for hits and tip. Can and more.
- What is it like?

I pulled Julia to her, so she got in camera review. Its members stood. I took it into his mouth and began to suck. From this my cock stood up. This is noticed by spectators. They gave tips again. Also it increased the number of spectators. I'm after a member caressed her breasts with his tongue. Julia with my wanker and its members. Then I turned back to Julia and spread his buttocks, which continued to gape dildo, then leaned forward. Julia took Didlo, then start with your tongue to caress my sphincter. At the same time my cock sexy dangling between his legs. I could not resist and began to masturbate his penis. At this time, Julia graduated from the affection and drove my ass in your erect penis. From these actions, I cried. But the pain was replaced by pleasure, and my mouth began to go out moans. These moans even more aroused Julia. Julia has increased the pace. Her testicles were fighting on my testicles. For this reason, a shiver ran through his body. In this position, Julie slapped me on the pope as some whore who was guilty. This whole situation has me excited more and more. I began to move his ass to the beat of her movements. Tipping continued to grow. Has increased and the number of spectators. Then Julia took out of my priests and his monster lay sideways on the sofa. I lay down next to closer to its members. Soon it turned out to be a member of my ass. I continued stroking his cock, but could not resist and began to finish his arm. Once sperm has ceased to flow out of the penis, I began to lick his sperm from his hands. I did it erotic. At this point, Charles came up to us, at the same time masturbate his penis. I took Carla member in her mouth and began to suck. Karl could not resist and began to stick my head on his cock. As a result, I had in my mouth and ass. This situation turns me on. Then Karl sat sofa. I sat booty on Member Carla and started to jump. Julia could not resist and went into the second term of my ass. I had in two terms. Immediately tipped rose. At this point, Julia ends up in my ass with his sperm and takes out a member. I licked the remnants of sperm member. Charles continued to have me in the ass. Then I get up with Carla and getting his knees on the couch. Carl drives his hero in my ass and starts to have me brutally. I'm starting to moan loudly with excitement. I do not restrain me and finish his sperm right on the couch. Carl takes his penis out of my priests and begins to masturbate. As a result, the sperm with its members is on my back. Karl smearing his semen hand on my back. Then I lick the remnants of sperm with its members, and then lick the remnants of sperm from the hands of Carla. Then, when Charles leaves, I lick his sperm from the couch. Then I turn back to the camera and pushes the buttocks. From there begins to flow sperm Julia. After that I send a kiss to spectators and turn off the camera.

Disconnect the camera, I went into the shower. They carefully washed from the sperm marks on the body, rinse your mouth from the remnants of sperm in it and thoroughly washed his ass from the sperm. Then emptied of urine by the kidneys. Then again wash the penis from urine residue. Then I went to the kitchen where breakfast was waiting for me in the company of three beautiful girls. Going into the kitchen, I saw Charles and Julia, sitting at the table, and Margo ran the kitchen and cooked breakfast. When I and Margot sat down, I said:
- Margot, forgive me for being left a holiday!
- I understand you, Nick. So do not take offense, - I said Margo continued. - By the way, do you like Fernanda. She left her number and asked to call. Will you call her?
- I do not know - I answered and said. - What?
- Nothing, - he said Charles and continued. - She just gets her. Sooner or later you will be with her. Like this. You have something against it?
- No. Everything is fine - was my answer, and I continued. - And who is this Fernanda?
- She is the owner of a chain of restaurants and nightclubs, - said Julia, and said the following. - She is looking for a night club workers. As?
- In any way, - I replied, and went on. - And what kind of work?
- Working male prostitutes. In the restaurants and clubs are going to mainly homosexual people, - he said Margo continued. - I was there, too, had once worked. Earn money and build your business. Decide, Nick. You'll like it. So far, my dear!
- Till! - I said.
- Oh, and I must go. Till! - Karl said.
- By the way, I'm late, so far! - Said Julia.

The girls got into the car and drove Margo to work. Margot was a boss, so went to the office. On the way to work zavezёt Karl, who worked as a secretary at a well-known businessman, and Julia, working in a photo studio photographer. I had finished my meal, then got dressed and went to the garage. He sat in the car, which gave me Amanda, and went to work. At work late, but the boss at work was not, so my late arrival was not noticed. Going to his office, he saw a female secretary and asked:
- Nobody asked me, Helga!
- No, boss, you did not ask and no one was looking. What?
- Nothing. What kind of meeting I scheduled today?
- In ten caused you to my boss, eleven meeting with partners in the cafe "Fernanda". At twelve o'clock you in his office waiting for Catherine. Then you have lunch scheduled. After lunch meetings there. Something else?
- Yes. You German nationality?
- German. What?
- Nothing. Just visible on your gait that you were once a man. I'm right?
- Absolutely. And why is it you care about?
- Just wondering why you became a trance?
- I once had a boyfriend. One day, returning from a party with a friend through the park, me and a friend was attacked by four guys. Since the other was only twenty years old, he did not touch it. Just hold it, and I was raped. A friend of mine looked at all this and could not do anything. This is what I did not tell his parents, and they have not heard about it from other people. Soon parents died, I was then twenty-one years. Only then I had plastic surgery and changed her sex. Now I began to Helga. From his home town I left. Many months of wandering in different cities until settled in this city. At first, I rented an apartment, then went to work. Soon, I bought an apartment, which is now live. Why do you need it?
- For a change. Five minutes later Will you come to me.

I went into the office and sat down at his workplace. I turn on the computer and waited for Helga. Soon came Helga, closing the door behind him. She was wearing: a white blouse, black mini-skirt, gray nylon pantyhose with cutout crotch transparent and shoes with high heels. In the hands of Helga kept a notebook to take notes. Come up to me, she was afraid, so I smiled and beckoned to her finger. She came to me and started to say something, but I did not listen to her. Once Helga came up to me, I lifted her skirt and took in his mouth and began to suck dick. At first she objected, but then I realized that it was useless, resigned. Her penis for a minute stood up and became great. This hero barely accommodates in my mouth. Yet its huge member entered fully into my throat. It helped me in this Helga, having spread his penis in my mouth. Once it was a member of my mouth, she closed her hand my nose. Then, hand cleaned from the nose. I remove the penis from my mouth. And then everything is repeated. I am at this moment unbuttoned jeans, he pulled out his penis and began to masturbate. My cock began to rise. It is noticed Helga and sat down at my feet. She took in her mouth and began to suck dick. I could hardly restrain her movements from his tongue over my penis. Soon she stopped sucking my penis. I got up from the chair, and she helped me take off jeans and a shirt. After that, I became the knees on a chair, and Helga drove his monster in my ass.

She immediately tightened pace. I could feel it beating balls on my scrotum. She then took out his penis. Send me away from the chair, and she sat down on the chair. I sat down on her cock drove him in his ass. Now I played the role of rider. At the same time I jerked off his cock. She soon tired of this position, and I got out of its members. She pointed out to me on the table. Soon I was lying on the table, legs spread and masturbate his penis. Helga at this time had me in the ass with his cock. My hunch tells me that Helga would end soon. As soon as I realized this, Helga already took out his penis out of my ass. I then sat her knees on the floor and waited. I waited not for long, as a member of her flowed sperm that hit me in the mouth. I began to greedily swallow the sperm of her. Drops her sperm hit me in the face. Once the sperm flow stopped, I licked the remnants of sperm with its members. She sat down on the sofa and watched as I masturbate. Soon I came to your stomach. Helga came up to me and smeared semen on my body. I cleaned the sperm drops his hand from his face and licking tongue. As soon as I finished doing this, the office door opened and Helga left. I remained sitting on the couch. It was ten. I quickly brought myself up, got dressed and went to the boss.

Chef was not in place. I waited in the waiting room. Chef was not ten minutes. I have all this time sitting on a chair and flipping through a magazine. Soon came the boss and invited me into his office. That's why he started the conversation:
- Hello, Nick! How are you?
- Normal to work all right. What?
- Nothing. What are you doing after the get out of my office?
- I will study the documents, then to meet with partners and sign a contract with them. You are something else like?
- No. And when the meeting?
- At eleven o'clock in the cafe "Fernanda". Something else?
- No. You can go.

I came out of the boss's office and went to him. In my office there was no one, even a secretary somewhere gone. Going into the room, he sat down at the table and went to e-mail. There I found yesterday's video on the fulfillment of desires. From this video I got a member. But viewing interrupted by a call. It called Margot. Here are the contents of my conversation with her:
- Hey, Nick! Did you like the video?
- Highly. And you?
- And me. What are you doing for lunch?
- To conclude contracts with partners. What do you want?
- I invite you to dinner at his hotel. Till!

Margo finished the call. I've been thinking after talking with Margot and decided to still call Fernanda. I've been calling her, but nobody took the tube. On the third time the handset lifted Fernanda and said:
- Fernanda in touch! I hear you!
- Hello, Fernanda! I heard that you wanted to call you. I'm right?
- It is. I'm glad to hear your voice, Nick. How are you?
- Fine. And how are you?
- Good. What did you want to talk to me, Nick?
- At eleven o'clock I dine with partners. I will conclude a treaty with them in the cafe "Fernanda". You belong to this cafe?
- Yes, this is my cafe. What?
- Nothing. And there are booths for privacy?
- Yes. Why do you want it?
- I wanted to be alone with our partners, that we may no one interfered. Perhaps it?
- Maybe. I'll have to your name on the book table. You got it?
- Yes. What?
- I'm busy. At eleven meet. So far, Nick!
- So far, Fernanda!

I ended the conversation. Before meeting with partners for half an hour left. In order to somehow occupy myself in this half an hour, I left the office, got into a car and drove to the cafe. Putting the car into the parking lot, I went into a cafe. I was greatly surprised. In the cafe there were naked women, and they were members of the crotch. I immediately got up member. So as I was wearing a suit, my risen member has not been seen. I went to the manager and said:
- I greet you!
- Hello! How can I help?
- I'm Nick. In my name I had booked a table. What do you say about this?
- Yes. For your name's table. How many people?
- Alas, I do not know. Depending on the situation. Tell me how to get to Fernanda's office?
- The stairs to the second floor and at the end of the corridor ...
- Thank you!

After these words, I climbed the stairs to the second floor and at the end of the corridor study found Fernanda. I was afraid to come in and stood at the door. At this moment the study door opened, and she looked out of Fernanda and asked:
- And what are you doing here?

I did not answer, and began to act. I approached to Fernando and kissed her on the lips. She did not resist. Unbuttoned blouse and began to fondle her breasts. From my caresses member Fernanda stood. I reached under the mini skirt and began stroking her cock. Fernanda did not like to wear a thong. After that Fernanda has helped me to take off his shirt and began to fondle his tongue my nipples. From her touch excited me even more. My cock stood up. I sat down on his knees, raised the floor skirt, took her in his mouth cock and began to suck. Her cock was huge. I could not restrain myself more. Therefore, he rose from his knees, came to the table, took off his pants, lay down on the table and spread her hands buttocks. Fernanda also could not help it: his tongue clung to my ass and began to lick her. It gives me pleasure. At the same time I jerked off his cock, and his wanker Fernanda. Then without warning, Fernanda went into my point his huge cock. Startled, I cried, and so loud. Fernanda only stepped up the pace. She had me brutally, and I loved it. At the same time it touched my testicles scrotum. Fernanda his huge cock was massaging my prostate. Fernanda then took out a member of my priests and sat on a chair. I got my ass in her cock and began to play the role of rider. Fernanda member fully entered into my ass. I groaned each time louder and louder. At the same time I jerked off his cock. I'm tired of this position, so I got up and went with Fernando on the table. Raised legs up. In my ass came Fernanda. I did not want to restrain myself, so very loudly groaned to hear all the cafes. Suddenly I felt that Fernanda was about to finish. She did not have time to take out a member of my priests like him arbitrarily from a powerful jet of sperm poured directly on my stomach. Fernanda went on the other side of the table. I went to the other side, which was hanging over the edge of my head. Member of the owner entered into my mouth. She continued to have me, but now in the mouth. I masturbate with my dick. She was a member was a member of my mouth completely. Suddenly out of my penis I poured semen on her stomach. At that moment, Fernanda start to finish again, but now in my mouth. I loved the taste of semen, so hungrily began to swallow it. Fernanda at this time licked the remnants of sperm from my penis. Lick the remnants of sperm with its member, I got up from the table. Fernanda sat on a chair, I sat her ass on her knees. We began to kiss. Fernanda sperm rubbed his own hands on my stomach. Then she licked her fingers. After that I went to the bathroom, washed, rinsed his mouth from the sperm. Then he began to dress. Fernanda also dressed. Once again, I kissed Fernando. In this moment:
- The hostess, people came. They are looking for Nick. What to say?
- Say he goes down. Spend them in the cabin for VIP-guests. Do you understand?
- Yes.

Agreeing with Fernando about the imminent meeting, I went down the hall. The manager took me into the cabin for VIP-guests. There I was met by three men. They were our partners. With them, I'll have to enter into a contract for the supply of raw materials. To do this, I set up a meeting in the cafe. Negotiations began I:
- Hello, I'm Nick. "Ingrid," company spokesman. And you?
- I'm Steve, sent to his boss, negotiate with your firm. This is my colleague, Arnold (Arnie) and Leo. The boss said that your company wants to have to buy raw materials. I'm right?
- You correctly said. We have buy raw materials. But a certain amount. As?
- The boss told us about it. He gave his consent. When do I pay?
- Once enough raw materials. So that?
- No, we will not sign. Call your boss. Do you understand?
- Yes. I will not call. He gave me orders, and I'll stick with them. Do you agree?
- No. The signature on the document, I will not put. And you?
- And I put a signature. It's a pity. I wish to note the signing. No, no way. Goodbye!
- See you!

They were about to leave. I really wanted to sign the treaty. Therefore, I decided to act. He came up to Steve. They have not had time to get out of the booth. He sat down on his knees, unbuckled Steve's pants, pulled out his penis and began to suck. Arnie and Leo fell into a stupor. I sucked member Steve Arnie unbuttoned his pants, and then undid his pants Leo. Members Arnie and Leo, I began to masturbate. Steve liked the way I suck his penis, so it became stick my head on his monster. He got it. His cock went into me completely. Steve pulled his dick out of my mouth. I walked behind. I got up from his knees and took off his pants. Once again, he knelt down and began to suck members Henry and Leo in turn. Steve at this moment entered into my ass with his cock. He immediately picked up the pace. Suddenly I began to suck two members at once. My cock stood up. I began to masturbate him. Suddenly, Steve took out a member of my priests. Henri at this moment sat down on a chair and I sat her ass on his cock and began to gallop. This in turn sucked members Steve and Leo. Do not forget to masturbate his penis. Then I got up with a member of Henry. He leaned his arms on the table. At this point in my ass dick entered Leo. Leo immediately increased the tempo. I continued to suck members Steve and Henry. In the end I could not resist and finished in glass, which stood on the table. Suddenly, Steve began to finish. He also finished in glass. Following Steve was Henry. With member Henri sperm poured into a glass. After Henri Leo finished. His semen was also in the glass. I then licked the remnants of sperm with their members. And then I began to drink from the cocktail glass. Partners then got dressed and left. But Steve came back and put under contract to sign. I then got dressed. I ate and drank what was left.

I came out of the cafe. I went to the car. He sat down in it. I went to Catherine's office. Catherine was a blonde with long hair. But she was still a member between his legs. This told me Helga. Catherine - a longtime partner of our company. It gives us room for the production of goods and equipment. I went to see her to agree to lease another premises. It was an order of my superior. Catherine was not in the office. Her secretary downloaded to me that the head currently bypasses the premises. I waited. Half an hour passed, and Catherine appeared. She still had an average bust. She entered the room, and only then the office called me. I came in and said:
- Hi, Catherine! It looks good. How are you?
- Hey, Nick! Thanks for the compliment. Things are going fine. Just I went round the room. I look for your room. Found. You want it to look?
- Want.

After these words, we went to see the room. The room was away from the entrance. We got into the car and drove Katherine to the room. This location was a hangar. At the moment, the hangar was open. We drove into his car. The hangar was empty. Catherine asked me:
- Nick, do you like it?
- Excellent. Thank you. And today I still like you. Especially clothes that you. This shiny pink skirt with a cherry on lightning. A stylish pink top. Most of all I liked the black stockings in a large grid and black ankle boots with high heels. And you do not wear panties?
- I don `t wear. And how did you know?
- By your sexy clothes. I like you. It happened back in our first meeting. I'm right?
- Absolutely. And do you like trance?
- Yes. Recently. Prove?
- Prove it.

I started to act after these words. He came up to Catherine, and kissed her on the lips. After that I sat on his lap. She lifted her skirt. I took her cock in her mouth and began to suck. He did it the way I was taught Charles and Julia. Margot does not count. Catherine excitement took off her top. I stood up and began to fondle her breasts. In this hand I masturbate member Catherine. I could not resist. He came up to the car and took off his pants. My cock was already standing. Catherine came to me and took my dick in his mouth and began to suck. Then I lay down on the hood of the car and lifted her feet. Catherine began to caress his tongue my point. I even parted his hands buttocks so she could push deeper into the language. Then in walked my ass dick Catherine. I liked it when I have had in the ass. I groaned. Catherine increased the tempo. My cock was standing, and I jerked it. Then Katrina took out his penis. She took me by the hand and led him along. I began my knees on a chair, and Catherine became his cock in my ass. I turned my head, Catherine kissed me. In this position, we kissed. Her hands gently glided over my body. Suddenly she took his hand in my penis and began to masturbate. Catherine soon tired of this posture. She took his dick out of my ass. She sat on a chair. Once again, I took her cock in her mouth and began to suck. Thereafter, Member Catherine sank into my ass. I started to jump, but he did it slowly, then increased the tempo. His dick I held, pressing a hand to the body. I liked the way my head touched the prostate. Suddenly I felt a surge member Catherine. He got up with a member of Catherine. He immerses her dick in his mouth. At this point ejaculates. I eagerly began to swallow sperm. Then he licked with its members all the sperm to the last drop. I liked lately the taste of semen. At this point in the ankle Catherine poured semen from my cock. Once the sperm is over, I became tongue to lick his sperm with a shoe. Then I got dressed. Also dressed Catherine. Catherine dovezla me to the walk-through. I got out of the car. She said:
- So far, Nick!
- Before the meeting, Catherine!

After these words, I got into the car and drove to work. At the head of the Cabinet was waiting for me. I gave him into the hands of the contract. He looked at it and, without a word, left. I went into his office. He signed some documents. Then I talk with Margot, but failed to agree with her about the meeting. Julia and Karl were also busy. I went to the restaurant itself. There I sat down next to two beautiful girls. They were called Milena and Joanna. They spoke first:
- Hello! I Milena.
- I Joanna.
- Very nice. I'm Nick. Girls, you are charming!
- I know - said Joanna.
- I know about it, too, - said Milena and continued. - We now go on the day of birth. Are you with us?
- Yes. As a gift?
- The gift is already there, - said Joanna, and continued. - Leave your number. We will call you and will pick up. As?
- I agree.

The girls are gone. I brought the order. I began to eat. Lunch took me half an hour. After dinner, I went home. Margot was not at home. Charles and Julia, too, were absent. I lay down to rest. Four hours later the phone rang. This is called Milena. She told me that pick me up at six in the evening. I'm up to this time has to wait for her at the entrance. Time was already five o'clock. I ran to the shower. I took it. Then he went to Margot's room and put on a man's suit. Out of the house and waited for them at the gate. Soon the car arrived. I sat in it. Behind the wheel sat Joanna. We headed to the outskirts of the city. Twenty minutes later we were at the cottage. The car entered the gates of the richest houses in the village. Master and hero of the occasion called Edward. We left the car and walked to the entrance of the house. Joanna told me:
- Nick, this is a serious person. He is looking for a soul mate. Be careful when answering. I got it?
- Yes.

At this point, at the entrance there was Edward. A man of thirty years. Rich man. I was fascinated by them. We went into the house. Joanna and Milena congratulated Edward. I'm on her companions did not leave. Feast began. After the fifth toast scattered all around the house. I, Joanna, Milena, Ivveta and Bianca sat down to play the game at will. After three first laws lost Bianca. Joanna guessed her to go to the end of the evening bare. Bianca was a normal girl who sang desire. The next victim was Ivveta. Bianca she made a wish to kiss the feet Milena. Ivveta began to execute it. desire then had to carry me. The girls thought for a long time. They make come true to me, so I turned on the night with a girl. At first I was indignant. But our argument broke Edward. With him, I did not argue. As a result, Milena took me to the second floor. As soon as we entered the room, Milena took off my suit and removed from the form. I was sent into the shower, and she began to pick up my clothes. Then I went and put my hand cream. I rubbed them to his body. When I started to wash, I noticed that my entire vegetation disappeared. Then I got out of the shower. Wiped with a towel. After this began to put things that I chose Milena. She had excellent taste. Soon I were put on black stockings nylon. Socks good hugged my legs. It was exciting. Then I put on a black thong, but they barely hid his penis. After that, I helped put on the invoice Milena silicone breast straps and a black bodice. On top I wore a lilac top with a gold chain on the back and a black tight miniskirt. Before you put on stockings, Milena to make up the nails on my feet red lacquer. From shoes Milena choice fell on the red patent leather shoes with a high heel and platform. He completed the transformation of the grid for a wig and women's wig, "Kara" in black. After this Milena struck makeup on my face. I looked at myself in the mirror and gasped. Before me stood a beautiful girl with a third the size of breast. Milena then said:
- Now your name is Nicole. You agree?
- Yes.

I followed Milena female gait. My voice was a little feminine. Everyone was surprised by my transformation. I particularly admired Edward. His eyes devoured me. I sat on the edge of the table so as not to stand out in front of guests. They began dancing. It began to sound slow music. Edward walked over to me and asked me to dance:
- Nicole, let me invite you to dance!
- Sorry, I can not.
- Nothing. I also do not know how.
- Do not argue with him, Nicole - said in my ear and continued Milena. - He does not like it.
- I agree - I said sweet voice.

Edward gave me his hand. Help me up. We began to dance. His hands were on my buttocks, and my hands were on his shoulders. I still was not drunk. I was so excited and women's clothing. So even lay his hands on my buttocks. Edward and I were on the brink. His first facet of any high level. He suddenly kissed me. Our lips have merged in a long kiss. His strong hands were stroking my back. Then his right hand slipped under my mini skirt and began to stroke my buttocks and penis. We could no longer control himself. We went upstairs to his bedroom. Edward lifted her skirt over. I took off my thong. I lay on the bed. My dick did not get up. I was surprised. It Edward said. He suddenly plunged my cock into his mouth and began to suck. I closed my eyes and began to enjoy. My penis still stood. I heard the sound unzips zippers. This Eduard unbuttons jeans. Then I felt from his rotika his penis. I, without opening his eyes, took it into his mouth and began to suck hero. Edward at this point took off his shirt. I understand that the member he will fuck me so thoroughly greased his dick with saliva. As I did this, I felt a chill to the pope. It Edward rubbed my anus lubricated, so it did not hurt. And then smeared his cock lubricated. Later came his cock in my ass. His torso movement gave me pleasure. Penis Edward fully entered me in the ass. I felt it when the red flesh of his penis touched my prostate. My feet were on his shoulders. He kissed her lips, my legs, which were stockings. I brought these Touch pleasure. Edward was on the wane. As a result, ejaculation occurred to me in the ass. At this point, I also happened to ejaculation. But sperm from my penis fell on my stomach. Edward then took his dick out of my priests. Soon it turned out to be a giant in my mouth. I tried out his cock to suck all the sperm. His tongue, I removed the sperm with red flesh. Then we kissed. During a kiss Edward rubbed semen on my stomach. The kiss was long. We lay on the bed and enjoyed the kiss. Around nobody noticed. Only distracted for a few minutes. Edward went down. I phoned Margo and said:
- Margo! I do not wait. I zanochuyu in men. Goodnight!

I put the phone down. In the bedroom, Edward entered. On spacing it bore fruit and wine. Putting the dressing on the bed, he said:
- The guests dispersed. There were Milena and Joanna. They will sleep in the guest room. Nicole, you're beautiful!

In response to a compliment I kissed Edward. The kiss was light. Because I went to the shower. I had to wash my ass sperm from Edward. Varnished red shoes, I took off and put in the closet. Top and skirt hung in the closet. Stockings with bodice removed and placed on a shelf. Wig put on a special stand, and put the net under the wig close. Waybill breast removed too. She found a place in the cabinet. I took a towel and went into the shower. He stuck his finger in the ass and began to wash them cum Edward. As a result, I was excited. She grabbed his hand and became a member of his wank. Finger in the ass playing the role of a member. Soon I came to your hand. Sperm with hand lapped. Released from the shower and began to gather. Edward walked over to me and said:
- Nicole, stay. I am begging you!
- I get up early tomorrow to work.
- Never mind, I'll take you. Or ask about Milena. As?
- I do not know. What to do?
- Put on a wig with brown hair shoulder-length, black thong and a black negligee. What do you think about that?
- I can not do that ...
- Do it for me. After all, I liked you?
- Yes. Good. Did, what you ask ...

My words were a shock for me. I granted his request. I went to the boudoir. She found the right thing. I put on the black thong, black robe, a grid on the head and a wig with brown hair to his shoulders. In this image came to Edward. He only remarked:
- You're sexy. At the expense of the breast, do not worry. We'll come up with something. In the meantime, give me a kiss.

I went to bed. After all, he was lying on the bed. She lay down on top of him and began kissing. At the same time I masturbate his penis. A member of his rose. His cock was soon in my mouth. I passed the language on the head. Then he walked tongue from base to tip. More hands played with his testicles. He enjoyed. In the end, I plunged his penis into her mouth, but do not forget to play with his testicles. Then I got my ass on his cock. But before that strip strings pushed aside. Jump start. His cock fully entered into my ass. I felt excited. He relieves a member by removing it from the panty. He stood. Jerk it persists, as she wanted to have an orgasm. Soon it happened. With my cock cum flowed in different directions. I began to scream loudly. From my depraved cries of "Cum in me" and "Fuck me," Edward abundantly pumped my ass with his sperm. I could not move my legs. my body is not listening. As a result, Edward grabbed my hand and lay on its side. Only after that, he took out his penis. Instead, he was a member of my ass stuck anal plug to keep the pope sperm. Then I adjusted the thong. She turned to Edward and kissed him on the lips. Then his tongue removed sperm droplets with his penis and testicles. Then again he kissed. Once again, we have merged in a kiss, but decided not to continue. After the kiss, I turned on her side. Edward turned on his side, too, and hugged me. We fell asleep.
I wondered. Nick is your embodiment in a girl named Nicole was perfect. Do you like the master of the house. And I liked it. I thought. But it soon fell asleep. Until fell asleep.

Continued Nick. Part 1: The girls with a secret or three happy days