Day at the cottage
The bell rang and chemistry lesson ended. Vadim neighbor's party, Kohl, quickly gathered books and drove off somewhere. Vadim remained sitting, appending to the board last formula. They Kolyanom sat on the last desk, and in front of them sat girlfriend Luda and Olga. Now they, too, slowly collecting notebooks and textbooks. Luda turned to Vadim.
-What? - Vadim pulled away from the notebook.
-On Saturday at my country house, I want to collect Kompashki. I'm inviting you. Will you go?
-Of course, I'll go.
-Then, then agree how and why.
Vadim was a rookie in this class and has not had time to late to join the group. Most of the parties took place without his participation. Therefore, the invitation was easy Luda surprise. In the courtyard was the second half of January and the prospect of spending a day in the country is quite fun in the company of classmates. Later, at recess Luda details Vadim instructed what and how much to buy. The company was scheduled much.
Saturday morning was so, being talked about ... "frost and sun". The bright blue sky was cloudless. The sun forced to squint. Fluffy January snow had not yet melted and fun crunched underfoot. Vadim walked along the platform, on the shoulder he had hung a sports bag with food and drink purchased on behalf of Luda. Approaching the suburban booths, he saw Luda and Olga. Next to them were also bags.
-And where is the company? - Vadim asked, - to train a total of 15 minutes.
-Why, no one - Luda spread his hands.
-In any way, the cold frightened.
-Julia called me yesterday, - Olga intervened, - said she definitely will go.
-Well, then come now, - said Vadim and went to take the tickets.
Contrary to their expectations, no one came. Before the train was five minutes.
-And you just set for Saturday, not on Sunday? - Vadim asked Luda.
-Exactly. I do not understand anything.
-Well, let's go this or wait for the next train? - Vadim said.
-And the next soon?
-Forty minutes later.
-Forty minutes later, there will be three bodies.
-Then let's go. Julia knows where the cottage. The next train will arrive, - Luda said without much conviction.
-And the rest?
-So remain without drinking - Luda said and laughed - Who did not, that was late.
Sitting in the car and talking to the girls about all sorts of trifles, Vadim thought about the situation. It was not clear why all of us supposedly invited no one came. Usually, their class differed enviable druzhnostyu when it came to organizing the party. Even the story about Julia was not very convinced.
-I wonder - as if by chance, Vadim said, - why no one went?
-Probably the weather scared - said Luda. - On Friday I spoke with the boys and girls - no one refused.
-And who are you still calling?
-Lenka, Oksana, Olga, Petya, Shurik, Vovka ...
-Yes, it's strange ...
Gradually, Vadim concluded quite flattering for himself that apart from him, no one else, and was not invited. It was interesting and strange.
Cottage was not far from Moscow, and half of the road flashed by. They went on a deserted platform at the holiday village, after another 15 minutes Luda opened the door of a small, but quite cozy-looking house and gestured.
-I beg. Sit.
-Hooray! Finally we got.
-What is cold!
-Normal cold. As the street.
-The stove is. A wood there?
-There is. There, in the barn - Luda took off nail key and handed it to Vadim.
Vadim went to chop wood, Luda and Olga were disassembled bags and put things in order. Less than ten minutes in the oven began to sing the fire, and flowed through the room a pleasant warmth, but the strip still has not dared. Dragging a few bundles of firewood, Vadim put them near the stove to dry.
-Let's go for a walk. Why sit in the house. See what the weather is - suggested Luda.
-Come on. While the house warms up, we can take a walk for an hour.
Once Vadim came down from the porch, Luda immediately threw him into the deep snow. Vadim was not in debt, and soon all three of them enthusiastically horsing each other in a soft and fluffy January snow. Vadim had several times to leave the girls to throw the wood into the furnace. Finally, Vadim said that the house is already quite hot. This news was greeted with joy, because all already rather cold. Throwing clothes covered with snow, they sat by the stove to warm. Vadim as if to warm the girls hugged their shoulders.
Warmed, Vadim pulled out of the bag tape - music began. after this "workout" in the cold all already started torturing hunger, and since, has come lunch time, Vadim, Olga and Luda gladly sat down at the table. Food and drinks were plenty, as "planned" big company. The conversation revolves around mutual friends and school affairs. Vadim joking and telling stories, which knew a great many. He did not drink, because they do not tolerate alcohol, and the girls drank a little wine, which significantly raised the mood. The girls began giggling. In the course went more candid anecdotes. Then Vadim asked Luda to dance.
Luda once hugged his neck and laid her head on his shoulder and pressed her whole body. Vadim cautiously embraced Luda waist. He did not know that it can afford. He felt her breath on his neck, delicate perfume slightly dizzy. Through the clothes he could feel her lithe body, stomach, small but resilient chest. Gradually his hands down below and were lying on the Person of the round ass. Luda did not react to it. Member Vadim slowly began to strain, and he hoped that Luda does not notice it.
Then came the turn of dancing with Olga. She was more shy than Luda and dancing with Vadim almost "in pioneer". Several times he tried to draw her to him, but each time Olga is not much, but it was declining strongly. Since the girls were two and Vadim one, then one had to miss while Vadim was dancing with another. We tried three of them dancing, but nothing good came out of it. We had to come up with some sort of entertainment.
-Let's play - suddenly proposed to Luda.
-What? - In one voice asked Vadim and Olga.
-The blind man's buff. Vadim will catch us.
-And if you get caught, - Vadim asked.
-type "bottles"?
-Type ...
Luda ... brought a scarf and tied Vadim eyes. He waited until the girls go away, Vadim began to catch them. The game of hide and seek in a small house of two rooms, which are also made to furniture, hobby rather complicated - there is no place to escape. Therefore, after a few seconds Vadim caught Olga. Taking advantage of its "blind" position, it "learning"A couple of times ran his hands over her body, touching as if by chance her breast. Olya gently pushed his hand away. Not much better deal and turned to kiss. When Vadim tried to hug her, she quickly kissed him on the lips and ducked. Now the carrier Olya. She obviously hunted Vadim, ignoring Luda. Vadim did not torture her for a long time, and quickly returned to catch himself. Olya again "pecked" his lips and Vadim nothing else to do but to be blindfolded again and continue the game. Now Vadim "hunted"Mainly to Luda and, finally, he was lucky. He grabbed her from behind, and tried to pull away when Luda, Vadim's hands were on her breasts. Vadim pressed for a second to Luda himself, his fingers gently squeezed her elastic mounds. Contrary to expectations, Vadim, Luda has not pushed it. She was breathing heavily and Vadim felt her chest heaving. Solid balls nipples rolled under his fingers. Only a thin fabric turtleneck was between the hands of Vadim and her body. Vadim let Luda and removed the bandage. She leaned back against the warm wall of the furnace. Now nipples clearly stood out through the fabric. Vadim approached her, hugged and kissed on the lips.
-You do not know how to kiss? - Poluutverditelno asked Luda.
-No. I do not know how to - honestly Vadim.
-Do you want me to teach you?
Luda, Vadim attracted to him. Closing his eyes and his head thrown back a little, she opened her lips. Vadim tried to do as well. Their lips have merged. Immediately Vadim felt her tongue gently penetrated into his mouth. At first, he was shocked, but quickly recovered and began to develop a new science. So they kissed without stopping a few minutes until it started to go numb lips. About the game they are no longer remembered.
Vadim began gently stroking Luda. First, shoulders and arms, then moved on to the waist and abdomen. Climbing higher and higher, his hand was on her breast. Through the cloth, he felt a hard nipple and began to gently stroke his fingers. From petting Vadim Luda more and more factories, her kiss became more and more frantic. She did not resist his caresses. Then Vadim, thinking that now you can afford more, entered under the turtleneck, but there it was waiting for a new barrier. Luda was not wearing a bra, where her small breasts are not really even needed. Instead, it was put on the elastic top (such as short t-shirts) that tightly hugged her hemispheres, giving it an amazing shape. Luda, not looking up from his lips, something moaned. Flushed with success, Vadim took over and the second breast. He was impatient to touch her soft skin. When he decided to remove this obstacle, Luda tried to stop his hands, but Vadim was already very excited and easily overcome the resistance, pushed the topic with turtleneck up and warm, gentle and firm breasts were in his hands. For a few seconds he stepped back to admire the spectacle opened. There was something to get excited about. Person of the breast were no less spectacular in appearance than the touch. Widely planted almost perfect shape, they looked slightly to the side, which gave Luda proud and independent views. Small circles nipples with hard tubercles hardly distinguished by the color on smooth pink skin. Vadim pressed again to Luda, putting both hands on her breasts. Luda hugged him and their lips have merged in a new long kiss. Putting a foot between the legs Luda, Vadim began to gently push their knee. Member Vadim was tense pain. At first he hesitated to it and tried to pull away, but with the growth of excitement and shyness, he left, continuing to stroke his chest with one hand, his other hand grabbed her ass and held her whole body. His cock pressed tightly against her thigh, her legs tightly pressed his foot.
Suddenly Vadim realized that enthusiastic about each other, they have completely forgotten about the Olga and now she was watching their actions. He looked up from Luda and turned. Olya, sitting in a chair, eyes wide open, staring at the bare Person of the chest, on which lay a hand Vadim. She was in a light shock.
-Come to us, - Vadim called. Olya just shook her head.
-She's still a girl, - whispered in his ear, Luda. - I am now.
Adjusting turtleneck, she went to Ole, sat down beside him and they became quiet about something talk. Now it was the turn surprised Vadim. He saw Luda first hugged Olga's shoulders and began to stroke it gently, without ceasing to whisper something in her ear. Then he sat down on his knees on the floor between the legs Olina she took Olin's hand, placed it on his chest, and she began to stroke his chest Olin. Olya first clearly Vadim embarrassed, but then closed her eyes and gave herself to caress. Vadim had ever seen in my life, how girls caress each other. Apparently, they have not done it the first time, because that Olga did not resist when the Person of hand slipped between her legs. She just spread her legs and arched toward intimacy. Luda said something Ole. She slowly opened her eyes and nodded. They went into the next room, where there was a wide couch. It is very interfere in the game of hide and seek, but now it was very useful, because all three of them are now able to stay on it.
The street was dark. Luda turned off the lights and lit a candle. The room was dim, in which it was hardly possible to distinguish each other. Olga Luda laid on the couch and lay down next to her. Vadim perched behind Luda. In this position, they continued mutual affection. In the wrong light candles Vadim saw Luda raised Olin sweater and unfastened her bra, breast released. Vadim admired the splendid form of Olya's chest. It was larger and softer than that of Luda. Round spots nipples were visible even in the dim light. Luda pressed his lips to the nipple and Olga, his eyes closed, moaned softly. At the same time, her other hand stroked Olya between the legs.
Vadim, too, lost no time. Lyudin stroked his chest, he went down on his stomach and tried priniknut under jeans. Luda slightly pulled stomach to let him pass, but narrow belt prevented. Then, assuming that permission is obtained, he undid the button and zipper, and felt soft fingers bulge pubis, covered with thin panties. Another few seconds and his fingers had already fingered the soft curly hair. Luda raised her leg, allowing to penetrate further. His fingers touched something wet and hot. Vadim first even pulled his hand away, but then I realized that it is a liquid that oozes out of the Person of slits. He nearly parted her lips and immediately npochuvstvoval solid bump clitoris. Vadim had ever so caressing the girl, but the theory he knew by heart. Now it was to implement it in practice. With one hand stroking Vadim covered with thick hot liquid fold sometimes lingering on the clitoris, with the other hand he caressed his chest, feeling under the fingers hardened nipples buds.
At this time, Luda also penetrated under jeans Oli. Vadim saw her hand moving between widely outstretched legs Olina. Olga did not pay any attention to the presence of Vadim complete dedication affection. Apparently, her breasts were extraordinary sensitivity and Luda skillfully use it, bringing a girlfriend to ecstasy.
Member Vadim suffered from stress. He clung to Luda back, pressing her front hand and rubbed a member of her ass. Luda looked up from Olya's chest and whispered Vadim ...
-Lowered jeans.
Vadim ... knew what she wanted Luda. She sat up a little, and he pulled her jeans and panties, revealing her small round ass. Now, he unbuttoned his jeans, he was finally released on the freedom of a member. He was tense and out of it, too, oozing grease. Pressed to Luda, he began to make careful movements, trying to get into the groove between her legs, where ended ass. First, he apparently was not there, because Luda gasped, and then sent it to the right place member itself by hand. Having a regular movement, Vadim felt himself sinking into the soft hot depths. Luda pozhdala little legs to the stomach, so that he could enter more deeply.
When Vadim put his hand on the pubis Luda, he found that there is already a hand Olin. Now the girl caressed each other. Vadim did not disturb them and switched to the Person of the ass.
First finished Olya. She writhed in agony with a loud cry, and then suddenly relaxed and seemed to lose consciousness. However, she stopped caressing Luda, and Vadim had to replace it. Feeling hard excitement clitoris Luda, he was at first slowly, then faster and faster it massaged incessantly enter her from behind. Barely a couple of minutes later, Luda emitting something like a groan or sigh, too, I huddled in the arms of Vadim.
A few minutes later all were lying quietly, coming to himself. Vadim sat up and looked at Olga. She was all too widely spread legs. Her sweater was still raised and soft hemisphere breasts looked at him with dark eyes nipples. He reached out and gently stroked the nipple. Olga shuddered, opened her eyes and looked at Vadim, quickly dropped her sweater. Luda got up on one elbow and leaned to Ole began to whisper something in her ear, Olga also replied in a whisper. Vadim did not hear the words, but it was clear that a friend about something argue. Luda something urged Olu, and she refused. Suddenly Luda in the heat of the dispute said a little louder ...
-But you yourself wanted to ...
Further controversy continued in a whisper again. Now Vadim began to guess about the purpose of their trip here, and the reasons for the lack of company. Apparently, the friends decided that Ole's time to part with her virginity, and have chosen for this purpose Vadim, believing that he would not tell anyone about what happened here. But at the last moment Olya scared. Now Luda convinces her that you can not miss this event. Continuing to whisper something, she again began to stroke his chest Olin. It seems that it worked flawlessly, so that Olga, like the first time, closed her eyes and began to breathe heavily. Noticing this, Vadim, Luda kissing ass, got up from the couch and, beating her, and lay down on the other side of Oli. Olga tried to cover her breasts, but Vadim, holding her hand, whispered ...
-Do not be afraid.
Olga dutifully removed her hand. Now the two couples walked hand over her body. Vadim was in no hurry. Realizing that Olin chest is particularly sensitive, he set her right nipple, Luda began to caress the left. A few minutes of fondling the nipples were instituted so that any contact with them evoked in Oli loud groan. She arched toward their lips. Luda took his hand and put it on Vadim Olin stomach, making it clear that it is time to move on. Stroked a little warm skin of the abdomen, Vadim easily penetrated under her panties. Olya literally "bled" excitement. Thick hot liquid impregnated fabric pants, thick pubic hair and even jeans. Vadim's fingers slid over ajar cunt. Feeling a touch to the most sacred place, Olga instinctively clenched legs, depriving Vadim ability to move. Without lifting his hand, Vadim went to touch gently on slippery abundant lubrication Olina sponge. From double caresses Olga was excited to the limit. Heavy breath coming from her parted lips, twisting the body, trying to substitute a gentle touch new areas. She could not manage to finish, and from this she moaned loudly. Luda held out her hand, making Olu dilute legs. Olga gave up and stretched out limply, Vadim gave freedom. Finally, Vadim was able to get to her clitoris. Multi touch was enough to Olga huddled in convulsions, then relaxation come again.
Vadim got up and easily lifted Olin ass, pulled off her jeans with panties. Vadim looked at her beautiful legs and a dark triangle of hair between them. His hair was thick and saturated with grease glistened. Among them opened pink silk, surrounded by swollen lips with excitement. Vadim also removed trousers and underpants and gently lay on Olga. His cock got himself in the right direction and touched her wet sponges that touch drove her prostration. Her legs tensed, but close them she could not. Vadim pressed harder and stared at the pristine barrier, but could not penetrate further. Olga screamed and tried to free herself. Vadim was ready Olu regret and retreat, but at this point Luda whispered in his ear ...
-Just do not stop.
Hearing this, Vadim Olga pressed to the bed and with new force pressed on her film.
-Oh, it hurts, do not, I do not want to !!! - Shouted Olga and Vadim began pounding their fists on the back.
Vadim, without weakening pressed and pressed on the partition that will not budge. Finally, retreating for a second, it is one powerful blow drove his cock in Olya's vagina. From her cry he laid his ear, but the term was already inside. Vadim did not move, Olga cried, and this her vagina throbbed, bringing him great pleasure. He felt that, despite the fact that everything is already behind his excitement continues to grow. A little more, and he felt the approach of orgasm. After a few sudden movements that made Olga scream, he got up and finished it on the abdomen. Olya tearfully looked at the thick warm drops that fell on her skin and slid into the recess of the navel. A few drops fell on his chest and Luda gently rubbed them into the skin around the nipple. Vadim leaned over and gently kissed her on the mouth of Olu.
Olga ran her hand between her legs and looked at his fingers, covered with traces of blood.
-In-all? - She looked at Luda.
-All. Congratulations.
-I'm sorry I hurt you, - Vadim tried to atone for his involuntary guilt before Olya.
-Nothing - Olya still slightly sobbing - it was not really hurt. I'm just scared.
Vadim and Olga and Luda wiped a few more minutes together were next to stroking and caressing each other. Gradually Olga reassured. Outside, it was already quite dark. It is time to go home. All steel brush up and collect things. All the way to Moscow, they chatted about all sorts of trifles, as if nothing had happened between them. Only Olga tried not to make eye contact with Vadim. Upon his arrival, Vadim spent girls home (they lived close to the station) and went to him.
On Monday, at the school, he overheard a conversation Luda and Julia.
-Well, as you went? - Julia asked. - It was fun?
-Yes, what fun - a deliberately indifferent tone replied Luda. - After all, almost no one came.
Vadim ever and did not tell anyone about this trip, getting away with platitudes. Several months passed, and one day at recess approached him Luda.
-My birthday on Saturday. Will you come?
-Who will?
-You, Olga, can anyone else ... - Luda Vadim looked into his eyes.
-... Of course I will come.